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Corvus Corax

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(Zy's thread made me think of this!)

We have a food attached to certain areas. Boiled peanuts for the south and gumbo for New Orleans...right? (Giving those as examples.) Least that's what pops into my head! What food is "attached" to where you live?

Do you make this dish often? What twist do you put on it!?
I'm a born and bred New Englander, so I may as well have clam chowder running through my veins the second it gets cold.

Anyways, I can't make it to save my life, but a short car ride to Boston and to my favorite little wharf-side pub means an easily reheatable gallon bucket of the yummy soup, and about a week winter supply.
We in deutschland claim the greatest of all food groups BEER!
I live in Texas, we may as well have oil as blood SINCE WE FUCKING FRY EVERYTHING! WE FRY EVERYTHING WE TOUCH! EVERYTHING! ;_;
Boiled peanuts?

Err...lots and lots of fish and shell-food and meat-cakes&boiled potatoes and reindeer/whale-dishes, I'm guessing.
Cheese curds! I love our Wisconsin curds! They're amazing!


And deep fried cheese curds are even better!

...well in ohio where I came from it was pulled pork all the way!!

...for PA....guess the philly cheese steak?
So basically all you invented was grabbing some meat and then fry it?

Oh yeah, I forgot, we bbq
I live near the ocean, so lots of seafood. Dungeness crab and local Salmon probably being the most popular.
In the tristate area of Kansas, Oklahoma (My homestate), And New Mexico, there is a phenomenon called Frito Chili Pie. I don't know if other states have it, but I know these do. This is the ultimate in Man Comfort Food. Start with a plate of classic Frito chips, cover with hot chili of choice, then with cheddar cheese of choice, and consume. Then try not to eat another helping! XD