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  1. Lara was in the woods, exploring as usual. She lived in a big city so finding time to go into the woods was a rarity for her. The sun was shining bright, birds were chirping, the perfect begging for a bad day. Lara knew something was up, days were never this perfect, they were never this beautiful. She shrugged it off and continued to walk into the woods. Until a bright light blinded her...then it was lights out.

    Lara awoke on the side of the express way, cars were everywhere. Blood ran down Lara's forehead. "Where am I?" The world around her looked like it just blew up, there was a path in front of her with her at the end, it was coming from the woods like some sort of blast had hit her, she looked over herself. A small tree, or a large branch stuck in the ground next to her. Lara went to move put couldn't, her right hand wouldn't budge. Looking at it she screamed. In the middle of her palm a smaller branch stuck. "How the hell?!" Lara tried to pull it but it made her cry out in pain even more. Then she heard it. A low growl. Looking around she thought it was a moan. "Hello? I could really! use some help right now." Lara lifted her head as much as she could Her long dark brown ponytail hung over her shoulder and over her chest just over her belly button.

    The thing that made the noise stuck it head up. Its eyes were dark, teeth sharp and snarled. "Oh Shit." Lara started to panic. Looking around she noticed a pistol in the ground covered in dirt next to her, she reached for it, but it was to far away. The thing sniffed the air, it must be blind in daylight, hopefully. Its head snapped over in her direction. "It can smell me though, fuck." Lara looked around panicking. she had to get this branch out of her hand. Lara's hand moved hesitantly over it, it wiggled. Lara gasped. The creature was moving towards her, as it got closer, it moved faster. Lara moved her hand over the chunk of wood again pulling away slowly the wood moved slowly. Lara cried out in pain. The creature was now racing towards her. Lara pulled her brown dirt covered tank top into her mouth and bit down hard. the creature jumped at her. "Ahhhh." Lara, closed her eye's expecting death, but it never came. Lara waited for a few moments, her hand still out on front of her. Lara slowly opened her eyes when she saw the monster still in front of her her eyes opened wide. the monster had not only the chunk of tree that was in her hand but the small tree was also stuck in the monster. the branches were glowing a light green color. Lara stared in amazement. what the heck is going on?
  2. "Mr. Redd? There seems to be a problem with the reactors. Something or someone charged too much energy into it, we're going to have to sh....wait is that your son in there?" Mr. Redd turned around to notice his one and only son observing the huge reactors in amazement. "Don't lock down yet, I have to get my son out of there! I already lost the love of my life! I'm not going to leave him to die!" Mr. Redd demanded. He rushed back into the room that held the reactors. "Michael!" he yelled to his son, which was, at this point, turned around to face his father. Once he saw that the other scientists had run out of the lab, he had no choice but to simply protect his six-teen year old son, by embracing him and facing his back toward the reactors. As the reactors blew an atomic explosion could be heard from miles around. Countries, Oceans now practically destroyed. Right before Mr. Redd felt his body disintegrate he looked up only to notice weird looking ships in the air. The last thing that was to be heard from Mr. Redd was "Aliens?"
    Michael awoke to a wasteland. He lay on cold dirt. Debris and dead bodies everywhere. The most that was left were bones. Michael rose up quickly. He felt the cold air blowing harshly against his chizzled chest. He took a deep breath before getting up. He was naked. All he had on was a pair of boxers that were tattered, and had burn marks on them. He noticed a nearby lab coat that was also tattered, and he picked it up and slipped it on. He rubbed his eyes before walking through the debris onto a nearby highway. He walked down the highway for about an hour before he noticed something. As he got closer it turned out to be a girl who seemed to be stabbed by a branch with some kind of beast ontop of her, and as he got even closer he noticed the branch seemed to be part of the girl. He jogged toward her. "Hey there. Um are you okay? What the hell's going on here?"

  3. Lara dropped her arm along with the beast looking at the boy that had just approached her. "No! I'm not fucking Okay! My name is Lara, but that's all I know. I don"t know where am I, or how I got here, or why the hell that branch moved without me touching. I defieantley also don't know what the fuck that thing is." Lara stood up and walked over to the pistol she had seen earlier. She cocked it. "Ammo's almost empty." Lara looked at her hand, there wasn't a hold or anything but her hand was pretty badly beat up, and bleeding. "You got any bandages on you or anything, seeing as your wearing a lab coat I am guessing your a doctor." Lara looked him over and noticed the lab coat and boxers was all he was wearing. "Or not." Lara dusted herself off and looked back at the boy. "So do you have any idea whats going on here?"
  4. "No...actually I don't. I just remember waking up about an hour ago. I walked for a while down this highway then I saw you...that's it...I keep getting flashbacks of what seemed to be a huge explosion, but that's it..." Michael looked the girl over once more and noticed how attractive she was. "Damn," he muttered to himself. He then realized he said that out loud and covered his mouth. "Heh...sorry," he said nervously. "So that howl branch thing that I just witnessed....were you always like that? Because I don't think that's normal."
  5. Lara was looking around as the boy spoke until she heard him say damn. it sounded like he said it out loud just no holding back. "Really? there is destruction all around us and your gonna check me out." Lara shook her head. "Obviously an explosion happened, but why and how?" Lara said as she started to walk up the highway. "and no I am assuming that tree thing wasn't a a regular occurrence for me before all this. but I dont really remember." Lara said stopping in her tracks. "i don't think those are normal though either." Lara said pointing to a small group of maybe 3 or 4 of the things she had just killed wandering around ahead of them.
  6. "Uh....I think it's a good time to do that unusual thing that you do with trees right about now," Michael said in a panicked tone. Michael noticed a nearby car that was on it's side, and he grabbed a hold of Lara's sleeve before rushing her behind it. "Okay. Save your ammo, and try to use those powers again from here, with out giving up our location to those creatures. You think you could do that?" he asked.
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