Terra Ordinem: Recruitment and OOC

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  1. During a time of anarchy in North America, a new government has formed. The place previously known as America and Canada was replaced by the country of Terra Ordinem, which was governed by three Orders of Parliament. The First Order dealt with country-wide affairs, like warfare. The Second Order Parliament took care of matters in their Province. There were five provinces: Verum, Fide, Misertus, Curante and Pacem. Third Order Parliaments were in every district within the provinces, and took care of district matters. Parliament members were elected to their position by the citizens, and for years Terra Ordinem enjoyed peace and wealth. Technology had advanced considerably, with electronics that only needed air to power, an intelligent car system where all you had to do was say a destination and your vehicle would get you there while stopping at red lights and avoiding other vehicles, as well as park and do everything else it needed to. Everything was voice activated. Almost all kinds of animals have both wild and domestic counterparts through specific breeding. It seems like the perfect world.

    However, the government was becoming corrupt. An agency called Nova Lux had been working secretly to spread out their members and win their way into the Parliaments, with plans of conquering all of Terra Ordinem. At first, they planned a peaceful takeover, seeking to turn the government into a dictatorship, until their plot was exposed. The Provinces were immediately thrown into civil war. Verum and Fide had already been almost entirely taken over by Nova Lux, and so followed the Nova Lux government system and sought to gain control of the other three provinces. Misertus and Curante managed to rid themselves of the Nova Lux, and fought against the Nova Lux, trying to take control of Verum and Fide in order to reconstruct Terra Ordinem to it's former glory. The Pacem province was split into North and South Pacem, with the north fighting for the Nova Lux and the South fighting for the Parliament Order government system, which had been dubbed simply as the Order.

    The Nova Lux became desperate, and in their quest to conquer their enemies, or destroy them trying to, released a disease called the Zombex into the Order providences. When a human caught the Zombex, green and brown boils would appear on their skin, and they would become insane, attacking humans who weren't vaccinated with the cure on sight. Of course, the cure was only given to those in the Nova Lux providences. It has been a mere 5 months sense the war first began, and both sides are still fighting furiously.

    This is where you come in. You are either one of few healthy Ordereans, or a corrupt Nova Luxor. The Roleplay will follow both side's conquest. Will the Order prevail, despite the ever-stacking odds, and bring back the peace Terra Ordinem once enjoyed? Or will the Nova Lux succeed, bringing a new reign of greedy dictatorship?

    The Form

    Link to IC chat: {Roleplay not yet started-Not enough members to begin.}