Text color fader!

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  1. Well, I found this really great color fader that saves time for those people who love gradients and rainbows. And I mean, real colors. Make things that look like this instantly!
    Not just average rainbow stuff, either.
    You can choose a variety of things and colors, and I just think it's great, so I'm giving a link to the place. http://patorjk.com/text-color-fader/

    Now, before you hit "generate," you need to go all the way to the bottom dropdown labeled "output code." Switch that to "standard forum code," and you're ready to go!
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  2. Haha, thanks, this looks very helpful.
    This is a much easier way to color fade different texts! Thank you FishWolf~!
  3. *bows with a flourish.* You're welcome.
  4. There was always Vex Net's. However, it's for HTML only. You still win.
    For BBCode I used TekTek.org's, when I was on Gaia. Jesus, such good ol'times.
  5. Ah, such fond memories we all have of those old forums.
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