The Academy of Supernaturals

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  1. Luke looked at the big iron gates in front of him. Glancing down at the invitation in his hand he checked if he had the right place. Deciding that he did he pushed the gates open and walked inside. He was slightly amazed at how big the place was. As he was walking to the front office he noticed the many other supernaturals that were around. He could smell the different races that were attending the school. Almost all of the supernatural races attended this school, with the exception of demons. No demons were allowed outside of the underworld, thankfully. Witches, wizards, angels, vampires, nekos, and a few more different kinds. There were a few werewolves attending but not many. Most went to a high end boarding school that was just for werewolves. He had begged his parents to not send him there, not wanting to be around a bunch of pricks that thought they were better than everyone else.

    Walking into the office he stared down at the old witch that stood behind the desk. He awkwardly stood there as he craned her neck to look up at him. Luke was tall and by tall he was over six foot, he was roughly around 6 5" and still growing it seemed. Grinning down at her he nervously ruffled his dirty blonde hair.
  2. [​IMG]
    {Black hair, Black ears and tail. Black outfit with red detail (where the grey is). short black fingerless gloves. Around 5'5", slim build}
    Name: Kurai (Japanese for dark)
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Neko student
    Personality: dark, very outspoken, doesn't care what anyone thinks or says about her, literally will fight to protect herself and loved ones, deadly when angered, determined, dedicated, passionate, extremely resourceful

    Kurai looks at the massive iron gates then back at the invitation she got in the mail. She was at the right place, she notices a boy arrived at the same time as her. She follows the guy inside the academy. She hated that her parents shipped her off to this school to 'fix her attitude'. She read all about this school and how it was full of numerous other supernatural species. Vampires, Werewolves, Nekos- but barely any-, witches and warlocks. It was at least better than the all Neko school they were thinking of sending her to.

    She walks to the front office, ironically still following the guy. She stops at the desk, looking at the elderly witch. She looks at the guy, who was easily over six feet tall. She took a sniff of his scent and knew instantly he was a werewolf. That was a thing that Nekos were known for - their keen sense of smell. She looks back at the witch. "Excuse me. I got an invitation to attend this academy. It says I was to come here and you would give me anything I need." She says, looking at her.
  3. [​IMG]
    {Dirty blonde hair, golden eyes, 6 5" and still growing, lean but muscular. Werewolf form- dirty blond fur and golden eyes. Just like in his human form he is big, even for a werewolf.}
    Name- Luke
    Age - 18
    Occupation - Werewolf student
    Personality - Sweet and kind until you piss him off. Protective over loved ones and anything that he claims as 'his', he is loyal to the very end. Quiet and always putting others before himself.

    Startled by the sudden voice he looked down and noticed a neko girl standing in the room with him. Grabbing his invitation he held it up as well. "...Me as well..." His voice was smooth and slightly deep as he spoke to the elderly witch. The witch stared at them both and took the paper from each of them. Reading it over she nodded her head before stepping away for a moment. Returning she held out papers in each her hands. "Here you go dears, your schedules and dorm information. If you have any questions feel free to come and ask me." Taking the papers from her he flashed a smile, his long canines slightly visible.
  4. Kurai notices the werewolf look at her and she smiles at him. She felt so small next to him but it didn't bother her at all. She looks back at the witch and lets her take their invitations. She watches as the elderly witch walks off to get their things. A few moments later, the witch returns and she takes her papers from her. "Okay, thanks. Um, how do we get to the dorms from here?" She replies then asks curiously. There was a map that came with the invitation but she left it at home by mistake. She can't help but notice the werewolf and feels her heart skip a beat seeing his smile. God... he's so damn hot... she can't help but think.
  5. Luke could feel eyes on him and glanced down at the girl. Quickly turning away he couldn't help but feel his cheeks tint pink, she was so cute to him. At hearing the girl's question he pulled out the map that had come with the invitation. "Uh...I have the map with me, I can take you there." The elderly witch behind the desk raised an eyebrow at him. Most werewolves were known for being aggressive, hotheaded, and full of confidence that made them jerks. So far he was the complete opposite of most werewolves.
  6. Kurai notices the guy look down at her and she quickly looks away, blushing. She couldn't help it, he was so fucking hot. She then manages to look back at him, smiling when he pulls out his map. "Really? I would like that." She replies smiling. She couldn't help but be shocked. Most werewolves were complete aggressive, hot-headed, full of themselves jerks. This guy though... he was the complete opposite. She puts her schedule in her pocket and starts walking out of the front office with him.
  7. Luke followed after her like a puppy would with its owner, he just couldn't help himself she was so cute. When she had smiled at him he couldn't stop a bright red blush from spreading across his face. Quickly pushing it down he looked at the map for a second, his eyes scanning it over. He lifted his head glanced around. At the moment he was thankful for his height. "I is that way." Lifting his hand he pointed towards where he was talking about.
  8. Kurai can't help but giggle a bit when he follows her like a puppy. He's hot and adorable! She thinks. She notices him blush when she smiles and can't help but feel her heart skip a beat. She stops walking and watches him look at the map. She couldn't help but admire his looks. His dirty blonde hair, his golden eyes, his slightly tanned skin, his lean yet muscular build. He wasn't hot... he was fucking SEXY! She looks in the direction he points and starts walking with him to the dorms. She was actually kinda hoping they had the same room, she wouldn't mind sharing with him at all. ;)
  9. Folding the map up he put it in his pocket, he was fairly sure that he knew where to go. "So... whats your dorm room number?" Taking out his own dorm information he saw that he was in room 36 B. Holding the paper up closer he re-read the same thing over.

