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  1. My ties with Iwaku have just been broken by a mere announcement.

    I suppose it's time to be melodramatic and say I'm leaving Iwaku? If that announcement was truly an April Fool's Joke, my whole outlook on Iwaku is going to change. I had a terrible experience with April Fool's day, ones that seriously hurt my self-esteem and built more trust issues. I won't get over this day no matter how real or unreal it may seem. Thanks for ruining what could've been fun. Thanks for making me paranoid. Thanks for making me feel like shit. I was all about Iwaku when I joined.

    This was my home and now I'm getting pranked on, it looks like, by the server technician. That announcement was not funny in any way whatsoever. You should've thought about how other people are going to be affected instead of doing it for your own amusement. I can't tolerate something like that, especially if it's in the announcements section. I use that subforum specifically to keep myself updated with the forums and I feel completely hurt by what's been done.

    Thanks for leaving a bad impression on Iwaku and on yourself. You're an adult and you should've known the consequences. I don't celebrate April Fool's day and I don't condone it in anyway. This holiday shouldn't even be official anymore. It should've stopped being official a long time ago. I wish I would've thought of that before.

    But yeah, thank you for ruining my day. I'll let my partners know that it's going to take a while for me to cope and get my head back in the game if it's truly a prank. The announcement was completely and utterly confusing. If it's truly just a joke, well, now you know the scar it left on me.

    Thanks a lot for the "update" Jared.
  2. Yes. Yes it's a joke. It makes references to Bitcoins. It also fails to stipulate an output based on a variable of time: Just that 50% of an i5's processing power = 1 Rorycoin.

    In translation:
    Input = 50% of i5Processor.
    Timeframe = null.
    Output = 1 Rorycoin.


    tl;dr: Non-self sustaining system is non-self sustaining and idiotic and ridiculously complex. :ferret:
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  3. Is this prankception or are you genuinely upset about what seems to be a light-hearted farce?

    I think the admin in question was just trying to have a bit of fun at the expense of no one in particular.
  4. April Fools is a stupid fucking holiday and whoever invented it is a total asshole, I can completely understand why you might be so upset. Pranks are pranks, they're supposed to be funny, unexpected, and have a fairly small impact on your life, April Fools Day is neither of those three. Why? Because there shouldn't be an entire fucking day dedicated to pranking every single person you possibly can. It kinda ruins the fun of it when your expecting to get prank after prank after prank; and for a paranoid guy like me, a day like this can just be an absolute nightmare because I already feel like I can't trust anyone, now I gotta worry about everyone I've ever known and loved trying to pull dumb pranks on me. Every fucking year I find myself hiding out, avoiding as much human contact as physically possible on this stupid day because the last thing I want is to fall for another stupid fucking April Fools 'joke', especially when in my experience people's concept of a good April Fools joke is nothing but just hurtful to the recipient. Never have I nor will I ever participate in a holiday as ridiculous as this one.

    I kinda went on my own little rant there due to my strong passionate hate for this day and I apologize, but my point is that I feel exactly the same way you do. You have my sympathy.
  5. I'm sorry, but if a person gets upset about a HARMLESS joke or prank (as in a joke that doesn't hurt anyone in any way at all) then you have some serious life issues that you need to work on. .__. Were this one of those pranks that disrupts you life or said something serious, I would understand the feelings of betrayal. (I have cancer! or I'm pregnant!)

    But if something as simple as "Ha, made you look!" gives you this much emotional distress outside of just being mildly annoyed, you should consider getting some counseling from a therapist and figure stuff out.
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  6. But Diana...I'm pregnant with our child :(
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  7. I'm sorry, but I disagree. I don't care how harmless you think the joke is, you're obviously wrong because it clearly hurt this person here. And you should really be taking their feelings a little more seriously, rather than dismissing it as something they need to seek counseling for; which may or may not be true, but it's really not in your place to say, even as an admin. You should always take someone's emotions seriously, no matter how absurd you believe the reason for their distress to be, not only is it common sense, it's common curtesy and you should know better.

