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  1. Plot is listed in the first post of the Roleplay page, along with a map of the city.

    You may play multiple characters, and you can play any role you want. Scientist, werewolf, addicted werewolf, etc.

    Pics are cool, but if you don't have one a physical description will do. Have fun!!

    Physical Description~
    Anything Else?~
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  2. Name~ Jennifer Smith
    Gender~ female
    Age~ 32
    Species~ human
    Personality~ Intelligent, kind natured, introvert
    History~ Born and raised not far from Belmore. Jen has both parents and two brothers. After highschool she proceeded to study at University of Kentucky.
    Physical Description~

    Name~ Kaede Ferran
    Gender~ female
    Age~ 23
    Species~ werewolf
    Personality~ Jaded, loner, can be nice or a bitch, enjoys social scenes, but only for short periods of time.
    History~ Grew up dirt poor, she dropped out of school at 17. Kaede mostly raised her younger brother by herself, their mother was an alcoholic piece of shit. One day while thieving their meal from a 7/11 she got bit by what she had thought to be a dog. Shortly after, her life as a werewolf began. Liam grew and went off on his own, Kaede decided to travel
    Physical Description~
    Kinda, but not so pale. Red undertones in hair also. Kaede is slightly heavier than this girl too. Not fat, but not a twig either.
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  3. Name: Starr Nolan

    Gender: Female

    Age: 26

    Species: Human (formerly), Werewolf (currently)

    Personality: Can I develop this throughout the roleplay?

    History: Starr was born in Ireland on July 4th. Her father was Irish and her mother American. She moved to Belmore, Kentucky when she was three years old and began an education in public schooling. Starr graduated primary school with a high school diploma. She began to attend college in Findlay, a college not far from Belmore, and earned her Bachelor's degree in Forensic Science. At 23, she moved on to university within a logical driving distance from Belmore. After a few weeks of taking classes, one Saturday, she went to a party with friends and disappeared an hour before midnight. Starr managed to be one of the very few that escaped the werewolf killing rampage, despite being severely wounded. Doctors were unsure of what had bitten her, but they had plans to find out as soon as possible. After being in the hospital for a while, she was allowed to be disbanded from the hospital. Starr arrived back to university a few days later after disband, and went with her daily life, as normal. She first found out about her being a werewolf at the full moon. It freaked her out, but as time went by, she began to accept herself, being able to keep it a secret from those around her. However, just recently, she has been marked down for capture to inject a drug within her to rid herself of killing harmless people.


    Anything Else? Nope.
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  4. Name - Ridley Quent

    Gender - Male

    Species - Werewolf (Addicted)

    Personality - He's far more in touch with his animal side than is human side, or at least in touch with mostly bad parts of his human side (at least, in recent times). While he's friendly most of the time - and meticulous about his appearance, at least as much as he can be - he's a little paranoid, lean, and violent (When he needs to be). Most of these are recent developments due to his addiction. He's also rather playful and prideful, though he's very good at keeping his temper. Despite the fact that he's no slouch, he, at first, usually comes across as a bit of an annoyance. He's also very persistent - this was true, even before his addiction. He doesn't like working against his own species, but at this point, he's... well, addicted. He doesn't see any other choice.

    History - Born a Werewolf, he was born in the wild and raised in the wild, and introduced to society when he was eight. Over the years, he's slowly learnt English and the general society rules and suchlike. He's never bothered getting a job, though - he's sustained himself via different means. Recently, he was a bit lazy when hunting and got caught when he wandered too close to society. Now he's addicted, and now he's in trouble.

    Appearance - He's tall and lean, with a dark olive skin tone. His eyes are a vivid green, and his hair is pitch black, messy, and curly. His teeth are bright white and pointed. He has a regal look to him, spoiled by his slightly starved look. He usually wears a collared blue shirt - think of a shirt people work in - that's a bit crumpled and dirty now, dark dress pants, and ragged, black boots.
  5. Welcome, Viral. :) I'm excited to get this going, pretty cool characters so far. Bet this will turn out to be an awesome story.
  6. So, how do you accept our characters? Do you just like the post or something else?
  7. Uh, I'm not sure... never done this on this site before. Lol I say you're both accepted though.
  8. Awesome! So just post our introductions or work off your posts, yeah? :)
  9. Name~ Gabriel Deelo
    Gender~ Identifies as male
    Age~ 23
    Species~ Werewolf (not addicted)
    Personality~ Gabriel is a shy individual. He does not talk to a lot of people, but he is not reserved. He will talk to you about anything once he warms up to you. He becomes wary of people and will not talk to them no matter what the situation is.
    History~ He was born as a werewolf and adopted as a young child. He was not given advice to deal with his problems, and had to learn to deal with turning himself and hide it from his parents at the same time. He was a very outgoing child but as the years went by he got more shy and introverted.
    Physical Description~ Gabriel stands at 5"9 and has dark olive skin, defined features and hazel eyes. His body is slender and lean and barely holds any muscle, and his hair is held in a long braid that ends in the middle of his back. His hands are long and bony as well as his feet. He often wears a black long sleeve shirt and baggy faded acid washed jeans with black combat boots. Sometimes you will see him in a long green pullover sweatshirt, but he is usually seen wearing black and few graphic tees.
    Anything Else?~ N/A
  10. Yes, post away :)
  11. Did last night. I suppose I'm just waiting for some more scenes to come along so my character can be involved with the other characters.
  12. Ah, yeah. Hopefully more people will join and post soon... Might make an ad. I put so much work into this one, if it flops I'll be sad. Lol
  13. I think you should post Jennifer down. There's always room for interaction if they come across each other since she's planning to head home and my character is inside her own apartment. They could be in the same apartment complex or possibly just come across each other in the long run...
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  14. Sounds good. I planned on her running into others, but wasn't sure how to work that.
  15. Well, to suggest something, you can start by having her head home?
  16. I'll make a scientist, I suppose, to do some... Human-y stuff, too.

    Name: Gideonn 'Seven' Corwin

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Species: Human

    Personality: He's curious, yet clinical. Not completely sadistic, but willing to do a lot to learn more. He's always been a bit more curious about living things than non living. Especially regarding behavioral issues and culture, etc.

    History: He grew up in a relatively normal household. Throughout his life, though, people've noticed his... Chilly and detached way of viewing others. His favorite things to do have always been watching animals, especially lizards. An opportunity like testing other intelligent life? He couldn't pass it up.

    Appearance: He's tall and gaunt, his skin pale and his hair just as pale, nearly white. While he looks a little thin, he's not weak, and looks it. He usually wears something formal.
  17. So, I'm getting confused with the roleplay in general, Twiztd...
  18. You're sitting at a bar, correct? Dr Jennifer is at a table nearby keeping an eye out. Kaede and Ridley had left the bar they were at, and were walking down the highway, but have now stopped and turned back for the lab because Kaede is about to fall victim to the drug. After they get their dose, they are going to the bar where Starr and Jen are right now.

    Does that clear it up, hun? Figured we could get all four characters finally interacting this way. :)
  19. That... Well, I stated that Starr sat next to Kaede when she entered the bar and took a seat. So, Kaede and Ridley are going to be heading back to the same bar?
  20. They had left the bar quite a few posts before that, though. They were already walking.
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