Terra Risks

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    Terra Risks: A Race to Move the Moon
    Since time immemorial, humanity has exploited the natural resources of the earth for its own gain. We built towering behemoths of buildings, sprawling metropolises, and many powerful technologies all whilst we sat and ignored the cries of planet earth. Ecologists called for sustainable resources, ways for us to live on our planet without destroying it. Eventually they were developed, but entirely too late. By the time the last drop of oil had been sucked from the depths, Nature had had enough. That night, bats were reported to shriek wildly whilst attacking citizens and trees to shake violently even though there was no breeze. At day, everything returned to normal, and a serene calmness spread over the world. The preliminary wave was only a warning, though. Since then, every night the planet has been killing as many humans as it can find, taking control of animals and transforming them to savages, seeking only bloodlust, forcing the plants that were left to lash out at the structures nearby it, and there have even been reports that the earth itself has shifted, with chasms swallowing unsuspecting people underfoot. The people have tried fighting back, creating their own machinations, now powered ironically by solar panels: recharging during the day, then battling through the night. Concrete has been used to erect walls and cities that are deemed safe from attack, though the skies themselves are never safe. The main capital and centre of trade, one of the new cities named Solaire, has been slowly losing ground and people to nature. It's a whitewashed place that has tried to isolate itself from any plant life, located in the middle of the desert. Even the moon himself is conspiring against us, though, as the tides themselves move in to create a flood plain around us. Within the first night trees and animals had arrived. Currently scientists are working on a way to make it permanently daytime, via manipulating the gravity of the moon so as to offset it and make sure it never rises. At first it seemed like it would work: the science was perfect. Until the machine malfunctioned and fixed the moon directly in front of the sun. Now it is eternally night, and the security systems, all powered by the sun, will fail in around 12 hours. Meanwhile, nature amasses outside the gate, exerting its lunatic control over animals, culling citizens left right and centre. You are 4 citizens, cowering in a bunker, when you witness a mass recording on an emergency television network. Anyone who has the ability to travel to the observatory located at the centre of the city should do so and make an attempt to turn the machine off. If they succeed, the damage to the population will be mitigated. As nature begins to run wild through the streets, you must venture out and move the moon before its too late.

    Welcome to Terra Risks, a sci-fi fantasy roleplay designed for those who love things fast paced. The ultimate goal of this is to shut off the gravitational machine that is holding the moon stationary. This will be a very dangerous, stupidly fast paced roleplay, and one with characters who will likely be unskilled to deal with the constant situations they are in. When making them, be creative - think about what would fit in this world!

    Random things which may be of note:
    -This takes place a decade after the original instance
    -No one knows what is causing "Nature" to act how it does
    -Characters will be equipped with 4 solar pistols, which can fire 6 shots before running out of charge - they must be used wisely
    - The city, although built recently, is sprawling - around 1 million population and about the size of a small county

    Character sheet:
    Age (anything is fine, just not too young) :
    Appearance (picture if you want) :
    Personality Strengths:
    Personality Weaknesses:
    Physical Talents:
    Physical Shortcomings:
    Short background:


    Name: Mark Langley
    Age: 26
    Appearance: A wiry tall fellow, with about average figure. His face is rough and lined with stubble, his thin brown eyes looking like squashed ovals. He harbours brownish-blonde hair that is too short to really be styled into anything. His lips are almost always pursed, and his teeth shine straight except for a crooked row of canines. He is wearing a bizarre outfit: an extremely snappy dark green shirt coupled with some tracksuit bottoms and some comfortable black trainers. His arms are thin and his fingers long and bony. His strength lies in his legs: he often runs and has strong thighs.
    Personality Traits: A completely unreserved fellow, filled with interest at the world around him and always willing to engage in conversation and accept anybody, just to learn more about them. He is a bit dim, never actually understanding how to solve the problem but has a trying attitude: he simply won't give up. When it comes to pride, he is humble, knowing better to keep his head down than to be ridiculed for pretending to know more than he does. His humour is usually a little bit contrived and forced, as he isn't a very quick thinker.
    Personality Strengths: Tries to approach any situation and tackle the problems, coming up with his own solution without requiring input.
    Personality Weaknesses: Lacks very little knowledge about how the world around him works and can tend to have misconceptions or get things wrong.
    Physical Talents: A fast runner, with stamina, who can move around fairly quick on his feet. He is also taller than most, at around 6 ft 6 and can reach and climb to higher places.
    Physical Shortcomings: Arms are wiry and don't have much muscle: he rarely works out. His fingers are also long and bony, meaning he is clumsy and not very dextrous.
    Desires: He wants to become a catalogist, a person in charge of the large databases that contain all human knowledge so far.
    Fears: Expectations. He doesn't want to let people down in any way, and will sometimes back out of tasks if he thinks he cannot do it.
    Hobbies: Running, Researching topics.
    Short background: Mark grew up in rural england, enjoying the landscape and going for long walks alone in it whilst bunking off school. His life seemed to be going this way until the First Night. After that, Mark was conscripted as cheap manual labour a decade ago to help build the walls of the city. He was used as cheap manual labour as a strapping young man, in a workforce of about 10,000 young people. After he had finally done his service, he was rewarded with entrance to the city and accommodation. Since then he has been trying to secure a job as a catalogist, but keeps getting turned down due to failing entry tests. He resolved not to give up though, and was jogging to a testing centre when day suddenly became night, and he cowered in a shelter with 3 other civilians.

    If you're interested, don't hesitate to PM me or post a bio here! 3 spots are still up for grabs!