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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I cordially invite you to a charity event that I am sure will be the talk of London for years. Our society has come to love and enjoy the strange exotic animals that have been collected from all over the globe and now reside in zoos. Yet are you aware of the dreadful conditions these poor creatures must live in for the sake of our curiosities?

    This night we aim to raise a great deal of money to aid these poor creatures. Be it increasing the comforts of captivity or releasing them back to the wild where they belong. Be sure to bring your pocket books! During the event we will have auctions as well as games and activities for everyone to enjoy.

    It will be a pleasure to have you attend.

    Best Wishes,
    Lady Felicity DeBarbarac.

    Plot Information, rosybrown You are in Victoria, England in the year 1882. This town is located not far from London and is home to mostly wealthy families and high born people. The place is a center point of gossip, strange occurrences, and secrets. Recently invitations were sent out by Lady Felicity DeBarbarac, inviting people to yet another one of her charity balls. Despite how one feels about the Lady and her charities, the parties are always an enjoyable and very popular affair. Everyone in town attends these as an opportunity to socialize, gossip, gamble, and spy on their fellows.

    But on this night something unexpected will happen. By the end of the evening someone will be dead and several things will be stolen. Players will be suspects and must aid and cooperate with an investigation.

    Basic Info and Character Options, rosybrown This is a Victorian setting, but I am NOT fussy about historical accuracy. I want the atmosphere and style of the Victorian Era. As long as details make sense, it's all good! If you want to do some background research, look up the years 1830 - 1900.

    Because this is in the "Realistic" section, this plot does not have magic. So no vampires, werewolves, special powers, etc. However, I have no problems with hinting at the possibility of such things existing. In fact, Victoria is a very strange place indeed... If there's anything you're not sure about or really want to do, shoot me a PM and I tell you if it's something I can work in.

    We'll be playing this roleplay with a "Chapter" set up. The first chapter will be the party, where characters get to introduce themselves to the setting and interact with others. It will end with someone being dead. The dead person might be an NPC or it might be a player character. I won't kill active characters without permission, unless you're a jerkbutt!

    As for characters, you can play an invited guest, one of the help, a party crasher, anything you please as long as you have a good reason to be there at the party! How the plot of this roleplay develops will hinge on what YOU put in your character bios and do in the roleplay. Since this is a MYSTERY feel free to plant plot bunnies and be suspicious.


    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Killable?:[/b] (Are you okay with having this character potentially die during the course of this roleplay?)
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (Basic description is a must, pictures are a bonus!)
    [b]Item Goes Missing:[/b] (Something you were carrying on your person and will end up MISSING at the end of the night. It can be something important to the character or just something random. )
    [b]How do you know Felicity DeBarbarac:[/b]
    [b]Background History:[/b]

    POSTING HABITS AND EXPECTATIONS, rosybrown After the "new game freshness" wears off, I don't expect this to be a fast-paced roleplay. Posting at least once a week is good, sooner is of course better. I ask all players not to posty spree and accidentally ditch a player, so everyone has a chance to participate. (IE: If 3 characters are chatting, 2 of you shouldn't post 10 posts leaving the other person behind.) However, we will not wait longer than 2 weeks on a single person to post, we will move on a scene so the roleplay doesn't get stuck. If you don't post for 4 weeks your character might die. If only because this is a Murder Mystery and I like any excuse to kill people. 8D

    One Liner posts will not work in this roleplay! Please post at least a paragraph and make sure you check for punctuation and capital letters. This roleplay hinges on your characters and how you interact with the story, so make sure you give us plenty to work with!

    The Cast, rosybrown LADY FELICITY DEBARBARAC The last living DeBarbarac and heir to the DeBarbarac fortune, should her dear Uncle perish before marrying and siring and heir. She is a quirky, strange individual who is constantly out trying to use his name and title to do good deeds, such as volunteer or charity functions. Her obsession is saving the animals trapped in horrible zoos, and has every intention of using the charity money to have them shut down and all the animals shipped back to their natural habitats. (Played By Diana.)


