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  1. Name: Terrance Déchiré
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Nicknames: Terror, Kitty, TearBear
    Hair: Black and Teal w/Starry overlay
    Eyes: Teal
    Breed: Neko
    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 113 lbs
    Status: N/a
    Since When: N/a
    Master(s): N/a
    Orientation: Gay (Submissive)
    Birthday: October 31
    Favorite Place: In the Rain
    Extra(s): It Varies
    Piercings: Lip, Hips, Wrists, Lower Back, & Collar Bones
    Language(s): English & French

    Personality /Attitude: Terrance is shy & has a hard time communicating w/ woman
    Skills/Talents: He can Sing, Play Piano, and play Guitar
    Goals/Ambitions: To find someone to love
    Strengths: Hiding
    Weaknesses: Completely Obedient
    Fears: Woman
    Hobbies/Interests: Walking in the rain, swinging in a park, making new friends, and reminding himself that he is worth more than his childhood with abusive parents.
    Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Too many to name
    Occupation: None
    Place of Work: None


    Terrance was always the youngest person in his household. In the family there was only his parents and his older brother, Antonie. They were a wealthy family of nekos that owned a large mansion on a hill covered with forest around it. The home was just outside a large town but very few people ever entered the woods, so it was easy to be unknown for the feline family. In his youth Terrance often tried to deny the bruises he gained to the maids who tended to him as his wealthy parents felt it would take to much of their time to aid their own children. And often they were the ones who caused the bruising or damage of the two boys. Behind closed doors of the mansion Terrance's father would beat the young boy and his older brother for any breaking of a rule in their fathers eyes. On days their father was too tired to beat the boys, the mother made her job to step in and beat them instead. By the time Terrance was eight years old, he'd learned to be completely obedient and never argue or say no.

    One day Terrance came home from a walk he'd taken into the woods, to find his parents brutally murdered with blood painting the walls. Terrance could only gape at the site in horror until his brother appeared from the shadows wielding a bloodied meat hammer. Antonie grinned and it left Terrance frightened but all Antonie said to his young brother was 'We're free now.' Terrance spent the rest of his young life until he was seventeen, living alone with his brother. One day his brother left to go see other places but Terrance refused to leave and now the young neko lives alone in the mansion and attends school in the city. His only company is the servants that live in his home. Servants he treats well and treats as his family. But even with servants to keep him company. Terrance still yearns to have someone to keep him company as more than a family or a friend.
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  3. I'm ok with being limited... I prefer to only have one character. I've been roleplaying for a long time... and I tried have more than one character and I simply did not like it. If I do another character. It will be one of my old ones. But otherwise. I'll just stick with Terrance. But thank you for the advice. I'll post this in my blog.
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