...That moment when your alignment changed the entire campaign

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  1. Which are you?

    An Epic Villain turned Good?

    Like Songbird, the founding member of the
    original Thunderbolts, and was formerly known as
    super villain Screaming Mimi.


    A Super Hero Turned Evil?

    green lantern.jpg
    Like Green Lantern, (Hal Jordan(AKA Parallax) after an
    argument with the Guardians, who accused him of using
    powers for personal gain, Hal decided to slaughter
    all of the Lanterns; eventually he absorbs all the power
    in the central battery and emerges Parallax.

    Me? I'd say Fijoli was once Villain,long been turned Epic Hero.


    How about you?

  2. How would you determine whether you are good, or bad?

    In 1932, the US military did away with the Calvary. And they did this by attempting to shoot every one of the horses that had been enlisted in the units of every troop. Now there was a group of soldiers who didn't agree whatsoever with this tactic to get rid of the horses; so they went against orders and stole the remaining horses that had not been killed in a pit. they were fleeing to Canada with a death warrant on their heads for treason.

    They had decided that these animals deserved better than to be shoveled into pits to die, even after they bled for them and died in battle with them. They became enemies of the state, and their country, to stand up for life.

    Technically, you could call them good guys who went bad for the good.

    Sometimes the bad guys are not the bad ones so much as the good have become corrupt.
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    Also, Magento always seems to thread this trope. I mean his stupid strong and ultimately is seeking out to protect his people from the same horrors he experienced as a child of Jewish decent in nazi Germany. It's just some time he's too zealous in his quest to realize that some times he becomes as ugly and hate filled as the monsters who he feared and hated. The complexity of being a victim of persecution and then being a powerful person whom is persecuted is a deep one. I think it will always make Magnus that much more of an interesting character, protag or antag.
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  4. Neither. The decisions I make are based on what's best for my family. Sometimes the decisions are evil, sometimes they aren't. Some might argue I'm more on the dark side, though. Putting only my family's well being before the greater good is considered selfish to some. *shrugs* Label it how you wish, I guess. I'm not going to stick my neck out for people who don't deserve it, or people I don't know.
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  5. @LogicfromLogic

    From reading both of your posts, I wasn't thinking about the fact that every person has a stage of both. Your posts strike me as the "By any means necessary" with Good intent.

    I'll shove a bo staff so far up someone's butt if they messed with my family. I can absolutely relate.

    I understand that you can't really do good with having done evil or vice versa, Its just from where I stand and the life I have been living I feel like the dark days are behind me and I have emerged anew, with a humbled soul. I wasn't really thinking this seriously when I made the topic ^_^;

    The best part about this is there is no right or wrong answer. Both of you made me think outside of myself and I can really appreciate that! thank you so much for sharing your opinions with me, :D
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  6. I've never been a fan of "alignment." :c

    The whole thing makes little to no sense to me. Probably because I'm such a nut about development... Where's the fun in following a completely static and stagnant character with predictable traits? I find alignment categories to be too restrictive, and ultimately, render the entire story flat and crying for some dimension.

    Thus... I love "shifting." LOVE IT, I SAY.
    Any time an "evil" character develops some sense of morality, I eat it up. And when a "good" character starts abandoning their ethics and codes, it's fun all around.
    For me, anyway.
    Probably not so much for the other characters.

    And the really great thing, as you have said, is that there are no clean cut lines dividing "good" and "evil." So when a story is able to explore all that grey area, it's just more interesting.
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