The Adjustment Bureau

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  1. Has anyone else gone to see this movie yet? Because I just got back from it and I'm pretty blown away by the entire thing. I rather liked the whole "Do we change our minds or does someone else change them" theme. And for being more of a supporting role, I think Anthony Mackie did a damn good job portraying a more human side to the bureau.


    Short version: Go see this movie.
  2. It does look good. And so romantic~

    But yeah, I do wanna see that movie. I ain't paying $10 to get into the theatre, though. However, I do intend to see Sucker Punch. That's a completely different thread waiting to happen, though!

    *skips off*
  3. Looks okay. But they did the same theme on the Twilight Zone, so not in a rush to see it.
  4. I liked it. It was sweet, romantic, and the two stars had fantastic chemistry. I loved Terrence "We don't ka-frickin'-boom here" Stamp's performance. Blunt, condescending, evil, but with an almost parental "We know better than you" to it.

    I think my only complaint would be that the third act feels kinda awkward, but the rest of the movie more than makes up for it. Go see it.