    April Fools Day is a day best left for petty individuals, not for those in any position of power, such as an admin of a fairly large forum; that's the main complaint here and it might be a good idea to take it into consideration. It is, after all, part of your job to do so, is it not?
  8. I'll be perfectly honest here, I agree with Brovo in that this was a relatively harmless April fools joke and that people shouldn't get offended by it.

    However, with that being said people tend to share very different experiences with the Holiday.
    Where my experience has been nothing but fun (and cheesy) jokes, I know others have had stuff that was borderline or outright illegal.
    I mean one year they did "Kick a ginger" day, which had sent one five year old kid to the hospital.

    So I can understand/sympathize with someone who has a disliking of April Fools as a result.
    Though the specific joke in question for this incident I personally don't think is a big deal.

    But also remember I come from a site where the admin neglected us for so long the server couldn't even support the site after a while.
    So maybe I just have low standards. :P
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  9. I AM taking it very seriously. If an individual can't handle these kinds of minor pranks, to the point that they are feeling an extreme emotion like betrayal, it's a sign of serious trauma in their lives. Humor and jokes are a normal part of society. To find herself THIS upset over a joke on a forum that has no direct affect on her life means she has some major emotional issues that need attention. :( She needs to see a counselor.

    It's one thing to get annoyed at jokes because you find them stupid and irritating, but extreme reactions are warning signs to more severe problems.
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  10. I honestly can't see what's to get upset about. (Probably because I couldn't understand half of what was being talked about because I'm computer illiterate!) It was a joke that wasn't directed at anyone individually, and it wasn't meant to hurt anyone. Now if they'd said something like they were banning anyone with a post limit under a certain amount, or that they were going to actually start charging people real money to post, then I could see getting upset, but it was obvious that it was a joke simply because of the day. If it had been serious, we would have heard about it way before a month prior to it being implemented.
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  11. She already stated that she's had bad experiences with April Fools in the past, but beyond that I see none of this 'serious trauma' that you suggest there to be. And I don't mean to be rude, but I hardly think you're qualified to suggest such a thing in the first place. An admin, whom she inherently trusted, was willing to stoop low enough so as to try to pull an April Fools joke on the entire forum. Harmless to begin with, sure, but that doesn't mean it can't hurt someone's feelings. Maybe a feeling of betrayal is going a little far, but I'm not judging her for being more emotionally sensitive, especially after explicitly mentioning her bad experiences with this holiday in the past. With that in mind, her response is completely understandable in my eyes.

    And, really, I can get pulling a prank on someone you know, but if you're someone that people look up to and are planning on pulling a prank on said people, which consists mainly of those you barely know at all, caution really needs to be taken; because you have absolutely no idea how most are gonna react to your prank and cases like this can very easily happen, in fact it should be expected.
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  12. I'm not judging her either, I am taking her seriously. :( MY impression from her post and her blog post is that she is incredibly upset, emotionally distressed, and is having serious issues with a joke. She posted twice about it and is leaving the site over it. That's a BIG deal for me as an admin who wants to see members taken care of. Of course I'm not qualified to give someone advice, but I am concerned for her well being if something like this upsets her so much. I don't think suggesting her seeing a counselor about distress is out of line. She posted this in counseling after all, she wants to be justified and heard.

    Of course, I apologize if I got the wrong impression and she just wanted to rant and complain!
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  13. Well she did specifically tag it as a Rant thread. :P
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  14. It's easy for someone who's upset to blow things out of proportion and make hasty decisions, I know from experience. I'm sure she'll be back once she calms down. Please do forgive me, I kind've attack you a little bit there. I suppose its only because I can relate to her position because I've had equally bad experiences with April Fools Day myself, and I got a little defensive even though I barely know her myself. Sometimes I think I can be a little too sympathetic...
  15. I have had some bad experiences myself, so I completely get people getting pissed off about today. O_O I don't do or participate in pranks anymore because of it. I just get concerned sometimes about some peoples when something bigger looks wrong.
  16. I think we all need to just sit down, relax, and enjoy some tea.

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  17. Thread locked because of request from the thread starter.
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