Terraria anyone??

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  1. Yeah, so I've probably missed the boat on this one but that's just my luck. My friends and sister were enthralled with this game last year and by the time I got it they had all moved on. Go figure. I hadn't played it much but now I want to try it out and see what I can do with it. It's a sandbox game (for those like me who have no clue what that means, it's a game where you start with nothing and have to literally build up what you need to survive. the environment is yours to exploit).
    It's also coop and madness ensues frequently. There are zombies, flying demon eyeballs, bunnies, squirrels, slimes and many many MANY more monsters to aid you in "answering your plea for death" (this game is ridiculous) so if anyone wants to join me in my attempt to survive this crazy game then please reply here or message me. I await the brave souls who seek to take on this challenge of a new world TOGETHER!!! >:D

    For more information check out this link:

    It's on STEAM for download too:

    If you have a STEAM then feel free to hit me up there too :D Can always use more friends for games!!
  2. Oh, man. I haven't played this game in forever. I used to have it on my Android, and still have it on my laptop.
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  3. Waaahhh~? Forever? Man, how late did I come in on this game?? >..>
  4. It's been out for like 3 years now, so I guess technically not 'forever.' Still a helluva long time for me, though.

    I'm kind of tempted to play it again...
  5. They updated a bunch of new things into the PC version of Terraria, I have almost 400 hours on this game and its going to rise with the new content. Love survival games, no matter how many dimensions the have lol.
  6. Terraria in general is a fantastic game. If the building and liquid physics doesn't seal the deal, it's the amount of items available in the game that you can acquire (Or if you're feeling lazy, hack into the game). I take it you haven't heard of Starbound? It's (supposedly) made by the same team that made Terraria, and at first glance, they look identical.

    ... Except for the fact that you have a spaceship, an overwhelming amount of solar systems and planets that, in the future, you can terraform to however you see fit. A handful of races to choose from and discover, quests that are currently being worked on and regular updates from the devs themselves.

    So yes, if you enjoy anything about Terraria, you'll fall in love with Starbound. Think of it like Terraria in the future.
  7. I play Terraria, Starbound, Minecraft and Don't Starve. Plus a huge amount of games as well. But I am not as sold on Starbound as I will be later since its still bugged a bit, I am waiting for it to be released officially so it has time to mature into something awesome.

    Good game tho, oh also I play Starmade too. Bet you have not hear of that one, heehee.

  8. Ahh~ Starbound. Considering my past experience with Terraria, I was not chasing after that one. Survival games are not my forte but maybe Terraria will change that? I want to try my hand at it and see how it goes as I possibly get better.
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