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    Otene, "Kogo," Miyori

    Mood: Chipper
    Location: Student Council Meeting room
    Current Outfit: Personalized School Uniform
    "Let's work to get this school in top shape!"
    School was boring, but Miyori had to put herself through the monotone lectures and dull tests. She needed to be the top student. Earlier, she had received a letter that she was president of the student council, which of course was absolutely amazing, because once again, she was at the top of the heiarchy. However, she had only one friend, and he was a few years younger than her, so being at the top didn't mean much.


    After school ended she bounced through the waves of emotionless, dull, and unmotivated, zombie-like students. Most of them were going home; Some went to sports and clubs, but the majority of students acted as though they were allergic to school spirit, and avoided it with passive attitudes about everything.

    She bolted through the doors of the drama club, and because no one was in there, she took the gold-painted, plastic crown and the red polyester king's cape. This way, everyone would know just who was boss. She ran towards the meeting room, blonde hair bouncing behind her. She crashed into a random student and fell on her face. After giving an apology, she stood and ran into the meeting room.

    She placed her things down at the head of the table. When she finally settled down, she did a little dance of victory.

    "I'm king! I'm king! I'm king!"
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  2. [​IMG]

    Mimi Takane

    It had been another faaaantastic school day! As the bell rang to signify that final period was over, Mimi burst free from the classroom and bounded down the hallway until she had very nearly collided with an open locker. "Chiyo, Chiyo!" she beamed. "I can't walk home with you today, is that ok? Will you be alright? Do you think you can make it by yourself?"

    The open locker door that Mimi practically had her face pressed up against was suddenly slammed shut, revealing a girl of short stature with a dim and menacing aura about her. Her expression was completely deadpan, despite the look of exuberance coming from Mimi. If anyone else had said those things other than Mimi, it would have sounded oddly patronizing -- but Chiyo knew her best friend actually meant it out of sincere concern. "I think I'll make it," she droned.

    "Are you sure, Chiyo??" Mimi asked again, eyes wide. "Because you know, I could probably go home with you and still make it back in time for--"

    "Don't you have a meeting to get to?" Chiyo interrupted, her deadpan never faltering for a second.

    Mimi glanced at the clock. "Gee whiz-- is it that time already?! You're right! I have to go!" With that, she secured her backpack over her shoulders and took off dancing down the hallway.

    She arrived in the room for the Student Council Meeting a good fifteen minutes before the meeting was actually suppose to start. "Oh... I guess I got here too quickly. Maybe I should have back-flipped instead?" Shrugging it off, Mimi took a seat at the table and waited patiently -- for all of about 30 seconds -- before she started getting antsy. At which point, she crawled up onto the table and started doing back-bends, walking around on her palms and feet and looking at the world through an upside down lens. This entertained her for a while until the Student Council President burst into the room.

    Mimi peeked up at the girl, still bent over backwards and seeing everything upside-down, smiling. "King? Oh, thank goodness someone is finally here!" She catapulted herself down from the table, sticking a perfect landing. "You could be the court jester for all I care, I'm just glad we're getting started! My name is Mimi," she said, extending a hand in greeting. "And what is your name, King?"
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    | Lower Secondary School President |

    Ah, yet another not-so-eventful day at Komukaru Secondary School. As Shiro walked through the halls, he swayed in his step, whistling a tune that he couldn't get out of his mind. His eyes were closed, yet he was able to maneuver around his fellow classmates, who were all rushing to get home, relieved that the day was over. The young male couldn't blame them. He was ready to head out himself. The thought of home made him smile, but another thought made him frown. Earlier in the school day, he had received a letter from the Headmaster himself, stating that he had been chosen as the President of the Lower Secondary School. At first, Shiro believed that it was a joke. After multiple reads, he realized that it was the truth. But how could he have earned such a position?

    Shaking his head, he focused on the dilemma at hand. You see, there was a Student Council meeting that was suppose to be happening today. The male truly didn't want to go, but knew that it was his duty. With a sigh, he turned on his heel, making his way back inside the school and towards the meeting room, which he, surprisingly, knew the location of. As he walked, he wondered who else would be attending this meeting. Maybe someone he knew of, if he was lucky.

