Thanksgiving tradition

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Thanksgiving Tradition


What do you do over the thanksgiving holiday? Maybe you travel? Maybe you eat until you can't stand? Maybe you stay home and watch movies?

Whatever your tradition is, post it here! Iwaku wants to know!


Ours is pretty typical, from what I understand of television shows and the like.
Men watch football while the women help cook and do dishes and all that.
All of the adults drink lots of alcohol.
And then we eat food.
This same thing happens every year without fail.... so I guess this schedule is our tradition.


You fuckers have parties for everything, jeez, like you need to justify getting drunk or some shit.


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Which foods I make for the feast of fatness is our tradition. XD We always have to have the full menu and "must have dishes" or it just doesn't feel like thanksgiving.

I'd love to add to our traditions though. Like making hand turkeys with paint or crayons. Or construction paper turkeys. >>


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thanksgiving holiday? We don't have that xD
We don't have thanksgiving in sweden :)
which is fine by me xD hahaha


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We gather up the family and my maw maw or my Uncle will cook up an awesome Turkey Day buffet, followed by other members bringing their on dishes.
We watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on T.V every year and then we just stick around and talk and enjoy ourselves.

...My family takes awhile before anyone is ready to leave... >>;


Sit around, play games, eat and have fun :)
We've done it for years and intend to continue

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Family love and celebrating my Birthday on the 28th.

Also the insanity of much to do and so little time.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


My family likes to cram onto a couch in front of the TV and chow down. The dog assumes position in front of our feet and looks at us like a do-eyed starved mutt. My brother pokes me in the ribs while I eat and his girlfriend punches him in the arm or pockes him. (because she loves me and claims revenge on my behalf. I just sit there and take it or call him names.

Ooo and that breaded stuffing that you can make from a box, that we eat every year. LOVE IT!

But now since my brother moved out we have a huge baked ham with pineapple and chow on mashed potatoes. SO MUCH better than turkey.


Every thanksgiving I have to go to my aunts where my mother's side of the family gather to stuff there faces, and my aunt linda puts in a dvd on her tv that makes it look like a fireplace (not sure why *shrug*) We all pick on each other and play sports if we aren't to full.
Then relocate to my dads side of the family do the same thing but watch part of the football game. Then go to a friends house to drink vigorously, while playing drinking games.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Moonlit Blade

Every year, some of my dad's side of the family (basically, everyone who's in America) gather together, whether it be at our house or theirs. This is a LOT of people. And we generally eat and talk and such. I'm not a party person, so I usually excuse myself early (by sneakily wandering off) to play video games or just chill by myself. Family and I don't have much in common. But that's what we do.