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  1. Mini-plot #1

    Willow and Jaydon had been friends since before they could remember. Their parents were business partners and also good friends, and they brought their children along to the meetings even before they could talk. As the pair grew older, they were inseparable and spent as much time as possible together, playing. Even through school they stayed very close friends, through girlfriends and boyfriends but neither of them really considered each other as a possible lover. That was until the last year of highschool, Willow was sick of boys and had her heart crushed one too many times. She took a step back from it all and began observing, watching Jaydon in a way she hadn't before. He was a strong, confident, clever young man, and she soon realized that she was in love with him. But she was too afraid to ruin their friendship, and never approached him about it. Little did she know Jaydon had a thing for her, too, but he was convinced she would never see him like that.

    Graduation approached and Willow had been accepted to college and Jaydon decided to join the army. A year or so later Jaydon was sent overseas and Willow gave him a hug and waved goodbye to the plane but once it left she burst into tears. The two of them sent letters and video chatted as much as they could. And now, three years later, he was coming home. He was excited to be getting home, to see his parents and Willow who had graduated college and started her own business. His parents wouldn't be able to pick him up from where his plane was arriving (some important business meeting or something) and he was expecting to be taking a taxi the three hour drive home. That was until he heard her voice.

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  2. The three hour drive had been brutal. Gripping the wheel and listening to songs play across the radio that she didn't know. It was unusual for her, she used to know every song that played. But that was when Jaydon was around, they would always drive around aimlessly with the radio cranked high and both of them yelling out the lyrics. Just the thought made her loosen her grip on the wheel and smile a bit. Willow hoped that the three years apart wouldn't have changed him too drastically. They had kept in touch, sending letters on a monthly basis and skyping for five minutes every now and then. She wondered if he kept her letters like she had kept his, in a box under her bed filled with pictures of the two of them over the years. It was hard to believe how long it had been since she realized she loved him. Sure, even after she knew it she had tried dating several other men to no avail. None of them compared to her Jaydon.

    Willow arrived early at the airport, which was good because she had to sit in the car for a few minutes just to work up the nerve to get out of the car. Her stomach was doing backflips at the thought of seeing him again, she had never been so nervous about anything in her whole life. Why? Because today she was going to tell him. In an hour Willow was going to tell Jaydon that she's been in love with him all this time. Rejection was a large factor, and so was the loss of their friendship, those things were what had always held her back before. But just as she had been strong in not crying in front of him when he left, she would be strong now. Bravery. Willow knew she had it in her, just as Jaydon had it in himself. She took a deep breath and exited the car, her nice shoes clacking against the pavement of the parking garage.

    Inside she scoped the large screen, finding that his plane would be arriving on time. Willow took her time getting to the terminal, stopping for some hot tea at a cafe. Tea was one thing the airports couldn't screw up, at least. Willow found the terminal and took a seat by where Jaydon and many other military men would be arriving home. She was not the only woman waiting there, looking nervous, excited, and anxious. The tea helped her calm down, but nothing took her mind off of Jaydon. Time passed by quickly, but Willow hadn't been watching the time, and she didn't notice everyone else around her becoming restless with the arrival of the plane. Willow casually got up to take her empty cup to a trash can, and that's when the doors opened.

    After disposing the cup into the trash can, she turned to see men in identical uniforms flooding out and embracing those who they recognized. Willow froze, no one paying her any mind since she was away from the terminal. Willow searched every face, but none of them were Jaydon. Willow was beginning to worry, and began playing with her dark, curly brown hair. It was a nervous twitch that she had always had. Where was he?

    Finally, the last few people exited and the door closed, but she still hadn't spotted him. The crowd near the doors was hugging and kissing and crying, all the men had someone there for them. That's when she spotted him. He was looking down and made his way through all the happy people as quickly as possible. He turned his back toward Willow, having not noticed her. That's when her feet finally started working. She picked up her feet and began moving toward him, trying to push his name past her lips.