    Reaching his destination, Shiro opened the door just in time to see a pink-haired girl catapult herself off of the table that decorated the room, landing beautifully. It stunned him to the point that he just stood in the doorway, mouth gaping open and close with his eyes wide in awe. Whatever spell was casted over Shiro was immediately broken when he heard the word 'king'. There was only one person that he knew of who went by that title. Walking further into the room, his suspicions were confirmed.

    "Eh, Miyori....?" Shiro said in a questioning tone. "Did you get a letter, too? I bet it was for Student Body President, huh?" The white-haired male guessed, eyes glowing with slight admiration. He always admired the blonde and how hard she worked. This proved to be no different. During this time, he remembered the graceful girl from before, facing her. "Oh, my name's Shiro, by the way," he introduced himself, with a smile, as a side note.

    [Hope it's okay!]
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  4. [​IMG]
    Matsuoka, "Tsuki-chi" Satsuki
    Student Body
    "Senpai's so mean!" The dark haired kohai shrieked as she ran away wailing. Her friends sent Satsuki simultaneous glares of anger and disgust befoe running to catch up with her. Satsuki frowned and crossed her arms, "What's the big deal? Elephant shrew's are quick and totally sophisticated and all I said was that it would compliment your features not that you looked like one!" She called after them but they were already gone and some other students were staring openly at her. Satsuki shot them all a vicious glare and flounced back into the school.

    "No matter." She said to herself. "She wasn't deserving of all the glory that is the elephant shrew." She muttered and a teacher who was passing by gave her a scrutinizing sidelong glance. Satsuki ignored him too because just last year she said that he'd look great with bear ears and he'd blushed and sent her to stand in the hall. It wasn't her fault he had insecurities...

    Either way, Satsuki's day was bound to get better. She had gotten a letter from the principal after all! Apparently she was to be the new student body secretary! The principal must have heard about her mission in life and wanted her to go through with it by giving her more power over the student populace. Of course she would have to turn her fellow student body members into--

    As soon as Satsuki entered the room she stopped abruptly staring at the three people already in the room. A blonde, a white haired boy and a...girl on the floor bent in an odd way. A fire lighted in her eyes when she saw the girl--she recognized her as Takane Mimi--, and Satsuki strode forward quickly and whipped out a note pad. "Takane-san, do you often find yourself in need of a monkey's tail?" She practically breathed marveling at the pink haired girl's grace.

    She looked away from the limber girl briefly to quickly nod at the other two. "And hello to the rest of you as well."
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  5. Otene, "Kogo," Miyori

    Mood: Haughty
    Location: Student Council Meeting room
    Current Outfit: Personalized School Uniform
    "Let's work to get this school in top shape!"
    Miyori looked at the pink haired girl whose back bone seemed to be made of rubber. She swept her hair from off her shoulders, and stood up straight, proud that her kingship was recognized by the girl. Standingly mightly and tall, her confidence was drastically increased, just by Mimi recognizing her as king.

    "Well, my name is King Otene-"
    Unable to complete what would have been an amazing and grand introduction, Otene was unsure of how to deal with the interruption. Her train of thought crashed and was destroyed. She felt as though her spotlight was now gone, because her name had already been spoken by whoever stood behind her with an extremely familiar voice.


    Until she heard him introduce himself as Shiro, and she immediately rebounded, happily bouncing towards him and giving him a bear hug.

    "A ha ha! You guessed it, Shiro-kun! Even if you're already in secondary school, you're just as smart as ever! Did you get Vice President? That would be so awesome! The two of us leading the entire student body to victory! We'll get everyone to participate in school events and make Komukaru the best it could possibly be! Andtheneveryonewillworshipmeastheirking!"

    She continued her arrogant laughter, and walked away from Shiro to sit on the table. She jumped, slightly startled by the new girl's presence. The girl talked about giving Mimi a monkey's tail, which was very strange.
    Perhaps it would make her better at her flips and sports and such. Miyori had no idea whether Mimi was in the Upper or Lower sections, which meant a monkey's tail could potentially threaten her position as top in the class at practically everything. She could not let that happen.

