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  1. Origins of the Universe (open)
    The One Above All

    Nazaar exists outside of time, in the vast expanse of space between the different planes of existence. It is often speculated that he one of the few entities that can truly be called an “Overdeity.” The closest a thing can get to omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. He often regarded as a massive worm-like creature of pure shadow, blacker than the blackest pitch. His body is irreverent of order, a churning mass of swirling hurricanes, violent eruptions, and catastrophic change. At the head of this worm, Nazaar is depicted to have a single gaping maw rimmed with bleeding red gums and gargantuan fangs that span the length of the largest stars in existence. Jutting out from the main body are countless and innumerable tendrils, and tentacles that end in smaller mouths, snapping and eating any planet or spaceborn anomaly they come across. He has existed since before the birth of existence. He has witnessed and participated in the formation of galaxies, the shattering of suns, the implosions of black holes, and the first tentative footsteps of the primordials. Although he had the raw ability, he has never attributed himself as a creator of anything. Although he had the knowledge, he never shared his wisdom with the mortals or the lesser gods that preceded him. Although he had the power to obliterate all that may have opposed him, he chose not to; simply because he cares not to interact with those far lesser than he. There are few who know what he is, yet there are none who truly know who him, for it is impossible to know a thing that changes eternally. Despite his nonchalance, Nazaar is not as apathetic as he would let on. Through time and beyond time itself, he has been shaped and molded by the very creatures he watched grow. Their thoughts of creation, their perceptions of the darkness of the void, the fear of the unknown, have turned Nazaar into the monstrous form that he now possesses. Mortals shape him, as he had shaped them.​

    ~ * ~

    Nazaar is order and disorder. Discord and Harmony. Creation and Unmaking. For a very long time, longer than any measure of existence, Nazaar was formless. He was an intangible entity that roamed the vast darkness of the void for an immeasurable amount of time. He lacked focus, power, and mind. He was nothing but a force of violent and tumultuous energy rampaging through the void. He was so basic in this state that he lacked the ability to define the direction in which he traveled. With invisible hands he felt the void, flexing fingers that weren’t there and condensed parts of him into swirling masses of matter and energy that eventually formed into galaxies. He opened eyes there were not there and billions of suns burst forth in creation. In the aftermath of these formations, beings would be birthed from the surface of planets. These first beings would come to be known as the Primordials. As these beings took their first breaths, Nazaar took his breath of clarity. Their thoughts flowed into him, giving his erratic and chaotic mind a line of focus. For the first time in countless eons he thought.

    At that moment he moved lips made of starlight and pronounced his name, feeling the guttural reverberations and movement stir a deep orchestra within him.

    That feeling was

    Auralia - Capital City of Providence - Dawn of a New Day

    Aur Resized.jpg
    Providence is the best reflection of the Auralien Empire. It is, in a word, sublime, to walk about the illustrious cobblestone roads, meet the men and women of the markets, and retire to your abode at night with a full belly, and a sense of satisfaction. Providence is divided into three sub-cities: The Outer, Mid, and Inner cities. These three cities are divided by enormous white walls made of a material you know the Auralian government has kept secret for centuries. These walls form perfect circles all around the three city centers; Circles you know to be a sacred icon to the Auralian god Light and Order, Auren Mara Cain. In fact, you know that a myriad of buildings located within these three sub-cities are circular in shape. You shake your head, not knowing whether or not to be abused by Auralian architects or scoff at the severity of their faith.

    The Outer City forms a ring of markets and middle class homesteads without a slum in sight. The markets are about exotic as you'd expect, being that Providence is at the ass end of the south east peninsula of Tenna. You can find just about anything from everywhere here, even some priceless Allion arms and armor. You even notice an exotic animal dealer, you also notice this is the first time you've seen a monkey-drake, and realize that by it's thrashing and it's green misted breath, it is more than likely out of your pay-range.

    The Inner City manages higher class citizens, lesser nobility, and the Eight Guild-Orders that make up the Auralian Military. The Guild-Orders, you know, were created at the advent of the empire, formed by the right Divine men and women of the Power Nine. Each of them personally oversee the eight Guilds. You don't exactly like travelling much in the Mid-City. The guards enforce a very strict watch over every citizen and foreigner alike, and that makes it very difficult to get around unnoticed.