    "J-Jay! Jaydon!"
  3. The trip home had almost felt like it never would end. To be quite honest, he had thought the rest of his days he would be living off of packaged peanuts and drinking from plastic cups filled with coke and ice. The expanse of blue and white from the window he had sat next to was so vast. It was incredible how small one person could feel while up in an airplane. And yet, knowing his destination would be the place he came from, he kind of felt big at the same time. With an iPod beside him, ear buds snugly fit to drown against the soft melodies, taking over and soothing his mind, Jaydon was comfortable with the ride. Of course, it was hard to ignore the beating of his heart, ever so obnoxious lately, for some reason. Oh, he knew the reason. He wouldn't play dumb with himself, or deny his heart what it knew to be true as well.

    He hadn't slept too much along the way, and it showed in the dark tint underneath his deep, caramel eyes. Now, as his thick, brown boots gracefully thunked against the exiting walkway, he regretted that decision. It wasn't like he could have slept if he tried. Once his brain began to race, well, there was no way to stop it. He imagined his mothers face in his mind, how she would cry upon seeing him, he knew it. His father would be proud, and give that awkward handshake he usually offered, though, anyone could see that he fought back against the urge to just hug his son like a softie. And his little sister, in the fifth grade now, would be as hyped up on sugar as always. He missed her a lot over the long days, weeks, months, years. She wasn't the only little lady he missed, though.

    Chuckling at a comment a fellow soldier made along the walk out, he had to force himself to catch the punchline as he was losing focus. Jaydon had to catch a cab to get home, and yet again endure the long wait until his arms could outstretch and hug all those he cared about. As his comrade left, he tossed his head back and let out a groan to himself. Oh, the agony of time. So very cruel, It really was. Running a palm over his clean, shaven head, little stubs of dark brown prickled up to touch. He had gotten use to the feeling of not having that shag of hair he had graduated with three years ago. It was weird, of course. But, if one was to join the army, this was something they had to go through. Also, it was better he lose his hair every now and then than lose his life, like some had.
    Jaydon wasn't one that was sent out to the seriously violent battlefield. No, he had spent most of his time in training, and also scouting out areas with more experienced individuals, higher levels than himself. It was still an honor. He knew he made the right choice after high school.

    It was kind of funny how everyone coming off the plane matched each other, in their uniforms, all suited up like soldiers coming home were suppose to be. Holding his shoulders back, Jaydon tried to feel like he stood out amongst all of them, even though he really didn't. To the common eye, to someone he didn't know, how would they tell him apart? Carrying a large duffel bag brought on board with him, slinging it over his right shoulder with one hand, he moved past the crowds before him. Women were squealing, crying for their men. Sounds of anxious kisses, exclaims of joy and happiness sounded out in a blur around him. A crooked smile took to his lips, it was all just kind of sweet. But, still, to be alone like he was coming off, it was kind of awkward and annoying as well.

    Calmly moving on, he kept his eyes forward, watching the signs as they appeared overhead, telling him where to go. Okay. Taxis. Turning left, Jaydon almost lost his balance as his heel took to a side angle. Someone was calling for him. It was a specific voice that could cut through any mixture of sounds, of other insignificant people blabbing about nonsense.