    I thiiiiink that's in. o__o If you have any questions, ask!
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  2. Character Name: Vivian R. Levesque Odell
    Killable?: Maybe not killed but harmed or unconscious for a bit even?
    Job/Role: Poet and Artist
    Age: 21
    Appearance: She has darkly tanned skin, close to a golden hue. A mix of french and english, with hair that reaches down her back once unpinned. She stands at 5'6" with a delicate hour-glass curve in her body. Sparkling hazel eyes like no other, with specks of gold scattered across them.
    Personality: Elegant and polite with almost everything she does, but she has a curious side so when her imagination takes over she is known to satisfy her questioning mind, but with grace. She always wants to try her best, especially when it comes to her knowledge on different cultures. For one day Vivian wants to travel around the land, learning what she can and sharing her experiences through her work. She thinks creatively, but is a little slow to respond due to her head in the clouds.
    Item Goes Missing: English Translation book
    How do you know Felicity DeBarbarac: Friend of the Families
    Background History: Born in Victoria to her father and mother, they divorced soon after she was born and lived with her mother in France for most of her life. Learning the ways of refined culture, poetry, Etiquette, Amour, Music, and many more skills and lessons of the french. She is fluent in only such language, still studying English from a tutor. On her 21st birthday she decided it was time to venture out from her mothers nest and fly on her own. She planned a trip to her birthplace, Victoria England and with a coincidence once arriving in town a family member of her fathers old friends, Lady Debarbarac was hosting an event.
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  3. WIP


    Character Name: Charity Case, goes by Marcellus
    Killable?: YES
    Job/Role: Butler
    Age: 26
    Item Goes Missing: Box of smelling salts!
    How do you know Felicity DeBarbarac: Was born on the DeBarbarac estate and is now her butler.
    Background History:
    Charity's father was a butler, his father before him was a butler. By every rights the son of Edwin Case would have been a butler too, but there was no son. Charity and her three younger sisters were born and raised in the DeBarbarac household, knowing very well their station and how lucky they were of where they were. It was perhaps feeling so lucky that the eldest daughter did not find it necessary to entertain the notion of being courted. She was more interested in the idiosyncrasies of how the household was run and in her leisure time reading books or talking walks in the garden.

    When her father suddenly died due to pneumonia before the new Lord DeBarbarac had some very important guests arriving. Chopping off all her hair and finding pieces from who knew where to fit into a proper suit she presented herself to DeBarbarac as Cousin Marcellus. Neither the lord nor his niece were fooled, but they agreed to play along with the charade for the time being, at least until a better solution could be found to take care of the butler's widow and his four daughters. A full year later and no discussions for a change has taken place, partly because Charity is as good a butler as her father, and party because replacing her would be a lot of work.
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  4. A Victorian Era Ball?
    A Flush and Grand idea! I just hope this doesn't have anything to do with the "Last alive at a ball" challenge.

    Character Name: Benedict Barkley
    Kill-able: Since he bleeds, you can kill him.
    Job/Role: Businessman
    Age: 71
    A short and chubby Irish male, standing at 5'10 at 210 pounds. His shock of red hair has dimmed, giving way to a whiteness he knows will never leave. His skin is tanned, but currently sunburned- an unfortunate occurrence from day's past. He keeps his posture rigid, almost statue-like, and keeps a warming smile no matter how much he means it. His nose protrudes from his face, yet his double-chin is not pronounced at all. His eyes are close-set, and his right eye tends to become lazy when he is flustered. His face and hands are wrinkled, and his physique lacks the strength and "oomph" of some of the younger party goers. A scar protrudes from his right eye to his right ear, causing him to near always wear glasses to hide his disfigurement. For the ball, he wears the typical suit-n'-tie; however, he keeps a set of more comfortable clothes hidden underneath.