    You find that the Inner-City itself is a veritable fortress. Towers streaking higher than you can see, you see the top half of the Cathedral dedicated to the Itempan Order, and the Trianthium which worships the Skyfather, the Nightlord and the Earthmother. You know that the high nobility of the all female race of Aurin reside in this sector of the city and are rarely ever seen out of it. You never seen an Aurin Noble, and you may hope you never do. It is said that the Aurin, though small in number, are powerful, and possess some of the most terrifying psionic power one could ever hope to witness.

    Out of all these things, one thing comes to mind: Providence is a city in two parts. The city on the ground, and the city-sized palace suspended hundreds of feet in the air. The palace is adequately named Skye. You know that Skye houses the Power Nine, much of the administrative cabinet, and the Matriarch herself. Despite being so massive, it does not cast a shadow, and it does not inhibit the sunlight from gracing your face and those around you.

    You find yourself, here, in Auralia, for one reason or another. Whatever your reasons might be, you are all united in one thing: To Find Answers. During your journey here, you were assailed by an unknown shadow who always crept on the edges of your peripheral vision, unable to pin him down. One night, you went to sleep in your tent, as you always do. The next morning, you found yourself sleeping in a bed of grass and flowers, much of your valuable belongings stolen, replaced by a simple note

    So you sit here, not really knowing what to do, or where to go, or who to speak to. But you're here, and that's the first step in many you'll make.​
  2. There he was, scratching his head with both hands, teeth gritting. He kicked the bed of flowers from under him and he screamed. If he knew how to cuss, he would. He was too upset to think at the moment. Among other things, Clara's gift to him; a gemmed and runes scribed dagger was lost, stolen by someone or some thing.

    It took a while for Connell to calm himself down and think straight. But all he could think was how thin his knowledge was. He could not unravel the place mentioned in the note left by the thief. The young man could not bare the thought of losing the dagger forever. It was the one important thing he had to remember Clara by. In hopes of reclaiming the dagger, Connell did what made him uncomfortable. He had to ask around about Skye. In the end, he managed to gain information he needed from people he met. He found out what Skye was and where it was located.

    That was a few weeks ago. After leagues of journey, he finally reached Providence, a city in two parts, the city on the ground, and Skye; the city sized palace suspended hundreds of feet in the air.

    The ground city was a massive place divided by three sub-cities. Connell was at the Outer cities, standing in the corner in his crimson hooded cloak. As cashless as he was, Connell could only watch the rife of things being sold in the market. Everything was new to his eyes. The mixtures of adour confused his nose. It amazes him. He wasn't used to crowds but the people left him in awe. Everyone was wearing different clothes and in different fashion. Some even spoke in languages he did not understand. Perhaps Clara was among these people. He hoped she was and kept his eyes open for her. Alas, after hours, he gave up and accepted the fact that Clara was not there. Perhaps after he get his dagger back, he can continue on his search for the woman.

    Connell's eyes was averted up to the distant sky scraping towers, perhaps located in the Inner city. The center of Providence. Maybe that was where he should go. In his thoughts, that is where the thief should be; directly underneath Skye. He had enough viewing of the outer part of the city. Thinking of the thief made his blood boils. Off he went.
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  3. Aurora had just entered the city. She felt a bit overwhelmed with the sheer size. How could so many people live in one place she thought. Aurora began to walk her bells chiming in a whispering voice from there containers strapped to her sea vine belt.
    Thinking for a moment she decided it would be best to find the closest sea temple ( if they had one) and pay her respects to her God and Goddess of the ocean. She worshiped daily for it was the price she payed for her magic. She didn't mind though, Aurora quite liked the company of the gods. Worshiping in a temple would surly please them.
    Aurora began to wonder around the outer ring in search of a temple making sure to keep a tight hand on her belongings wary of the thieves that would not that that think twice on taking her things. She observed the people of this city wondering about trivial things such as who they were, why were they in town, how did they live. Of course none of these things mattered as she searched for a temple. But luck was not in her favor.
    Later within the week of her stay in Providence she was stripped of what she owned within the exception of her robes she had felt helpless without her staff. She had gone to a sky temple, even though she worshipped the sea gods they let her stay only to poke fun at her mighty gods. She was barley getting by and wondered if she would ever see her belongings again.
    She pulled out the note she had found the day she was thieved from looking it over with a sigh.
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  4. "Where the Skye doesn't move." That's what the note had said, but what the hell was that supposed to mean? Letholdus had figured it out soon enough, after asking enough people, and a few weeks later he found himself in Providence. Stripped of his weapons and armor, he had nothing. A warrior without his implements of war, it just wasn't right. Although his rugged build, large muscles, and lack of clothes save a furry loin cloth, a necklace, and boots, got him more than a few looks as he wandered down the streets of the massive city. 'These people couldn't swing a sword to save their lives' he thought arrogantly. Tribal reject or not, he was still filled with the same pride the drove all other barbarians to battle.

