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  1. "Hes still alive!" The doctor yelled coming out of the opertaion room to yell down the hall. He stepped back inside.
    "But sir." A pretty, fat lady said. "His heart isnt beating, and hes still moving!" The doctor grew a confused look and demanded a xray. After the x-ray was finished they decided he was still alive.
    "He is still alive." The doctor noted to the family waiting in the waiting room, for there hurt friend. "He may go home now. But!" He stated. "Cannot lift heavy objects, he shouldnt even be out of bed. He shouldnt be eating chewy candies or food or anything hard to chew. Like jolli ranchers. Hard stuff." He handed the teen the note with the things he should and souldnt eat and should and shouldnt do.
    She smiled at him and said, "Thanks!" The man next to her stood up, shook the doctors hand, and followed him to the boys room. The girl followed the man. Once they were both in the room, staring down at the sick patience. They female out of the bunch said, "I hope he will be alright!" They brought him home and took him to bed. In the middle of the night, the hall creaked and the sound of groans sturred the house. The woman named 'Ashely', got out of bed and opened the door. It creaked as she did, but she saw a teenaged boy limping around in the hall. When her eyes ajusted to the darkness, the teenaged boy turned out to be 'Raiden' The patience at the hospital. She opened the door wider so she could get out. "Hey Raiden!" She called. "What are you doing out of bed! The doctor told you to stay in it! NOW MARCH!" She yelled softly, so 'Bryen' her boyfriend and also the man at the hospital, wouldnt hear, and so Raiden could. The pale boy turned and wided eyed ran for. "RAIDEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?" She screamed in fear. Bryen heard the commotion and awoke immediately.
    "Babe!?" He asked tiredly. "Whats---" He stopped when he saw his own girlfriend getting her foot ate by his best friend. "What ya doing dude?!" He asked flicking the comforters of hima and flinging himself out of bed. The boy looked up and left the girl there and ran for Bryen, and eating him to, exploded the hole town.
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  2. Cheyenne Whitman, red Name: Cheyenne Whitman
    Age: 17
    Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, beauty queen, and goes with the flow.
    Appereance: beautiful-girl-hair-red-snow.jpg
    Style: BB gun, that's the only gun she knows how to shoot. A Ferrari, but never an old 80's car. She also likes to use a mace, as she is ADDICTED to them.

    Kacy Cutanzaro, green Name: Kacy Cutanzaro (No, not the real one xD I'm stealing the name)
    Age: 9
    Personality: Snobby, fighter, flirty, and nosy.
    Appereance: 9eb07af3f4fe8220d3f2ba9f14407e17.jpg
    Style: AK-47, she was taught to shoot it at age 5. She can't drive, but prefers a Quarter Horse for speed travel. She also really knows her swords.

    Jake Lansen, black Name: Jake Lansen
    Age: 19
    Personality: Loner, secretive, romantic, alert.
    Appereance: brownhairboy#1.jpg
    Style: Rifle, and a Mercedes. He doesn't really have a feel for anything else, but daggers interest him.

    Carson Jones, blue Name: Carson Jones
    Age: 17
    Personality: Absent minded, senseless, funny, covers things, and flirty.
    Appereance: blackhairblueeye.jpg
    Style: Pistol and any Chevy or Ram. He also likes to use crafted weapons, and the power of mind.
  3. [Feildset=Matti Coleman, purple[/ fieldset]
    Name: Mattie Coleman
    Age: 10
    Personailty: Snooby, stuck up, nosey, HATES dirt and blood,
    Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin
    Style: WEAPON: High heel, TRANSPORTATION: Tractor
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