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    Name; Clarissa Evans
    Age; 21
    From; The Ark/Farm Station

    Personality; Clarissa, even before coming to earth, never was one that was good with listening to authority. Truth be told; even to her it was a miracle she had never been floated or imprisoned before turning of age. Despite her rebellious nature, she was fairly smart for someone that was not from high tech areas like engineering, or in medical.

    Background; Life on the Ark had not been very easy as far as Clarissa was concerned. Right from the get go it started off as a struggle with not having a mother whom died in childbirth. She did have her grandfafher, her mother's father, but it never felt like enough. Especially when he tended to believe more could have been done to save her. He also filled her head with stories of earth and possibly going back at some point in her lifetime. That alone gave her an obsession with being able go take care of herself/survive. It was also, presumably, the reason why she had some survival instincts before reaching earth.

    Around the age of eight she lost her grandfather, and only a few years later her father passed away too. The latter screwed her up more from having to watch him suffer. For reasons unknown to her medical wouldn't even give him something so he could pass away peacefully; which only fueled a dislike towards the council/people of power.

    After his death she stayed holed away in her room for a few days before a few guards were sent to move her elsewhere so she could get back to 'normal' and work again. Had Pike not gone in before them, Clarissa was pretty sure she would've lost it and done something that would have gotten her locked up and then floated once she was eighteen.​