The 4th Floor (Psychological, Supernatural, Horror)

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  1. Rin ran as fast as she could, dodging the rundown cars in the junk yard and heading straight off into the the old colony district which was practically a ghost town. She could hear their footsteps, the boys, they were hardly 14 but they were persistent. She never knew that snapping back at them would result in such a severe case.

    She ran for her life knowing they had let loose their dog on her, she was scared witless of being caught by that thing. She took detour turns here and there until she reached a dead end and gasped at the sight of the towering wall, she looked about and saw a door leading to some run down building and darted in closing it shut behind her yet she could still hear the dog's bark getting closer. Soon she felt the creature try to push the door with his might and she couldn't just hold on, if the bullies reached her, she was doomed.

    Just when there seemed no way out she heard a sudden sound of 'ting' as if that of an elevator and she never really paid attention at how the dog's bark was no longer heard as if it had given up. She was too curious to see who could be in the elevator of that run down building and advanced towards it peeking carefully in but no one was there. Just when she could take a deep breath from being relieved she heard a faint voice as if someone had followed, fearing it was them she jumped in the lift and pressed the buttons of the top most floors.

    As the elevator doors shut she panted worried and noticed how there was literally no option for the 4th floor, she was staring at the buttons way too long and realized this and wondered surprised...... how ever when the elevator stopped the number panel on the top had 4 written on it. Rin was confused at this but stepped out anyway but the moment she did she literally thought she was lost for a moment.

    What had just happened? She asked herself looking around.

    Short Character Info:
    Name: Rin Takeda
    Age: 19
    makoto eh.jpg
  2. Torao was walking home with some groceries, listening to music.Money was scarce but he had enough food to last him a few more days.
    It was incredibly hot today, the sky was a beautiful blue and the sun was so hot it felt like it could melt through him.This was waaay to
    hot, he had to get some shade. His apartment wasn't to far away but nothing special was happening at the apartment and no one was
    missing him so why not take shelter in one of the abandoned buildings that sat close by to his apartment?
    Torao started to speed walk down the street."So thirsty, to hot" he moaned to himself as if it was the end of the world.
    When he turned the corner onto the street there were a gang of boys chasing after someone, he couldnt see because they were to far away. Tsk Tsk Tsk what kind of people would do that? like come on.
    "OI YOU GUYS, GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY CAUSE YOU DONT WANT TO MAKE ME HAVE TO RUN ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE AND MAKE YOU LEAVE MYSELF!!" he yelled down the street, with a tone of annoyance in his voice.
    Luckily they left. God kids these days. What he hadnt noticed is the dog they let loose who was now focused on him and running towards him drool flying from his face. He turned to run, he ran as fast as he could crossing the road and down the street until he found refuge at an abandoned building with the doors gaping wide open. He closed them and sat on the ground sweat trickling down his face. He heard the familiar sound of an elevator about to open, he looked inside no one there? "Hmm well what have i got to lose" he said as he stepped into the elevator pushing the level two button and the doors closed. He remembered the person that gang was chasing he was pretty sure this was the building they ran into, he might as well go see if there okay. At closer study on the elevator there was no level 4 button, strange, well this is an old building he thought to himself.
  3. Rin stood in what she seemed looked like a run down old hotel with broken old dusty chandeliers on the floor and glass scattered around, tiny insects scurried away at the sound of her footsteps which seemed too loud in the silent moment. There was a weird mist around the area making it slowly hard for her to breathe and see, it took her a little while to realize that she could always turn back and run down but the moment she turned back she saw nothing but a plain wall. Her eyes widened in horror, she wasn't dreaming she knew of it.

    Panicked, she looked around as if trying to find a way out. The mist was playing tricks on her eyes and she didn't really know which way she came, when suddenly she heard the familiar 'ting' of the lift. She turned to the direction of where the light came from and saw someone step out. Her heart raced rapidly thinking she was cornered and gasped looking around for something to fend herself off with.

    She found an old pipe and quickly grabbed it taking position, "WHOSE THERE?!" she demanded answer, ready to beat them witless if she had to, she was sick of running around, she wanted to go home.
  4. The elevator doors opened and the thick air made hime cough, he took one step out of the elevator and his head started thumping, suddenly he heard frantic yelling. "D-dont hurt me, its okay, im not here to hurt you i came up here to see if you were okay. I saw those people chase after you, there gone know" he said calmly as he walked towards the voice. He saw a girl around his age with a pipe in her hand looking terrified.
    "uh we should leave, my head really hurts the air is so thick" he said calmly reaching for the pipe slowly.
  5. Rin heard a response of someone rather older compared to the kids, or was it the fog, she wasn't sure but who ever it was they said they weren't hear to hurt her. As the boy advanced towards her, she could slowly see his face, he looked someone of her age but she really couldn't trust anyone. Rin eyed him as he tried to reach for her pipe but she held it back away, "I won't hit unless you do so...but i'm not giving the pipe." she stated clearly.

