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    • {slide=Metahuman Information}Mutants, Freaks, Overhumans, Gods themselves... Commonly called Meta-humans are normal humans that were afflicted with a strange condition that has given them powers that defied the laws of nature and physics. Men with super strength, women who can teleport, children who can control nature itself. These powers are extremely varied. These abilities stem from a strange energy that resides deep within them. A green flowing energy that is known as the Meta-human energy. A invisible energy that is extremely hard to detect through normal means. This energy inhabits a Meta-human's entire body, from their skin, to their bones, to their blood. The energy isn't detrimental to them, or the environment, not even in the slightest, it can even be called beneficial. What is interesting is that scientists have observed that energy is the same, everyone has a slightly different form of the energy. Which is believed to be related to how no Meta-human has the same exact power. When a Meta-human uses their power on the outside world, a small amount of the meta-human energy gets projected and focused in that area. Such as a Water-Elemental controlling a cup of water will get some of the energy projected into it, until they cease control and the energy will return to their body. There will be a residual amount of the energy on it, however. It's so faint that it's extremely hard to even detect, only extremely specialized and complex technology can detect faint amounts of the energy. Another interesting effect the energy has is how it grows within a human being. Starting out with a small amount of the energy, until it grows as they develop and learn new things about their powers. Stronger Meta-humans tend to have more energy within them. However, there's a particular connection between high-stress situations and the advancement of powers. Under high-stress situations, powers rapidly develop.

      There is no set age when powers develop. Some Meta-humans are born with their powers, while others won't develop until late into their lives. Powers received are sporadic at best. There is no way to predict what power a Meta-human will have, nor who will develop powers. Not even the strongest information-type can determine that. That said, any power a Meta-human receives is almost random. Completely unrelated to race, culture, education, or physical activity. It is also theorized that every human being has the potential to become a meta-human. However, there are such a thing as hereditary powers. Powers passed from parents to the children, or simply run in the family. These are relatively uncommon, but this is the reason why there are entire families of Meta-humans. However, while inherent powers do exist, anyone will get a different version of a passed down power. In what ways vary. Sometimes it's a slight difference, then other times there's a difference in function, or they will have an ability that nobody else have. Like it's been stated before, Inherent powers are uncommon, but there is a chance family members will get a power. Which will be explained below.

      Meta-humans have a very particular effect attached to them: The Black Fall Effect. This has two main effects on the meta-human population. Firstly, all Meta-humans are subconsciously attracted to each other. So subtly that it's next to impossible to even notice. It causes the shyest people to head out and interact, or draws people to one particularly location. The more Meta-humans that are around, it will cause a "flocking" effect. The other primary effect is that those who spend plenty of time around other Meta-humans have a higher chance to develop powers themselves. It can't be a minimum amount of contact, it has to be years around Meta-humans for someone to develop powers. Which is why family members and close friends are likely to get powers.

      Meta-humans are only capable of using one third of their potential strength, very similar to muscles. These natural limits are theorized to be in place so that they don't burn out. However, similar to flight-or-flight, high-stress situations allow Meta-humans to push themselves beyond their blocks, and develop them in the process. However, while powers are truly incredible, they come at a price. Powers have a toll on the body and mind. Excessive and unrestrained use would cause what could be described as physical overexertion. They'll get tired and weak from use, along with some bodily damage. Pushing powers beyond their limits in high stress situations cause even worse problems, and at it's most extreme, it may cause an effect known as "Ashing". This is basically an extremely deadly aliment where a Meta-human self destructs. Their powers shut off, and all their cells will die at an alarmingly fast rate. Their cells will drop off their body like specs of ash, and this process will continue until there is absolutely nothing left of a Meta-human. This state is extremely deadly, and there's a mere 4% chance of survival - Even if a ashing victim does survive, there are some permanent physical damage (Amputation, Brain damage, loss of powers, etc, etc - Are a few). Ashing is what Meta-humans truly fear, as any meta-human can ash if they are not careful.

      The North American Metahumans were regulated by the NEST organization up until they disbarment. Now a new organization, DOVE, takes the reign and has a more socially aware way of dealing with Metahumans. Metahumans, young and old, are educated and made sure they are mentally well and adjusted. Assisting them in getting jobs, and are properly integrated into society. So far, DOVE's plans are certainly working effectively. The main thing that DOVE changed was how Metahumans were registered. Opposed to NEST's degrading habit of surgically implanting chips inside of people, Metahumans are uploaded to the DOVE database with their information, whereabouts, superpowers, etc. Their DNA are uploaded into the system, and each member of RAVEN/DOVE have a DNA scanner in which they can quickly access the database and access their information. DOVE, upon creation, has issued an alert so they can surgically remove all old NEST chips out of Metahumans, and register them in the new system (Since they're worthless now). However, criminal Metahumans are implanted with chips that can track their whereabouts if necessary.