    A man who flourishes on the backs of others, he has a knack for getting his way backed by his hardheadedness. He is slow to anger, but firm in his belief of him being right. He tries to make good impressions with others, yet treats those he considers below himself with disrespect. He is stuck-up and self-centered, but manages to hide it when actively trying. A Golden Man, with a heart of Jerk.

    Item Goes Missing: A King of Spades

    How do you know Felicity DeBarbarac: Long-Term Acquaintance

    Background History:
    Born to an impoverished Irish family, Barkley pushed and shoved his way into whatever cash he could garner. Early in life, he learned the value of lying- later on he learned the value of having friends in high places. Nearing young adulthood, Barkley owned a small business dealing with imports and exports. However,
    [Character growth spoilers!]
    [Behind the scenes, Barkley made his fortunes off of the black market, as well as slave trade. He manages to juggle his time between dealing with bribery and amassing his fortune- evident in the fact that he no longer works in an established business area, but in an unmarked warehouse labeled as the "Barkley Storage Facility."]
    Barkley decided to come to the ball in sight of personal gain, but believes that he could spare a coin or two if the animals were extremely interesting. He plans to donate, then leave; returning to urgent business that requires his attention elsewhere.
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  5. Lady Hope Cassis, daughter of the late Duke of Devonshire

    Character Name: Hope Cassis
    Killable?: Yes!
    Job/Role: Noble Lady, Homeless Children Adoptee
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Standing at 5 feet, 3 inches with striking red hair and hazel eyes, Hope is a face rarely forgotten. The late Duchess of Devonshire was of mixed European blood, attesting to Hope's pale skin and wide-eyes. Many have remarked there there is a "softness" about her features.

    Personality: A foolishly courageous, but delightfully charming young woman, who speaks of strange imaginative things and makes rather peculiar comments. Instead of talking about the usual health and wealth, Hope likes to tackle more controversial, as well as more unheard of subjects in conversation. She is kindhearted, but gives off an innocence and an imaginative air.

    Item Goes Missing: Silver locket belonging to the Duchess of Devonshire. Contains a small sketch of the family of four, including Hope's elder brother, Lucius, who has not returned to the estate for three years.

    How do you know Felicity DeBarbarac: Her grace, Felicity DeBarbarac is an acquaintance of Hope's through the Victorian court. Orphaned, Hope took the court to establish alliances with the other women in order to fill the social imbalance caused by the Duke's untimely death.

    Background History: As the younger sister to the heir of Devonshire, Lucius, Hope grew up escaping the stern gaze of the Duke. She spent most of her days reading in the library and sneaking around the estate to travel to the nearby cities with the merchants. The more she saw, the more desperate she became to see even more. She became a free spirit, one that never felt the need to take part in the political gossips of noblewomen. During one of her travels, she returned with an orphaned Swedish girl. She named the child Mercy and kept her like a younger sister in her own quarters.

    Five years ago, a fire raged through the west wing of the Devonshire estate, taking the lives of half the staff, the Duke and the Duchess. Two years later, leaving his sister to the estate, Lucius took off in search of their far-off relatives, family of their mother's, who lived in the far East. Three years past and Hope did not hear from him. During this time, she had sought a place in Victoria's court, managed the Devonshire estate, and recreated the west wing to become a boarding house for poor, orphaned children. Caring for them, schooling them, and teaching them propriety has become her hobby.
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  6. 1870s Victorians 14.jpg
    Character Name:Rowena Kaylock
    Job/Role:Widow of Thomas Kaylock (one of the Director's of the bank of England)
    Appearance:Please see photo at top.I have brown hair and green eye's, I'am 5ft 2inch.

    Personality:I have been bought up to uphold my family name as well as my husbands,so i stick to the laws of being a woman in the Victorian era. But i will on occasions let my hair down a bit and be more open and honest. I find i have done this more since my husband past on as he loved me for my fiery temper and cold honesty.

    Item Goes Missing:Letter from my dearly departed from when we first started courting.