    Suddenly she heard the 'ting' of the lift as the doors closed and light died out, "Hey get the lift, hurry!!" She panicked trying to head for the lift through the fog but she felt as if she was moving in circles, "Hey what the hell, where did the entrance to the lift go." She asked covering her own mouth too as the mist got thicker but then a huge gust of wind flew by for a good few seconds blowing away the mist and slowly everything became visible. Rin could finally see the boy clearly now.

    "Why did you follow me? Now you're trapped too....just don't blame me I've had a rough day." Rin spoke looking around for the lift's entrance which seemed to have vanished. "Hey did we just walk past the lift or something in the mist....because it's not here?!" Rin's heart started beating faster but she tried to stay composed infront of him, how ever it wasn't helping with her current situation.
  6. "mhmm okay" he said resting his hands by his side. He responded to her saying get outta here by turning around and narrowing his eyes searching for the elevator "Hey.. wasn't.. the, the elevator right there" he said puzzled, he was sure it was right there. he coughed as a huge gust of wind cleared the fog away and he got to see the girl fully, she looked distressed but Torao didnt really know why she'd only been in here for a few minutes why didnt they just leave he then saw why.

    Where was the elevator??? it was right there. He stared in disbelief. No, nononono whats happening???
    Sweat trickled down his forehead, he then realised the girl was talking.
    "ii dont know, to see if you were okay? and i wanted some shade i guess" he said hazily looking at the ground. "Yes i can see the lifts not here!!!" he said flustered anf with a tone of annoyance in his voice he didnt want to sound angry or annoyed but it just came out. "sorry, yeah i dont know whats happening, lets just explore farther there has to be another way out, window even? escape exits?" he asked himself wiping the sweat of his head.

    "okay lets just get things straight, i pressed the 2nd floor button but i came here, thats strange, okay okay and there was mist and the elevator disappeared when we stepped out, anyway im Torao, whats your name?" he asked calmly as he could looking up at her
  7. Rin noticed the slight hint of annoyance in his voice when he spoke how he too clearly saw there was no lift. "hey nobody asked you to follow me."she retorted and paced around the area looking for windows but the only windows in the room were really tiny ones at the top near the ceiling. "We can't even fit through them even if we reached it.." She sighed and then calmly replied back. "Yeah let's get our heads together....I'm Rin."

    She hated her only option, the dark corridors that lead to God knows where, "That dark hallway is our only option...I don't wanna go first, I bet you don't want to either so let's just go together." Rin was clearly scared as she held up her pipe ready to hit what ever came her way.

    With every step the wood creaked and a dim yellow bulb flickered at the far end, she could have sworn she saw something scurry down the stairs. She tried not to panic and tried to think logically but nothing logical was coming in her head.

    "Did you..see that?" She asked Taoro in a whisper, scared deep inside, what if he denied it.
  8. Torao walked slowly beside Rin, she held that pipe in her hands high. Torao thought that was actually a good idea to have something to defend yourself with. He searched the ground for anything and found a small plank of wood, he picked it up slowly in his right hand and held there. He went back to walking along side Rin. He had so many things going through his head, he was startled when he saw something scurry in the dark halls ahead of them, and Rin asked if he saw anything. "Yes but its probably just a rat, i mean this building is old so theres probably loads of rats in here" he explained trying to calm them both down but his heart was pounding really hard, my god what was he doing here.
  9. Rin frowned stopping in her steps and gripping the pipe tighter as she felt her palms get sweaty, "It was bigger than a rat.." She murmured. The silence that followed was way too intimidating, next they heard was what seemed like rat's scurrying about on the lower grounds. She heard their squeaks and sorts and then an evident scratching noise could be heard as if someone was scratching the wooden floor boards.

    "It's something big alright.....if there are stairs leading down...there could be stairs leading up. Say Taoro either we make a run for it till we reach the rooftop or we head up back to back so one can watch ahead the other behind. Although I can't be sure anymore if that things downstairs or up but we have to pick an option and fast.." Rin's voice trailed off as she started breathing heavily, the stress was getting to her, fear driving her insane.
  10. Torao processed her words for a second "hmmm, okay well we're trapped either way so, its your pick, and do you have a phone we can use for light or something?" he said rubbing the back of his neck with one hand and the wood clenched in the other staring down the corridor, then looking into Rins eyes."... my phones gone" he said snapping himself back into reality.
  11. "Did you even have it with you?" Rin asked a bit more focused on what was ahead when she glanced at Torao and noticed his expressions. Rin gasped and quickly rummaged in her skirts pocket pulling out her cell but she noticed it was dead.