      To avoid scrutiny from the UN, and to avoid breaking several Geneva conventions, Metahumans are not allowed to join any official army, nor are they allowed to participate in any wars. There was always a prejudice against Metahumans, organizations in the past did what they could to alleviate it, but they couldn't do everything. There would always be people out that hate them. After the Verthaven disaster, the prejudice against Metahumans only increased by a thousandfold. People are killing Metahumans left and right. and tension is at an all time high.

      However, another interesting fact was that the amount of Metahumans manifesting abilities oddly increased as if the Devil of Verthaven triggered something...{/slide}

      {slide=Metahuman Classifications}| Cerebral |

      | The Mind |
      Easily the most straight forward out of all the power types; Cerebral powers have something to do with the mind. Any power that has something to do with the mind. Out of the three primary power types, Cerebral powers are the least diverse. Usually falling under powers that let people gather information, alter minds, or exert their wills on the outside world. Telepathy and Telekinesis are the primary Cerebral ability - with a great deal of the Cerebral types have differing versions of those two powers. There are a variety of other Cerebral abilities (Astral projection, Memory Manipulation, etc). Subclasses:
      • | Extra-Sensory |
        The Extra-sensory class entails powers that allow people to gather (and sometimes share) information on a extra-mental level. A sixth sense you could say. Powers under this sub-class strictly deal with gathering information. Telepathy is stated to be under this class, yet the powers that are mainly under this class are Extra-sensory powers such as ESP, Precognition, Retrocognition, etc.

      • | Domination |
        Domination class powers are abilities that are mental in nature that allow people to manipulate the minds of those around them. This class can work in many ways; from control of animals, to affecting emotions, or outright mind control. Unlike what the name implies, not all powers have to do with mind control. They can be the subtle powers that are suggestive in nature. Domination Powers include: Mind/Emotion Control, Animal Manipulation, etc.

      | Super-System |

      | The Body |
      Super-System type Meta-humans have abilities related to the body of themselves and/or others. Super-System powers are easily the most diverse out of all the Power Classes. Any power that changes (or enhances) the body in any way can be classified as a Super-System power. Powers such as Super strength/speed, flight, and Regeneration are prime examples of Super-System abilities. Subclasses:
      • | Bestial |
        A very common sub-type of Metahuman, Bestial Metahumans have traits from the Animal kingdom. Most, generally, have the traits of one Animal. These abilities are divided into two functions; either they're permanently altered with the animal traits, or they have the ability to transform into animals. They don't exactly have to be based off an animal, a Metahuman can simply have animal-like, or bestial traits. There are some Bestial Metahumans that are based off of Mythological-beasts (Such as Werewolves, Dragons, etc).
      • | Biological |
        Those under the Biological class have the direct ability to actively manipulate their biology and anatomy, rather than have permanent alterations. They have the ability to manipulate the biological makeup of themselves and others. Bones, blood, skin, muscle, etc. This can include shape-shifting, growing new muscles, and skin-manipulation.

      | Elemental |

      | The World |
      Those under the Elemental class have the ability to warp matter and energy to their will. Most Elemental types have control over one, or several similar, elements. Many of them function the same way, in the way that each Elemental-type has the ability to move the Element that they have control over, along with a few extra tricks. However, not all Elemental types are the same. Any ability relating to a kind of matter falls under the Elemental Class. Subclasses:
      • | Energy |
        Energy-types are Metahumans with an affinity over Energies. They operate similarly to Elemental-types, they can generally create and control an energy they are attuned to. This is a very broad definition. It can range from electricity, to fire, to sunlight, or sound.
      • | Mimicry |
        Mimicry type powers are the set of abilities that dip into Super-System. Mimicry type abilities are those abilities that allow their user to transform themselves into an element, or otherwise take the properties of it. These abilities are quite versatile as their main class. They can be any element, even tethering into the energy sub-type at times.