    "I-I'm president, and king," She stuttered, facing the red-head, "If Takane-chan is in the upper secondary school, I declare that you are not allowed to give her a monkey's tail..."
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  6. [​IMG]

    Mimi Takane

    The girl who seemed to be student council president was just about to begin what appeared to be a long-winded and well-prepared introduction, but she was interrupted by the entrance of another boy who, by his actions, was apparently good friends with the girl -- Miyori and Shiro were their names, it seemed. Mimi gleefully waved back at at the boy in greeting. "Wonderful to meet you, Shiro! I'm Mimi~"

    When Satsuki entered the room, Mimi turned around suddenly. "Oh, hello Satsuki!" And at the mention of having a monkey's tail, her eyes grew even wider as she absolutely lit up with excitement. "A-A monkey's tail?! You know, I've always wondered what it would be like to have one!" she squealed, turning in circles. "Imagine being able to swing from trees, but still having two free hands!"

    At that moment, she noted Miyori's interruption and declaration that she could not have a monkey tail -- though, the fact that Miyori viewed Mimi with a monkey tail as a threat went completely over her head. "Ah, I am in the upper secondary school, so I guess I can't have one..." She paused in thought, scratching her head. "But you know, I wouldn't be able compete in gymnastics anymore if I had a tail. They'd probably say I had an unfair advantage! I guess I'll never know what's it's like to swing through the trees with no hands..." Mimi sighed despondently for a very brief moment, before suddenly perking up again. "Oh well! Life goes on~!"
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  7. [​IMG]
    Kei Hashimoto
    |Lower Secondary Vice President|
    Mood: Tired/Annoyed
    Location: Student Council Meeting
    Outfit: School Uniform plus his personal beanie.

    Kei had been up all night because of his stupid step father, telling him that he had a recital in two days, which sucked because he also had to go to the student council that his mother his making him go to. By the time he felt he was good that night and was about to sleep his alarm went off, so not ever five minutes of sleep did he got in his house. The bell rang waking Kei up from his locker, apparently he had dozed off for a good five minutes.


    Kei's emotion stayed as plastered as he found he was when he had to go to school, now that he had to go to the student council, he had no time for sleep. As Kei closed his locker he walked down the hall knocking into one person accidentally, when he finally walked across the school, he saw the sign for the student council room.

    The blonde walked into the room when he saw most of the students already there, right away he dropped on the seat and slammed his head on the table. Kei looked up when he noticed his close friend also being in the student council, Shiro. "Didn't know you where signed onto the student council, Shiro?"
    | Lower Secondary School President |
    "A ha ha! You guessed it, Shiro-kun! Even if you're already in secondary school, you're just as smart as ever! Did you get Vice President? That would be so awesome! The two of us leading the entire student body to victory! We'll get everyone to participate in school events and make Komukaru the best it could possibly be! Andtheneveryonewillworshipmeastheirking!"
    Shiro let out an 'oof' as he was enveloped by a bear hug, taking a moment to come to his senses before hugging Miyori back with his free arm. His other arm was preoccupied with carrying his umbrella, as usual. The white-haired male was never seen without his umbrella, unless he was at home. As long as he was out and about, he had his trusty red umbrella on him. "Ma, that would be cool, huh? Unfortunately, I got Lower Secondary School President," he told the blonde, smiling sheepishly at the end. He couldn't help but laugh softly at her last words. Miyori was always determined to let everyone know that she was King. It was amusing, to say the least, and Shiro never got tired of it. He watched silently as his childhood friend went to go sit down, still laughing in a superior way, making him shake his head good-naturedly. He planned on sitting down himself as the three girls interacted with one another. They seemed to be having an interesting conversation about having a monkey's tail. I wonder if that girl could give me cat ears and a tail....Preferably white, he thought in a distant tone. Said thought disappeared when he heard a certain voice directed towards him.
    "Didn't know you where signed onto the student council, Shiro?"