    How do you know Felicity DeBarbarac:I have not had the pleasure to meet Miss DeBarbarac as of yet, Due to being in morning for my husband,But when i got her invite to a most charitable event that was about something dear to my late Husband, i felt i must go.

    Background History: Born in 1842, To a wealthy landowner in Dorset.I was very lucky in my upbringing, My Nanny Constance was very caring especially after my mother passed away when i was only 4 years of age.My father was an honest man, But didn't have much time for his only daughter and often sent me to London to stay with my Auntie Agnes.It was also in London that i had my coming out ball at the tender age of 18, where i first meet Thomas, I loved him from that night to this.We had a happy life never wanting for anything apart from a family of our own, but alas it was never to be.But as much as he wanted to be a father he never blamed me, that is just one of them many reasons i loved him. until he passed away in 1879.Since then i have not been out into society very often unless i have strong ties or it's some thing close to my heart.
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  7. Character Name: Armand Villegas
    Killable?: Yes
    Job/Role: Son of Foreign Ambassador to Spain, Proprietor of a large Vineyard.
    Age: 25
    Appearance: A tall man for the era standards, Armand towers over most by a good solid five inches. He wears luxurious fabric shirts that tend to look more like a swashbuckling pirate than an aristocrat of the victorian court, and A Vest and Jacket of decidedly darker colors, never bothering to wear whats TRENDY by oppulent standards, but that doesn't mean he's not wearing top of the line QUALITY. He wears finely detailed cardova( ox blood Red) Riding boots and A black ribbon ties back his long Dark brown hair from his sharp cheek bone face and piercing brown eyes.
    Personality: Aloof, dark humored, and a bit prone to flirting. maybe too much.
    Item Goes Missing: A pair of fine leather riding gloves
    How do you know Felicity DeBarbarac: Armand Was at a young age forced to attend courtly balls, and get togethers by his mother, a high born lady with relations to the crown. Armand Met Lady Felicity At several of these and roceeded to put the moves on her. Mostly unsuccessfully. He's polite enough about it though.
    Background History: Armands father Is a well-to-do Ambassador for the spanish crown involved in negotiating trades, moveing merchandise, and makeing things in general between their countries all peachy-like. His mother of lordly lineage grew up in london, and had two children, armand, and his sister. His mother pressured him into getting involved with the court and other largely public dealing. His father the spaniards obsession however, had always been makeing wine, and On several occasions he had been sent to give his fathers latest vintage to those aramnds mother knew. Everyone knows about the villegas Wines out of victoria. SPanish wine made in london is still better than french wine imported right? That doesnt mean his reputation as being a half-born wasn't a bit.. screwed up by talk about dark rituals in the family and hellfire clubs.
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  8. What a wonderful mix of characters so far! >:3

    Still taking more bios! :D For peeps who want to be here from the start, I intend to begin this roleplay after Thursday! From that point, new characters will still be able to join, until the end of Chapter 1. >:]
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  9. Many many many many sorries about this late start. >>; I'm going to shamelessly blame UTERUSES. Yes. It explains everything.

    The thread is now up and everyone can start posting! :D I -AM- still accepting more characters and players and will continue to do so until this chapter ends!

    [MENTION=2124]Ms_Wrong[/MENTION] [MENTION=525]Desaecula[/MENTION] [MENTION=4880]Eve lilith Angelson[/MENTION] [MENTION=13]Sakura[/MENTION] [MENTION=4810]N.Fontaine[/MENTION] [MENTION=12]Ochalla[/MENTION] [MENTION=1061]Ozzie Chanter[/MENTION]
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  10. I'm sorry guys, I think starting this game just came at bad timing for me. T____T I'm not doing a great job at motivational gming and I am missing some players.

    If anyone wants to take this one over themselves and run it, I would be more than happy to hand it over. D: Otherwise I'mma go ahead and call this one closed.

    Soooo sorry for dropping the ball on this! ;__;