That Awkward Moment

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  1. I didn't see a thread like this (Pardon me if there is one. If there is just merge the threads I suppose.), but I just wanted to see what kind of awkward moments people had.

    The reason this came up is because tonight, I was watching this TomSka video:

    And my mom's fiance comes into the room, and just as one of the guys shoots himself, looks at the computer.

    Cue awkward moment.

    Instead of trying to explain it, I basically said "it's a funny thing," took off my headphones, and started the video over. He understood once I did that, but still; awkward moment.
  2. That awkward moment when someone greets you super enthusiastically and you pretend you know them but you're an awful actor and they play along too even though you both know you have no idea who they are. Then ten minutes after they leave, you remember that was the girl you sat next to in English 101 and Psychology 101 and you literally talked to her every day for months.

    Bonus points: This all happened in front of her boyfriend and one of my coworkers and everyone involved felt super awkward.
  3. That awkward moment when you've been listening to music while people are talking around you, and you turn it off just in time to hear something that, out of context sounds either extremely horrible or hilariously perverse- Bonus points if it's both.
  4. I had a really awkward moment not too long ago.

    I was sitting in my sister's living room when I over heard something (I don't hear very well) something that sounded just awful. I thought she said,"My friend put the cat in the blender." I said how barbaric that was and asked why would someone do that?' And she looked at me for five seemingly long seconds before bursting into laughter and telling me:

    "I didn't say that; I said my friend put the cat in the room after she knocked over the blender'.

    Don't ask me how I got that out of that. But the silence was awkward. Very awkward.
  5. The other day we went out to get food. >:[ The very nice lady asked me all the usual questions. Would you like cheese with that? Do you wanna sub a shake instead of a drink? What flavor do you want? DIANA ANSWERED LIKE A PRO. And then she asked "How are you today?" and I went all herpderp. ;___; And had to ask her to repeat what she said cause my brain didn't comprehend it, CAUSE I WAS UNPREPARED FOR SUCH A QUESTION AT THE -END- OF THE ORDERING CEREMONY. T_______T

    I spent the rest of the day feeling dumb. D:
  6. "We should put a sign up outside of the computing classroom."
    "Write it in binary!"
    I said that.
    I meant to say something that would make more sense, but I didn't.