    It was

    Swerving around, Jaydon's eyes widened, his face simply lit up. For a strong build, he still could not shake away that little boy facial structure he's had since freshman year. He might look intimidating to most, but to his family and who knew him well before he left, he hadn't changed. And it was the same with the young woman rushing past bodies towards him. Even from afar, he could see the sparkle in her eyes. His heart had never jumped so quickly to once again meet gazes with his best friend.
    As she came closer, he dropped his bag, bringing his arms open as wide as he could. Two more steps.. one more. There. Bringing her in a giant hug, the record-breaking kind, Jaydon smiled and laughed. After a short moment longer, he let go, shaking his head in disbelief while that expression never left his face. She looked as beautiful as she always had.
    "This is.. such a surprise! The best kind, too!"
  4. The available space in the hallway of the terminals was quickly filling with reunited families. Kisses, hugs, shrieks of joy filled the usually rather quiet airport. The noise was almost deafening, everyone was shouting over each other and the faculty were already beginning to try and usher the noisy crowd toward baggage claim. But once Willow set eyes on him, everyone around her seemed to blur out of focus, and the roar of noise muffled over like she was wearing ear plugs. Nothing else mattered, she had just caught sight of her best friend and the love of her life who she hadn't seen in three years. It was interesting, even though his trade mark head of ruffled mane was gone, she still knew it was him. Even though he was trimmer and bulkier at the same time, she knew it was him. Even though he was wearing the exact same uniform and carried the same bag as all the other men, she still knew it was him. Jaydon. Her Jaydon.

    Willow rolled his name off of her tongue and it loudly hit the air, directly hitting his ears. After that it was all slow motion. As he spun around she gobbled up every single detail of his face, every fiber of her being devouring information regarding him. Jaydon's gaze finally met her sparkling hazel orbs, already glistening with tears of joy. His face turned from hard and tired, weary of travel, to complete and utter joy and surprise. His eyes widened, his mouth opened into that grin she cherished. Everything that made him look intimidating melted away and lit that baby face she knew and loved. Jaydon's bag hit the ground as Willow weaved as quickly as possible through the crowd, watching as he opened his arms, welcoming her.

    Slow motion ended and she crashed into his hug, his bigger much more muscular arms wrapped her in one of his old bear hugs. Willow's arms snaked over his shoulders, left hand on his left shoulder blade, right hand cupping the back of his bald head, her breath leaving her in exasperated laughs that sounded almost like sobs. They stayed that way for a few moments, trying to determine if this was actually happening. Jaydon squeezed her close to him, so close that she could feel his excited heart beat in his chest. That kind of this set butterflies loose in her stomach.

    The hug finally came to an end but they remained close, hands still lingering on each other, Willow's right hand resting on his cheek. Jaydon shook his head, as if trying to see if he would wake up from a dream, but kept that same gorgeous, boyish grin on his face that Willow had dreamt about countless times. Jaydon finally found his voice, the voice she heard when she read over his letters time and time again, narrating in her head. It was wonderful to hear that voice in person again.

    "You've waited long enough to come home. The least I can do is be with you for the last leg of your journey." Willow said, giving him a loving pat on the cheek with her hand. Both hands found their way to his head and began rubbing his bare scalp, the feeling foreign to her hands and she giggled. "What happened to your mop!" She teased him and let her hands fall to her sides after a few seconds.

    Willow suddenly remembered that promise she made herself, she would tell him everything. The woman took a deep breath in through her nose and opened her mouth to say it, but before she could speak anything a person finally broke her attention away from Jaydon. "Excuse me, we need to clear the hall. Please proceed to baggage claim." A very fussy looking woman said to them sharply, looking at them expectantly. Once Jaydon had gathered his bag they took their leave, walking briskly away from the woman, Willow giggling. "She sounded like one of those creepy automated messages!" She laughed once they were well away from her.

    The two slowed down now that they made their clean escape. They didn't need to rush, her car could sit there for another twenty hours or so without being towed. There was a brief silence, and Willow used the time to decide that in here with all these people wouldn't be the best place for her confession. She decided she would wait until they were out by her car. Willow glanced down, locating his free hand swinging freely by his side. Her hand bumped his, more or less to make him stop swinging it so she could grab it. Holding hands. They had done it many times before, but this time it felt a little different. Her hand fit snugly into his in a way it hadn't before. Maybe because both of their hands were slightly callused, his from his time in the military, and hers from handling so many paint brushes. "Welcome home." Willow said softly to him with her genuine smile as they matched their steps, his clunks and her clacks, heading down to baggage claim.