That Guy (OOC)

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  1. Kinda new to the site, so anyone wanna join me in a wonderful rp? Just look up " That Guy " in the Jump-in section.
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    Sure. I'll take a look.
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    Glad to hear it
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    I'll go take a gander. :)
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    Awesome :D Its been started for a little while, but your more than welcome to jump in! :D
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    :( lol
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    Oh I see, well I'll just lurk for now y'all seem to already be having a lovely roleplay.
  9. Lol well, I could fit you in there anytime you want. So just post of you wanna play :D
  10. Oh alright, well I'll throw a post in soon then.
  11. Awesome :)
  12. We have an OOC? Hrm.
  13. Yeah Dianna changed the title for me, lol so I guess this is our OOC