      | Power |

      | The Essence |
      The least common type of Meta-human out there. Opposed to altering the mind, body, or the world, Power-types alter the very essence of Superpowers; the Meta-human energy. For example they can alter it (On a large, or small, scale) to give themselves different powers (Power replication comes to mind), or enhance, or weaken, the powers of others. They are easily the most feared out of kinds of Metahumans. There are some Meta-humans under this class who can give or take away powers - there's even some who can manipulate powers themselves. Subclasses:
      • | Replication |
        Replication type abilities are easily the most common form of Power type. Replicators are known as those who can mirror the abilities of other Metahumans, and use them for themselves. They are known to be the most versatile brand of Metahuman, as they can figuratively have any power within the spectrum. However, many of them are limited in how many abilities they can hold, or alternatively can only replicate certain kinds of power.
      • | Charger |
        This is the other most common kind of Power-type, Chargers are Metahumans who can either enhance or weaken the abilities of others. Either temporarily, or permanently. The former can include power boosters, upgraders, etc, nullifers, removers, etc.

      | Other |
      Powers that simply don't fall under the above categories.

      {slide=Locations}| Black Fall |
      The proclaimed "City of Freaks". Black Fall is famous because it has the most Metahumans congregated into one City (1% of all Metahumans live in Black Fall). Easily the most important location for Metahumans. The city went from a small fishing town to a major hub for gamblers, tourists, businessmen, and families, in the course of a few centuries. It contains people of almost every ethnic background. It is located in Pennsylvania, on the Delaware river, not too far away from Philadelphia. It is split down the middle by the river, with one part of the city on each side. Technically it is apart of New Jersey too, since one side of Black Fall is technically on the state of New Jersey. The West side of the city is known as "Old World Black Fall" where the city started. It has most of the population centers and major buildings that have been there from the start. The East side of the city is known as "New Black Fall" which is much more commercialized. It contains most of the clubs, casinos, and mansions. However, Black Fall has been ravaged lately by riots, and battles against the Pure and Metahumans. A large chunk of the city has been destroyed, and it's making national news. The state of Black Fall has certainly gone down hill throughout the years. Black Fall also holds the east coast DOVE & RAVEN Headquarters.

      | Verthaven |
      Located in California, Verthaven was a massive metropolis centered in Southern California. However, it is best known for the being the place the infamous Verthaven disaster took place, and it was promptly condemned afterwards. Much of the beautiful city was destroyed, and after it was condemned, it was left to rot. Before, it was a coastal city that is Sandwiched between LA and San Francisco. It was known for it's miles of beaches, and sea trade. What it was also known for is how it's carved up by a network of rivers. The main river is known as the Cross River and splits the city up into four halves by a cross. With hundreds of smaller rivers branching off from that one. Which the city was built around, and have well integrated into the city's layout. Which gaves Verthaven a feel of Venice mixed with New York. Now, it's been reclaimed by nature. There are miles upon miles of flooded streets, and crumbling buildings. It was the former location of the NEST headquarters before it was destroyed. It hasn't been disturbed for years now, no one but the idiotic have braved the resting place of this tragedy. A few miles outside of Verthaven is the Verthaven Memorial Cemetery. A graveyard in which all those who died in the disaster are buried. The whole cemetery is miles upon miles... and unfortunately, many of the graves are currently unmarked.

      | St. Portwell |
      St. Portwell is a small town located on the Oregon coast. It's a quaint little town, usually inhabited by old people, and some youth. The town is no more than a few square miles at most. The town has that rustic feel, containing plenty of aged buildings that would make a hipster cream. These buildings really give St. Portwell that sleepy, picturesque, look that attracts tourists. What helps is it's woods, and notable locations (Lighthouse, Tunnels, Beaches, and so on). While the town isn't super large, it has it's own shopping mall (Nothing super big, but still notable for such a location). It has a few diners, chain restaurants, and cafes, which are frequent stops for residents. On the outskirts of the town, there are plenty of farms, and gardens which are the main source of commerce for the city. The other source of commerce is fishing. St. Portwell is a home to fishermen. You'll see plenty of boats off the coast of the beach, and the docks, should you approach it. The streets aren't crowded like most cities.

      You'll see one or two people going about your day, but nothing densely packed. Speaking of which, the residents are pretty spaced out. The residential areas is rather suburban, and houses on the outskirts of the town tend to be spaced out by at least a mile. The downtown area is where most of the shops, restaurants, and cafes are, and it's one long street, opposed to spanning several buildings. It isn't particularly ethnically diverse. It's mainly comprised of Caucasian (Which make up the main percentage), and African-American people. Other ethnic types are rather sparse. Because the people are so relaxed in the city, crime is relatively low. Other than drug dealing, very little crime actually reach the headlines. It also has a very low amount of Metahumans living in the confines of the city. Oddly enough, the quaint little town was chosen to the location for Academy 1. There is a small DOVE Outpost not too far away to keep an eye on the academy.

