Terrible Fate

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  1. You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? Don't tell me... the door... you did lock it back, didn't you? *I pick up the first unlucky person to peek in and shake them violently* What have you done to this place?! If you don't get that door locked back soon, something terrible will happen!
    ... Oh too late.

    Ahem, sorry about that. Greetings everyone my name is soul and I like to RP. You can thank Indecisive Squirrel for my being here. I hope she understands what she's done.... Ask any question you want. You may not like the answer....
  2. -is violently shaken- This is the thanks I get?! Dx
  3. HeHeHe. Sorry Squirrel. :P
  4. Hi there almost scary soulpelt! O_O Welcome to the site!
  5. Hello there Diana. :D
  6. I prefer to be shaken, not stirred. So this works! Welcome to Iwaku, Soulpelt.
  7. 'Lo there, Seth. Please, come, sit by my fire.
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  8. Oh well hello there Soulpelt ^^
    The door is gone, thought I should let you know ;)
    Hope you have fun here at Iwaku xD
  9. Never said which door. ;> THERE ARE MANY KINDS OF DOORS IN THIS UNIVERSE. Also I love that changing font colors is so easy :D Bestest feature ever. Must've been a nightmare to code. :x
  10. All the doors O__O
    Or a rainbows wet dream ^^
  11. No, no, a coding nightmare(I will admit HTML5 is easier than C#). And I came through a door no one knows about. BWHAHAHAHA! :3
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  12. I want to think of nightmares as my minds way of saying pickaboo xD

    And you cam through the door O.o
    that means...
    You havent walked in yet :O
    EDIT: Why change it, it was a good enough reason ;)

    Oh well, so now I have to find a door that none knows ^^
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  13. Beside the door...

    Welcome to the Iwa Forums. Enjoy your stay.
    Have fun and make sure you dont pop anymore doors.. (is that even possible?) XD
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