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Well it is as the title states, I am really craving something involving vampires. Nothing particular aside from that, but I never say no to romance. It all started this evening while we were playing Code Names. One of the first cards put down was "spike" and then shortly after "angel" was put down and I get off topic very easily. Now I of course have a lot to say about how I roleplay and what kind of rules I have, but I'll start with something more interesting. I do have a preference for playing vampires (as well as males), but should you approach me with a compelling plot that requires me to play something else I probably wont complain.
I really have to get this out of the way though. I. Do. Not. Like. Twilight.
Aside from that most other fandoms (or no fandoms) are free game. Granted I don't know all the works of fiction that involve vampires...But as it happens I already have a roleplay going now with a plot stolen from The Vampire Diaries, which I have now seen a grand total of 2 episodes of. I'm just saying I'm open learning about. reading, or watching works I have not yet, because hey, when you really want something you can't always be picky.
So for plots, nothing jumps to my mind. Not to say I'm incapable of coming up with a plot, I'm just keeping my options open right now. If you didn't gather this from the above I'm willing to play many a canon character. Or as you'll see below I have two already made characters I love, or I'm OK with creating someone new.
Alright so let me tell you about a couple of my babies.
First there's Cian. He's adorkable. He's rather old, but a bit immature. He's basically eternally 16 and very much a social butterfly. Too bad for him he's nocturnal. He's also Irish for some reason...
And Vittore (he was the one created for the Vampire Diaries one just saying). He introduces himself as something different to everyone. He's a bit paranoid OK. He's not so old, and not quite as immature. Interesting how that worked out XD. Though he is a pretty emotional being and a very amusing drunk. Also for no particular reason he's Italian (OK look if you give me the chance to make a character from anywhere but the US I'll probably jump on it). He is now quoted as excitedly saying "the sun! It's the sun, it's so bright!" Like I said I get off topic easily.
OK so with all the fun stuff out of the way let me get down to the less fun stuff you ought to know.
-I'm not a fast replier. I try to reply at least once a week, but it depends on life. Feel free to bug me if you feel you've been waiting too long. Although it does a bit depend on how long the posts are.
-On that note I don't care how long your posts are. If you want to write novels great, if you want to keep things short and sweet that's fine too.
-I generally average about 2-3 paragraphs, but let's be honest it depends on how long the paragraphs are, because they can vary.
-No to the smut. Period. No to really anything nonconsensual as well. This applies to backstories as well. Sorry but this is very important and it is a deal breaker.
-To keep things simple let's just say I only play males as primary characters.
--Feel free to use whatever (or none) faceclaim you want. I do use them, and only I use my own art for them, so there's that.
I'm not a fan of ditching. If you want to quite or need to for whatever reason then tell me. I don't like wasting my time setting up a roleplay that never happens or wasting my time waiting for a reply that never comes.
That's all I can really think of for now.