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  1. Hello, my name is Sylph; I'd like to share with you all an idea I've had for a while. Firstly, I should explain the setting in which this role-play will take place in:

    Its name is Terminal. Its service or function, however, is unknown. Please don't confuse Terminal with a machine or anything of the like; Terminal is a place. Rolling green fields, the occasional house or two (probably from visitors past), the daily dragonfly dance near the pond in the forest... Terminal is a place with memories.

    People arrive in the oddest fashion however; they simply wake up here. It's unknown how or why. They just do. Most seem to apparate into the middle of a plain, but there is the occasional sour note and someone appears in the forest.

    But just like the real world, people also leave. They disappear, never saying goodbye; they disappear, as though they haven't ever been there in the first place. It's disheartening, but it's almost like they were ready to leave. Like they wanted to move on.

    Terminal got its name from its implied function; it's a place where people come and go.

    Now that you know where we will be playing out this (hopefully) beautiful story, let me explain a bit more:

    Your character has died. Plain and simple. They are deceased and gone. But don't fret, there is life for them after death. They arrive in the place previously mentioned: Terminal. What they don't know is Terminal's true function. It is a place for redemption. It is a place for sharing regrets and moving past them. It is a place of reflection, that, once someone has found their true, eternal peace, they leave. And that is why your character is here. But it's not a solitary experience. That's why this is planned to be a group role-play.

    You cannot change your character's life; you are not allowed to alter it through Terminal (as that isn't even possible). You are not allowed to grab a pin and needle and quickly sew up the few missing seams on the fabric of your story. Your job is to tell it to ours, as we tell ours to yours; there's beauty in mistakes, as there is beauty in perfection.

    So, is there anyone up to the task?
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  2. Interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Omg this is gorgeous!
  3. Ah, yay! I'm so glad you're interested. We need a minimum of one to two other people, however. In the mean-time, do you have any personal ideas or questions about the mechanics of the role-play?
  4. So these people can come from all walks of life, correct? Is there magic involved or is this strickly HUMAN? I was just curious to know that.

    As for ideas, I haven't come up with anything yet, but I'll be sure to tell you if I do!
  5. While it does seem to have fantasy-like elements to it, this role-play is not fantasy. Yes, your character can come from practically anywhere; a young boy that grew up in South Africa but was taken by disease, an elderly lady from Japan that passed due to old age... there is no limit to the imagination that you're allowed to apply to your character; however, magic, dragons and the like are not apparent within our world, no? So they shall not be apparent within Terminal. All I ask is that you be realistic, and give them a story worth telling.
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  6. Perfect then. I have been needing to make a change to the rps I join LOL.
  7. Still looking for others interested in the idea of this role-play.
  8. You're already, like... the coolest person I know.

    Anyway, since Terminal has been pinned up to the board for a while and I guess we a have a cool little three person clique eager to play it out, why not start? I'll go ahead and make a thread for characters, and after we have everything organized I suppose we can go from there.

    @DoomyCakez (Tagged you to make sure you're still here and willing~)
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