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  1. No touchy. Practice is happening.
    Yes, that means no posting in this thread. How observant of you.
    And it also means no stealing anything. Thank you.
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  2. Raven Willow Ashdown
    Raven was bored, playing with the ends of a few strands of her hair as she watched from under her hood. What was the point of a big ceremony? Just get to the point, people. Deciding not to dwell on this, and only half paying attention to the ceremony, she scanned her eyes over the crowd of her apparent teammates.

    A woman with fangs coming out of her mouth. Wouldn't want to get on her bad side.

    A younger-looking armored male that seemed to be excited over the proceedings. Hey, maybe she wasn't the youngest one here.

    A...muscular eight year old? No wait, just a really short guy.

    An archer. She looked interesting.

    Another armored male. Yet another one to look out for. She didn't want to be at the wrong end of that sword.

    A man that seemed.....dangerous...and it wasn't even because of his appearance. She'd have to see what was with him when they were free to visit.

    Another person dressed in black with a mask. By the build, probably a male. What was his secret?

    A girl leaning over the balcony, completely wrapped in black.

    Another girl standing at rigid attention, wolf ears obvious for all to see. Now that one wasn't a mystery. She just hoped they'd get along well enough. Cats and wolves....they weren't likely to mix.

    Certainly an interesting group. Hopefully one she'd get along with, but she'd take it as it came. And hopefully they didn't hate sarcastic little pun-making shits, because that was exactly what they signed up for when they took this werecat on.
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