      | Stadium City |
      Created over the course of a few decades, with heavy Metahuman involvement, Stadium City stands in Ohio. Stadium City was ordered by the President to be created by Metahumans in order to help alleviate the Anti-Metahuman hysteria and show that they are helpful. Stadium City, in design, doesn't appear too different from other cities. It has residential districts, a downtown, plenty of skyscrapers and more. It has plenty of Metahumans, however. After the construction of the city, many of the Metahumans that made it stayed in Stadium City and their descendants remained there. However, it was ridden with crime for decades. For years, Stadium City's underground crime was utterly ruled by the Tyrants. No one but a fool was willing to go anywhere near there. However, when the Verthaven disaster took place, and NEST was disbanded, the Tyrants also disbanded. Which meant that every gang from all over could come in and make the city their home. Right now, Stadium City is a hive of crime and villainy as the many major gangs are literally tearing the city apart to gain control of it. The ISD Headquarters is also situated in Stadium City.

      | Highroller Heights |
      Located near the borders of Arizona and Nevada, Highroller Heights is the bastard son of Las Vegas (Sometimes referred to as New Vegas). Massive, boiling hot, in the middle of an american desert, and gives you great reason to check your shoes every morning. Just without the class and style that movies and other media outlets build it up to be. It's run down, the people are bitter, and just about everyone wants to make a quick buck - At the expense of others of course. This city has tons of casinos, and other fancy places to make the place look good for the tourists (The main source of income of High-Roller heights). But when you see the city for what it really is, you'll reconsider. By day it's a sandy city, a pleasant place, if you know where to go. At night, the seven deadly sins take over. Sex workers, gangsters, drug dealers, rapists, and lunatics roam the streets. To say the least, crime is high here. Because corruption is rooted so deep, the crimes are brushed aside with a simple wad of cash. High-Roller Heights has racial diversity, so people of all colors are a common sight in this city, along with a high population. The city is located in the middle of an active desert. There is sand far as the eye can see, it's skin blistering hot, and since it's a desert; don't expect rain. Superhumans are a common sight here.

      | Mendel |
      Located in northern Louisiana on the border between Louisiana and Mississippi is Mendel, a city of about 200,000 people where 6,000 are meta-human. The city was once a manufacturing hotspot, but when the Corvo Family, a metahuman organized crime syndicate, moved in, everything changed. They began to pump money into the west side of the city, attracting more businesses and cleaning it up significantly despite weakening the east side. The city is divided in half by the Mississippi, similar to Black Fall. The east side is a poor city living around the few factories left operating, and the west side is a more modern metropolis with a lot of corporate buildings. The city is most famous, however, for its gangs; the Vanguard and the Skulls. The two rival gangs have a tremendous amount of influence on their perspective sides, and often clash with police and each other, much to the appeal of the media. There was an enormous gang war that left much of the city in ruin. However, NEST's elite KINGFISHER unit eliminated the Skulls, and forced the Vanguard into hiding. Which seemingly brought peace to the city. However, that peace shattered once the Verthaven disaster took place, and NEST pulled out of the city. Due to the aforementioned events, the gangs have emerged yet again, and descended Mendel into a state even worse than ever before.[/indent]

      | Suilan (隋岚) |
      If Shanghai and Xiamen are compared to New York City and Los Angeles respectively, then Suilan is like the bastard child of Sans Francisco. Originally a port city, it grew in size after the merger of nearby rural regions into bigger towns and relocation of the people in these areas into the city after the Cultural Revolution in the late 1970s; rapid development has completely transformed Suilan into the second largest city in the Fujian Province after Xiamen, and it's also the largest Metahuman hotspot in China. Situated along the borders of Fujian to its north and Guangzhou to the south, and facing the sea to the east with the south of Taiwan just across the waters - the climate here has similar four-seasonal changes, but not cold enough to get any snow (on the other hand, typhoon is a common occurrence). Population primarily consists of Han Chinese - specifically Metahuman Chinese, making it the "Asian Black Fall". Besides the official common language Mandarin, Min (Hokkien) and Cantonese are the two most common dialects spoken here, then followed by Teochew and Hakka. Fujian was also the starting point of Cheng Ho's sea voyage across the world during the Ming Dynasty, hence it's said that most Asian Metahumans are likely to be descendants of the Suilan people.

