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    In a galaxy outside of The Milky Way and yet it dips into The Milky Way for two months out of the Earth year, is a galaxy was called The Bridge Mix for it was a mixture of unique masses of geodes and meteors that float around the galaxy. It was newly made for magic users or the ones with a Magical Core.

    This Academy will have two separate set of classes. They are Traditional Magical Talents Classes which does have modern technical advances. You will receive the best education that can be had on the planet. There are many perks such as receiving a pet or dragon as well as many other free items.

    Feel free to fill out the following form and enroll in one of the best Academies available.
    This school seems like it's too good to be true right..? There are underground monthly trials and competitions appointed students officials choose your fate. The staff of the academy turn a blind eyes terrified of some students.

    Character Profile Sheet

    Picture or a good description:
    Biography: (optional)
    Specialty Magic: (YOUR PET MUST HAVE THE SAME MAGIC TYPE) The students will select a young pet from the Pet Store after arriving at the Academy.


    1. Have fun
    2. Romance is allowed. No sex scenes you can either fade to black or pm's i'll be there with a video camera and popcorn
    3. You can only have two elements of magic
    4. If you kill your character you can get new ones :D
    5. You can make your clubs and classes if you want.

    Classes offered:
    Show Spoiler

    Generic school classes - ( Math,english, etc)

    Meditation Lessons

    Mind bonding – a close bond with a specific creature-Your Pet

    Creaturology-A study of various mythical animals, their breeding and care for them



    - Growth-common plants grow slightly faster
    -Encourage-Persuade common plants to do something
    - Growing of Herbals- the growing of common plants that will assist in healing

    Potions Class

    Advanced Magic

    Independent Study

    -Auras and Self Examination-
    -Calligraphy-The art of writing elegantly-
    -Our Universe-
    -Basket making-
    -Musical Instrument –
    -Arts and crafts-

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  2. Name: Enya Shinzui

    Nicknames: Blaze

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'9"

    Personality: Enya is cocky, confident, and stubborn, is sarcastic, determined, and independent. She has a quick wit and a dry sense of humor and can be strict. Although she comes across as cocky and confident, she has a caring and compassionate side, especially towards her loved ones, whom she would protect by any means. She cares greatly about her all friends, willing to take extreme measures to protect them. She never backs down from a fight regardless of her opponent.

    Specialty magic:: Fire/Thermal

    Brief Background: She was raised in a normal family. Her mother has a fire elemental and her father came from a line of themal elementals. Around age three she started showing traits of both elements accidentally burning down a few things in her childhood and changing the temperature of things. Her father decided to send her to this school to help control her powers. This is her third year here and currently in a few clubs .

    Appearance: Enya is a tall woman at 5'9" and weighs 135 pounds.Enya has tanned skin and with a freshly braided mohawk.Her hair is dyed red but it's originally golden brown. Her eyes are a crimson red and there is a small bandage on her nose. She got a few tattoos when she was 16, a tradional light blue sun tattoo on her stomach and one of her right shoulder. Enya wears a short black top, a necklace of black prayer beads, red and black bands on her forearms, she loves to be barefoot with bandages wrapped around her feet but since certain teachers hassle her a bit she carries around tan leather open-toed sandals in her bag. Black gloves and wrist gaurds that match for forearm bands,Red leg wraps that are mostly covered by a Dark tan skirt.

  3. Name: Mao Zixin (Most just call him "Mow")
    Age: 17
    Body Type: Fit
    Height: 6'1"
    Personality: Mao is a lively person who loves to make friends. He has a lot of pride and isn't easily beaten. He believes in hard work and never takes anything for granted. He always get the job done no matter how hard the task may be. He's confident in his abilities some may even call him cocky. Knowing that just makes him want to work even harder to even further his skills.
    Bending Type: Earth,Metal
    Brief Background: He grew up as a only child. In a middle class house in a small village full of other earth benders. Both of he's parents were Earth-benders. It was hard to find people with pure bending abilities because most in these times are mixed with another type of bending. One day when he was young he's father was out working while a rogue fire bending group of bandits raided there village. Destroying everything in his village one of the bandits broke into there house. His mother tried her hardest to protect him but he's fire bending skill surpassed her earth bending. In his mothers last dyeing breaths Mao became enraged. Not knowing how he was able to he some how levitated a metal knife sending it towards the bandit killing him instantly. Running out of the back door he was able to escape that day. Brining a powerful gift with him.

  4. Name: Steffany (Prefers Steff)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
    Picture:[​IMG] except with auburn hair.
    Personality: Can be pretty bipolar, so I can't give you a definite. But she's very loyal to her friends, and won't give up without a fight.
    Biography: Her brother died in a car-crash, in the car that she was driving. She feels guilty about it, and will become melancholy if you remind her of it.
    Specialty Magic: Life magic: Healing, especially.
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