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  1. Name: Lucinda

    Picture: white_dragon_by_anhellica-d38k8ea.jpg

    Race: Dragon

    Personality: Gentle with most humans, Prefers seafood over other meats, Loves the wind and the sunshine, Is a very likable creature. Has all the patience in the world but when she gets upset you don't want to be around her. Enjoys having conversations and has an odd habit of collecting misshapen animals.
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  2. Name: Aria Lavelle
    Picture: noloty.jpg
    With modern day clothing.

    Race: Human

    Personality: Usually very calm, cheery, and polite. She has a warm personality and enjoys taking care of people and being around others but sometimes just prefers to be on her own. She is not very good with expressing her own feelings and can sometimes come across as awkward in emotional situations. Aria hates being told what to do but she tries to give everyone one she meets the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Name: Delynn Kierny


    Race: Human

    Personality: Known for being a very intelligent girl who is incredibly dedicated to her schoolwork, and practicing everything she does. A perfectionist. Somewhat neurotic with a very obvious case of OCD. Has an obsession with the texture and feeling of material things, and is a closet kleptomaniac, a condition she refuses to admit to or share with those around her. Very nosey. Not eloquent in her speech, and tends to be very awkward socially and can sometimes severely irritate those around her. Is a genuinely nice girl who forgives easily and tries her best to make friends with everyone she meets, although she may come off a reserved at first. Can be very excitable, especially when it comes to knowledge, information, and romantic relationships. Fancies herself as a matchmaker, but is too awkward to maintain a real relationship. Hopeless romantic, loves to read, and particularly enjoys cute animals.
  4. Name: Gollullas
    Race: Dragon
    Appearance: a scarred, large dragon that is pale white with dull purple streaks throughout it's body.

    Personality: One of the few dragon elders that believe humans should become independent. He is an honourable dragon and has his limits. Most anti-human Dragons fear him, but the other elders have no fear. He has a photographic memory and sometimes takes his pent up anger out on the forest, tearing and upending trees.
  5. Name: Dyzek
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Race: dragon
    Personality: Dyzek is a young dragon, and that's the main reason of his enormous curiosity and energy. He likes watching humans and learning about them, because he considers them a really strange specie, which makes them interesting. He enjoys talking to them from time to time. Still, he thinks the idea of bonding with one seems silly.
  6. Name: Devin Zacharaiah
    Race: Human

    Personality: Devin is usually very quiet, and tends to keep to himself. Although if a conversation should be started with him, he is very talkative and often times, quite humorous. He has a tendency to be very honest, yet very blunt about his opinions. His attitude is mostly a wise-cracking borderline smart-aleck. Most of the time, he is very polite, and loves to help anyone in any way he can. Anyone who takes the time to speak with him would say he's a "nice guy", but if this is mentioned to him, he tends to deny it. Having a dark history and living in fear for most of his life, he often times refuses to allow himself to feel fear. During violent situations, he is usually quick to react, using his lightweight build to his advantage. If the situation tends to be more than he can handle, he stubbornly states: "If I die... I'll die standing my ground..."
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  8. (( alright word, I changed his crossbow to a flare system so it would make sense))
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  10. Hello Guys!

    I saw a couple of out of character comments in your IC thread and a lack of an OOC thread and figured I'd make on for you!

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  12. Very sorry about that. Thank you, very much! :)
  13. Absolutely. Have a nice day.
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