      Suilan is no different from most metropolitan cities in the world: it's split into several districts, each with a specific purpose such as a business district, a shopping district, an industrial district, et cetera; the old port is even rebuilt into a seaside amusement park (the entrance fee is extremely pricey though). There's even a ferry service to go across the straits to Taiwan, a much cheaper alternative than flying by air. Most of its economic wealth comes from overseas investors (mainly the Southeast Asian countries) and from tourism - it's well-known for its exotic Southern Chinese cuisine, a harmonic combination of Fujian/Taiwan and Guangdong/Hong Kong style. (Prawn scallop dim sum in stir-fried mee suah? Oh yes.) It's also a haven of top-quality Chinese tea such as oolong, pu'er, and many more, which is perfect to bring home as souvenirs.

      It's where the headquarters of MAP is currently located, and also where the mysterious underground cult "Polaris" (北斗七星, Beidou Qixing) is originated from.

      | New Rivière City |
      New Rivière City is a major metropolis set up at the site of an anomaly on the Louisiana River (Not too far away from Mendel) believed to be caused by ancient Metahumans. This is a belief because the anomaly doesn't appear on maps and data from years before the city was found, and the river is far too smooth. Leading up to New Rivière City, the river splits and goes two different directions around a land mass in which New Rivière City has been placed on. This simulates an island of sorts, with many bridges leading in and out of the island. The island is enormous, at least 71% of New Rivière's eighty-one square miles. Contrary to previous information, New Rivière is set on the island, and on the landmass around it (forming another circle). New Rivière is a city that was founded in 1762 once the river annex was located. French settlers placed a small village in the center of the island - quickly building outwards as the settlers realized the ports were profitable. From there, the city flourished through the years and modernization took place for decades to come.

      New Rivière City, like it's been stated before, is split up by the river that surrounds it. Known as the Inner and Outer Ring. The Inner-Ring of the city is basically the island that makes up the large majority of the city. In the Inner-Ring, it contains a majority of the city - which includes it's many residential and hedonistic areas. It's known for it's bustling downtown area (More on that in a little bit) which contains many of the city's hubs of business and pleasure. Such as it's hotels, casinos, and whatnot. New Rivière is known for it's restaurants and casinos. The Inner-Ring's tall buildings can be seen from all over the city. The Outer-Ring is usually the first part of the city people are exposed to - and it's not pretty. The Outer-Ring is where all the lower class are forced to stay due to lower property costs (In contrast, the Inner Ring is where all the middle and upper class people are). New Rivière City has been called the bastard child of New Orleans, San Diego, Miami, and New York. The city has blends the aesthetic of those cities into a city that becomes alive in the night time. The streets are lined with neon signs advertising clubs, casinos and bars. Every night people from all over roam the city looking for a good time. It's known as a city where tourists pour in by the thousands.

      | Nueva Emmanuela |
      Different from the other locations on this list as Nueva Emmanuela (Translated as New Emmanuela) is one of the few modern city states in the entire world. Located in the Caribbean, east of the Bahamas, and north of Haiti/The Dominican Republic, Nueva Emmanuela is a large island, that is surrounded with a archipelago that makes it difficult to arrive by ship except from specific paths. The country was colonized during the period of Spanish colonialism, and it had a large amount of African-slaves imported (Many of their descendants still reside in the nation). However, in the late 1800's, the nation has achieved independence. The native Nueva Emmanuelan people are those who are Spanish, African, but primarily consist of those who mixed between those two ethnic groups. These people are very similar to Brazilians with a diverse amount of skin tones (Ranging from brown, white, etc). There's also a large amount of Caucasians - with the other main ethnic group being Asian (There isn't that much diversity in Nueva Emmanuela). Nueva Emmanuela itself is a large tropical paradise, and much like other Caribbean islands, it's often a tourist attraction. The streets of the downtown area are quite lavish with fancy restaurants, convenience stores, and other places that would make any tourist blush. In addition to the many, many, lush beaches, casinos, and other places that make this nation a perfect tourist attraction. However, outside of these locations, the nation is pretty poor. The streets are run down, and abundant with poverty. This poverty breeds crime, and the nation of Nueva Emmanuela is a massive location for the illegal black market, and drug trade. If you want something shady, this is where to get it.

      Surprisingly, enough, Nueva Emmanuela has a large amount of Metahumans - the highest in the Caribbean, in fact. Many Metahumans have, for some reason, sprung up in the city. It isn't no where near the amounts of some of the cities in say America and Europe, but it's certainly notable. The nation isn't in pieces due to the police force keeping Metahumans in line, but, the nation has a large amount of Metacrime, as many poor Metahumans participate in the drug trade. Like other nations in the Caribbean, Nueva Emmanuela is very prone to hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Nine years ago, the nation was ravaged by a massive hurricane which almost swept the whole place away. Disaster relief from all over helped.