Thanks Iwaku

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  1. For taking one of my random things (RACKS!) and turning it into an in-joke meme and going to town with it!

    That made my week.

  2. Boobs are so last week, Raz. >:[
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  3. They were last week! I was rubbing my face in them!

  4. Raz, you are obsessive! >. <

  5. Your point is?
  6. Boobs are great but "rack" is such a terrible name for them.
  7. @Halo

    I think it's a great name. It brings medieval torture devices to mind.
  8. I always end up imagining shelves from a store idk why
  9. This really is getting old.
  10. Remind me never to piss you off.

    Could it be because that's what a rack is by definition?
  11. More or less, yeah.
  12. Oh boy...I dunno if Raz will let this go...
  13. If you like boobs so much, why don't you just marry them?

    Oh wait... You kinda already did....
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  14. I couldn't help but feel that was offensive...And I don't know to who or why.
  15. only if the concensus wishes it to be so

    mainly, i do it to piss of @Nydanna and @Jorick

  16. How does it piss me off? O.o

  17. Correction

    I do it to mainly piss off @Jorick

  18. In the words of my husband: It's better to be pissed off, than pissed on.

    He'll get over it. :P
  19. you're man is a wise man...
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  20. Oh, is it Thanksgiving already?
    My oh my, I forgot to bake up some a' SerK's delicious homemade turkey breast.
    You're welcome.