    Shiro blinked owlishly before facing another one of his good friends, Kei. A smile graced his features as he took a seat by the male. "Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out why I was picked," he told the blonde, staring up at the ceiling in wonder. Focusing back on the topic, the young male took out the letter that he was given. "And I was accepted as Lower Secondary School President! Can you believe it?" He told his friend, voice expressing his disbelief. He was not what one would see as 'presidential material'. He could understand why Miyori got her position. She deserved it! Him on the other hand, not so much. Sighing, he decided to not dwell on it for any longer. "What about you, Kei?"
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  9. [​IMG]
    Kairi Hanataro
    Student Body Treasurer
    The school day had come to an end but Kairi was still in class talking to one of her teachers. She had difficulty grasping some of the concepts and figured it was better to ask now rather than struggle later. After some time had passed she looked up at the clock at the front of the class and her joyful expression sank into one of distress. "Oh no I'm late!!!" She screamed on the top of her lungs as she kindly thanked her teacher for the assistance before storming out of the room. How could she be late and it was only day one. There was no way the others would like her now. Thoughts raced through her mind like a motorcycle on a track as she sped down the halls trying to get to the meeting room before it ended. "How could I be so clueless??" She kept ranting to herself before she finally reached the room. With a breath she swung the door open and put on her best smile. First impressions were everything to her. "Hello hello hello my fellow clubmates!" She practically waltzed into the room in a picture of happiness. She saw that everyone was conversing in a light fashion and figured they must all be getting along fine. No need for her super lecture on friendship and camaraderie. "How is everyone on this most loveliest of days?"
  10. [​IMG]
    Matsuoka, "Tsuki-chi" Satsuki
    Student Body
    "Tch." Satsuki grumbled when the so called president ruined her plans. And Takane-san had been so willing too! The first person who actually wanted to be an experiment and the damn blond girl had ruined it all. "Damn troglodyte." Satsuki muttered darkly and took a seat at the opposite end of the table, even though with her being secretary she should be a bit closer to the president. But Satsuki needed to be able to be in a position where she could see everyone and aptly decide on which attributes they would best require.

    Speaking of which..."Well then Otene-san, would you be more likely to allow me to conduct my--Err, gift the other council members with upgrades if you had one as well?" She would just forget the earlier conflict and keep moving forward like a good scientist always does! "I was thinking that I could give you the tail feathers of a peacock! Peacocks represent, royalty, power, beauty and refinement! Plus they sound like this, which is all I ever hear when you open your mouth!" Nope, apparently she couldn't be nice. The thwarting of her experiment weighed to heavily on her mind and she would get her revenge. Well at least I tried...She thought as she pocketed her phone after playing the obnoxious bird sound. ​

  11. Nishimura Yukishina

    Mood: Hungry
    Location: Hallways/Student Council Meeting Room
    Outfit: Cat Maid Costume
    "I'll do whatever, as long as there is food
    Yu ate during the entire day. She was munching on a donut as she walked aimlessly through the hall. There was something she was supposed to do, but she couldn't quite remember what that was. She continued wandering the halls and saw some boys from her class arguing about whether girls cosplaying as maids were cuter or girls cosplaying as anime characters was cuter. When they saw Yu they looked at her and came up with an idea.
    "Nishimura-chan! Help us by wearing these outfits, to prove which is cuter," They commanded, one holding up a maid's outfit, and the other holding up a magical girl cosplay.

    "What's in it for me? It better be something good, or else I won't do it," Yu replied.

    "I have two boxes of Pockey," One boy offered.

    "I have a bag of Pretz!" The other added.

    "Okay, I'll do it," Yu agreed, taking the snacks and the costumes. She put the snacks down and went into the bathroom, coming back out with the magical girl costume on.

    "Now say something cute!"



    "Moe moe kyun." Yu posed with her hands in the shape of her heart, but her face remained dull.


    "Man that actually is kinda cute.." The other boy scratched the back of his head.

    "Of course!"

    "But not as cute as a maid with cat ears! Nishimura, please!"

    Nishimura went back in and came out wearing the made outfit with a collar and cat ears.

    "You're right."

    "Of course I'm right!"

    The two boys then walked away, leaving their snacks for Yu. She put the cosplay and her uniform in her school bag, picked up her snacks and continued wandering aimlessly. She heard talking and the mention of the word council, and then she remembered where she was supposed to be. The student council meeting. She entered the room and held her snacks close, continuing to eat her chips.