    "Guess we're on our own." her words trailed off as she heard scratching and scurrying sounds going left and right below. They slowly headed to the stairways where the dimly lit bulb flickered, Torao was facing the upwards going stairs and Rin the downwards.

    As they progressed she could hear the wood creak below them and the feeling of having something move about suddenly stopped and became slower...almost as if it was trying to follow them. For a second neither of them could till if it was coming from above or below but when the dim light flickered out and the steps slowly became dark, there was an awkward silence until the wood started creaking on the lower stairs.

    Rin had cold sweat over her forehead she trembled and shook from fear, "" she whispered in a hush and then both of them made their fastest run for it. The sound of the sudden panic and their loud footsteps gave them a hard time figuring out what was coming. Half way through she held his wrist securely to not loose him and closer to the roof she felt the moonlight peek from some where.

    "Torao stay with me I see the light.." Rin and Torao ran for it and hit hard against the cold metal door landing with a thud on the hard floor of the roof and as they looked back they saw the metal door shut by itself and the locking wheel turned by itself. With a loud noise it indicated it was locked.

    Rin gasped and lay there for a few moment breathing heavily, she realized she had lost the pipe somewhere along the way down there. Her phone buzzed to life as if it was turned on and she looked at it curiously. The phone was empty of all messages and media and there were no signals, just the time ticking away.

    Rin had only glanced ahead for the empty rooftop and was wide eyed. It was a desolate abandoned junkyard/colony. No lights no electricity only the cold silent wind whispering the siren's song and some wild dogs barking off somewhere far off. Rin gasped and held her head dropping her phone and falling on her knees.

    "This has to be dream..this....this can't be real.. it just can't.." Rin's voice cracked as she choked up on her tears and then her phone buzzed. 'A new message' written on it and she opened up to see the following written.

    'Reservation Verification
    This is to inform you that you reservation has been received of Room no. 44 on the Fourth floor, please kindly confirm it by visiting us.
    Rosetta Inn'

    The message had a small Rose emblem at the end of it. (see the bottom of the post for the image)
    Rin just stared at the message and with shaking hands handed it to Torao to see for himself what was written. Rin seemed tired, exhausted and more over hopeless as she sniffed and wiped her tears away and smudged the dirt off of her face.

    Garrison.png The emblem~
  12. Torao gasped all the air he possibly could, hands on his knees his hair fell over his face as he sat down.
    Torao looked up taking in his surroundings, what was this place??? what had just happened?? This isn't real, right? he argued with himself for about 5 minutes and ran his long pale fingers through his hair. He realised Rin was holding out her phone to him, she looked so small and delicate with a small pale face, just like a small child, but he must not look much different.

    He took the phone with a shaky hand and read the text and stared hard at the emblem at the bottom. He'd seen it before somewhere... "H-" he choked on his words and coughed to clear his throat "Hey iv'e seen that before" he said with his finger under them emblem. He looked at it again before handing it back to her.
    "reservation..? how'd they know we were coming? who's they? ugh, this is crazy!!!" he said shaking his head. He tried to make sense of this all but nothing came to him, except that emblem kept popping back into his head.

    He'd seen that earlier this week he was sure of it. Was it a warning? "Have you ever seen that before.. the emblem at the end, it seems to stick out in my mind, like everything else at that moment was black and white and it was in such vivid colour" he explained his eyes searching madly wanting the answer to be right infront of him.
    "Okay well I thnk the best thing to do would be to find room 44 it seems like there might be more clues for getting out of here" he said determined.

    He noticed how terrifying this whole situation was, "Hey, Rin, everything will be fine! we will get out of here and we can laugh about how scared we were later! alright!" he said genuinely smiling and squeezing her shoulder.
  13. Rin sniffed and wiped her tears getting on her feet and touched by Torao's kind words, "Yeah you're right we'll get out of this mess." Rin hugged him almost as if out of instinct, she really needed it and she knew he was his only friend and hope at the moment.

    Letting go and fixing her shirt and school skirt she asked, "Where did you see that emblem before, I surely haven't, try recalling harder it could be our only hope....or a trap we can't tell for sure and how do we get down." Rin walked about the roof top and saw a fire escape route.

    "Torao I found our way out." There was a hopeful smile on her face as she waved at him and motioned to come over quickly
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