    Male and Female students may or may not be sharing a room. Roommates have been randomly selected so if there are any problems please contact the headmaster. Thank you.

    Blinking in surprise he couldn't help but wonder if that was just a mistake or if he might actually be sharing a room with a girl. Looking down at the girl that was walking next to him he realized he didn't even know her name. "I didn't get your name. Mine is Luke by the way."
  10. She was walking when she hears his question. She takes out her dorm room paper and reads it. "Uh... Mine's 36 B." She replies, looking at him. "She looks at him confused when she notices him re-read something. She stops walking and walks next to him, looking at the sheet. She then sees what he was reading.

    Male and Female students may or may not be sharing a room. Roommates have been randomly selected so if there are any problems please contact the headmaster. Thank you.

    She couldn't help but smile slightly when she realizes there's a chance they could be roommates. She didn't even notice his room number and looks back at him. She smiles when he finally introduces himself. "It's nice to meet you Luke. I'm Kurai." She replies happily. "What room do you have?" She asks curiously.
  11. " room is...36...B..." He shifted awkwardly at the thought of sharing a room with her. It wasn't that he didn't want to. No - it was more because he did want to. While looking at her a deep blush crept its way on to his face. Trying to push it down a pink tint still made its way on to his face.
  12. Kurai's heart skips a beat when Luke has the same room as her. She can't help but smile, blushing at the thought of sharing a room with him. She couldn't believe she would be sharing a room with the hottest, sexiest guy she's ever seen, let alone a werewolf. She can't help but notice him blushing and smiles. "Come on. Let's get to our room so we can get settled in." She says smiling, looking up at him.
  13. Luke could only nod his head and follow after her like a puppy once again. He could feel a few eyes staring at him with amusement. Here he was a werewolf that was 6 5" following after a neko girl that was 5 5". Thankfully they reached their dorm quickly. Pulling out his key he went and unlocked the door. Holding it open he waited for her to enter first.
  14. Kurai giggles more as Luke follows her like a puppy. She knew people were probably staring at her since a werewolf was following her but she didn't care. After a few minutes they arrive at their dorm. She lets him open the door and smiles when he lets her in first. She looks around and smiles seeing the impressively big dorm room. "Okay, so do you want the left or right side Luke?" She asks, turning around and looking at him.
  15. Luke looked around the room, glad that it was rather big. Stepping in he closed the door behind him and walked to the center of the room. "I'll take the right side." His protective side was already starting to show with his decision. The left side was closer to the door, so if anyone tried to come in he would be closer.
  16. Kurai smiles and nods. "Okay. I can take the left then." She replies. She walks over to her bed and places her bag on it. She could already sense Luke's protectiveness coming out. She could tell Luke already had a slight crush on her but didn't realize he already felt so protective of her. "So, why did your parents ship you here instead of one of those all werewolf schools?" She can't help but ask, sitting on the edge of her bed and looking at him.
  17. Luke turned to look at her slightly surprised that she would ask that question. Sitting on the bed he turned to face her. "I didn't want to be surrounded by a bunch of pricks, so I begged my parents to send me somewhere else. After some thought they decided to send me here. What about you?"
  18. Kurai sees the slight surprise of her question and smiles. She just wanted to get to know her new damn sexy roommate, is that so bad? She nods, listening to him. "Ah. My parents thought this place would 'fix my attitude'. It was either here or some Neko disciplinary school. As long as I'm away from my parents I'm happy anywhere." She replies.
  19. Luke didn't see anything wrong with her attitude but then again he hadn't known her for very long. He opened his mouth about to say something the ringing of a bell cut him off. Raising his head he thought for a minute before realizing that it was the dinner bell. Standing he flashed a smile over to Kurai, "Looks like its time for dinner." Heading over to the door he once again held it open for her.
  20. Kurai smiles as Luke listens to her. Her ears twitch when she hears the dinner bell. That's when she realized she was actually hungry. Her heart skips a beat again when he smiles at her. God.... so fucking SEXY!! she thinks. "Yeah, we better go." She replies smiling. She gets off her bed and walks out as he opens the door for her again.
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