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Should Beck be an open role?

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    - --Micro Report -- -
    Gerth City - Year 1931 - 15th August - 6:48 p.m.
    -{ The Holy City invaded Gerth City
    -{ Areial Bombers dropped a total of 600+ Baywk bombs
    - --Statistics -- -
    -{ Attack time: 3 weeks
    -{ Deaths: 23% of Gerth City population
    -{ Injuries: 70% of Gerth City population
    -{ City state: Submissive
    -{ Enemy state: Dominant
    -{More data to be added

    The After Effect

    Log 013


    It's been 5 days and 8 hours since the bombing. Since we left.

    We've suffered a great loss.
    Up till 3:46 p.m. , we have confirmed the deaths of a few of our members by lack of communication.
    Teon, Pidge, Tyrn, Geoi, Lilac, Heik, Barns, Frank, Noris and Peru have been pronounced dead.

    Only a 5 of us have rendezvoused at the pin-pointed location.
    Beck, Torin, Lark, Peter and I.
    The other 4 are still pending their life or death announcement.
    Benjamin is thought to still be alive, as his receiver is picking up traces of sound.
    Beck presumes that he is greatly injured, and may not survive.

    My grief is beyond manageable, and my silence has increased.
    Talking is difficult, and I can only find just a slither of comfort in my remaining gang members.
    Peru is dead.
    I feel lost.
    All purpose that the Reynikn Gang once felt, is withering away.
    The only emotion we feel now, is hopelessness.

    The Reynikn Gang.
    -{ A group of 20 men and women, numbers slowly decreasing
    -{ Created to provide a home and basic necessities for its members. In return, members are expected to remain loyal and stir up trouble within the Gerth Protection Unit
    -{The true motive the gang leader (Beck) has is still uncertain, but members dare not question it
    -{ If their is disloyalty, the result is a fatal blow.

    Gerth City

    -{ One city in a cluster of four surrounding Cities, these being 'Holy City', 'Pearl City', 'Gerth City' and 'Wuin City', The Holy City being the main City.
    -{ There source of income relies on architecture and carpentry; Gerth City is known for its 1st class craftsmanship.

    Welcome one and welcome all!
    I invite you to cast yourselves into the world of the Reynikns.
    I haven't put in too much information, because I still need to work out a few things.
    Thought I might post up a little something to see if anyone would be interested in helping my further the plot line, as well as join me as we take on the life of a Reynikn member.

    If your interested, please comment!
    I'd love to meet you all and kick this roleplay into action.

    • It would be lovely if you could post descriptive posts, coveying emotions and scenes that the reader can really see. It doesn't have to be fancy, just make it interesting~
    • Please no Gmoding. A roleplay is more enjoyable when you get to see how characters progress and react with one another and their surroundings.
    • Please be polite and cooperate with one another. I want this to be a group roleplay, and I'll need each of you who would like to join to be nice with one another~
    • If you are going to absent for a while, please do say.
    • I am a busy person, with school on my back constantly, however, I can post perhaps once a day, more on the weekends~ So please don't go banging at my door wonder where I have gone o>o
    • Most important: Wreck the roleplay with your writing swag >:} XD In other words, have fun~

    You will be playing as Reynikn Gang members~
    I take the role of Jasper, the Gang's strategist and medic.

    You shall take on the role of the other members.
    You may create your own characters, but please do send me a link to the character. :> You see, The

    Reynikn gang are a group struggling people, so if your character is a female with absolutely no flaws, and is great at everything, she won't fit into the gang. Make them characters worth knowing about. In short, Mary sue's are people the gang leader don't accept cx

    There is indeed magic, such as spell casters, shape-shifters and many other aspects.

    Beck may or may not be an open role, its still in discussion.
    Beck, the leader of the gang is a head strong character, who doesn't take sh*t, but can be kind when he wishes. He's a bit complex so that's why I'm a bit uncertain >w<
    Please do bare with me.

    I look forward to roleplaying with you all~

    *tips hat*

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