    "Hello," She said plainly, slightly chuckling at the funny bird sounds, her face still expressionless, "I'm second class representative.... Or was I student body representative? Perhaps I am the representative of earth to help communicate to a race that will try to destory us all? Then they take my beloved fiance and turn her into one of them. Then I find her by locating her ring in the home world and I save her and make this planet a better place to live at. And we get married and rule the world. I suppose I am a bit late. I was a bit busy trying to help two individuals calm their argument."

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  12. Escaping from her final class, Aya took a deep breath as she meandered down the hall. Rather than focus on not running into people, she foud herself thinking about the fact that she had recieved a letter from the headmaster, and the fact that she had been picked for the disciplinary committee at all.
    I'm happy. . . I guess? Mom said this would be good for me, but i wonder if I really have the time.
    Lost in her own thoughts, she didn't even see the guy running in her direction. Right before this person ran into her, a scary looking 20 something stepped out from behind a wall and stopped the younger male by picking him up by his collar.
    "Are you alright boss? should I make sure this kid is swimmin' with the fishes?"
    At this point, the kid looked ready to crap his pants, if he hadn't already.
    "What the actual hell are you thinking, Kyoya?? Put him down, you are scaring him!"
    With a snort Kyoya dropped the boy, who subsequently ran past Aya screaming. She sighed.
    "I thought I made it clear. If you are going to be here for my 'protection', you need to stay hidden. You freak people out."
    His expression made her laugh, and after she jokingly punched his shoulder, she made her way to the student council room. She was surprised at how many people were in the room already, but she already knew them all. Well. She didnt know them, but she made sure to get info on them before the meeting. She didnt even have time to close the door behind her when her phone rang. looking at the number she ignored it.
    [BCOLOR=#1f0240]They can wait.[/BCOLOR]
    Shaking her head, she looked up.
    "Hi everyone, I'm Aya and I'll be the head disciplinary officer. I look forward to working with you all, and if you need anything, let me know!"
  13. [​IMG]

    Mimi Takane

    The crowd in the student council room was quickly growing, which gave Mimi cause for excitement. To see all these enthusiastic people gathered in one place was so exhilarating! Normally, it didn't feel like there was ever this much spirit or energy throughout the entire school; hence, you can imagine being in this situation was very exciting for the head of the Spirit Committee.

    One of the girls that walked in seemed quite bubbly, with a positive and radiating aura with energy like Mimi's own -- a kindred spirit! This of course immediately caught Mimi's attention, and she leaped over to greet the brunette. "Why yes, hasn't it just been a fantabulous day?" she answered. "This meeting will be like the icing on the cake! I'm Mimi, by the way," she added with a smile, extending her hand in greeting. "What's you name?"
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  14. Otene Miyori

    Mood: Annoyed
    Location: Student Council Meeting Room
    Interacting with: @Polystical
    "Let's work hard together to get our school in top priority!"
    "Well, Perhaps you could learn something about refinement from the peacock," Miyori sneered, walking away from her, "When it comes to birds, you remind me of a Marabou stork."

    Perhaps she was being a bit harsh. After all, the girl probably didn't realize she was threatening Miyori's position. Perhaps Miyori should be the one to apologize. After all what did the girl do to deserve to get rejected on the first day?

    "So very sorry, Satsuki-chan!" She said, spinning around with a mockingly cute smile, "I know I might come off as a bit rude at times. Thank you for kindly putting up with my stupidity! You're very generous, and I think I would love to have a peacock's tail feathers, since they match my beautiful voice!"


    She copied the sound that the bird had make to the best of her abilities folding her arms up like wings, and cocking her head, before jumping back into her previous stance.

    "In fact, I think you should give everyone in the student council a gift!" She said, "And after, we can all take pictures of ourselves, and notify the people who run this damn place of your wondrous generosity! Wouldn't that be great?"

    No way in hell was she gonna give a real apology unless a teacher or Shiro-kun forced her to do so. This girl was some one she was not going to like this year. Miyori looked at the newcomes with a kind smile, "Hello, fellow students!"

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