    Letholdus didn't have any money, so he had been forced to scrounge around for food, and he didn't like it at all. No glory and thrill of the hunt, none of the pride of killing your own meal, it sucked like hell. What was worse was that he couldn't do a damn thing to the children that mocked him. "Mother, why doesn't this man have any clothes, is he a wandering vagrant?" and "Me man, you animal, no place for you." were among the most common that he got. All he really wanted was to find the thief and shake off this strange shadow that absolutely insisted on following him.
  5. Ayrnard slowly opened his eyes only to find himself sitting in the middle of nowhere . At first he thought he was dreaming but as he got up and looked around , he realized he wasn't . He quickly moved his hand to his back but he could only feel the soft texture of his clothes .
    " They took my bow ... " He then moved his hand to his waist but there was nothing there too
    " and my dagger... and my money ! "
    Ayrnard couldn't do anything but take a few deep breaths and whisper :
    " Great ! "
    He then noticed the small note laying on the ground in front of him . He read it , but he had no idea what it meant so he crinkled the note and shoved it in one of his pockets .
    Ayrnard started walking in a random direction , eventually reaching the grand city of Providence . He made his way over to the Outer City's gate , staring at the giant wall in front of him . Usually he would be happy to be in a place like this . It meant there were probably some rich merchants who need escorting around , but now without his weapons he was useless . His stomach made a short growling noise and reminded him that in the situation he's in , time shouldn't be wasted . The guards let him in and soon he found himself staring at all the different stands in the marketplace . He wasn't planning on stealing anything but just the sight of all the food made him feel less hungry , and the sight of all the beautifully crafted bows made him feel happy and at ease . All he needed was money , and things would soon go to normal. Suddenly he heard a small clinging noise coming from one of his pockets . He searched it and managed to find 2 coins,that he probably kept there for months without knowing ,and he quickly spent them on a bunch of fruits , barely enough for a meal .
    So there he was , sitting in the middle of the Outer City , defenseless , homeless , with no money left but at least he wasn't starving .
  6. Aurora,

    You will feel something small, and weighty, fall into your empty pocket while you're reading over then note. Aside from the japes and callous jokes of the commoners and lesser nobility, you feel as though you're being watched. If you trace the room for the gazes, you do eventually lock glances with three men, all of whom do not avert their gazes. They are robed in simple cloth, nothing fancy or showy like what you may be use to in the other places you've visited. The only form of vanity they deign to display are the circlets atop their heads. Set in the center of these head pieces are a clear stone, and within them the visage of a brilliant yellow sun with orange rays. You haven't heard much of Auralia's Itempan Order, but one thing is abundantly clear. Your gods are not their gods, and the most devout of the church fully believe that such a thing is paramount to heresy. They are members of the Divine Sun, the sect of bishops allowed great power from the use of sunlight.

    Their glares betray their distaste.


    You will feel something small, and weighty, fall into your empty pocket as you're breach the threshold between the Outer and Mid city gates. The moment the portcullis closes behind you, you notice a distinct change in the people around you. If you didn't know any better, you'd say magic is crackling in the air. This section of Providence is heavily militarized, and you can see it on every block. The presence of the city guard is much more concentrated here, getting thicker the closer you get to the Inner City walls. The lesser nobility don't pay you much mind, however a dog has taken a distinct interest in your travels, and has begun to follow you. He's a rather large beasty, yet the shaggy coat, massive jowls and wagging tail betrays what otherwise would be an intimidating animal. You notice that he doesn't have a collar, but he does have something wrapped around his neck.


    You will feel something small, and weighty, fall into your empty pocket, probably by one of the children who try to poke you with a stick. The gazes tossed your would shame a lesser man, but hopefully you persevere. You trot on, wounded pride in hand, when suddenly you hear the crash of something loud, and men and women screaming off around the corner, almost betraying the hint of potential violence. You see two guards rush on ahead of you. Off in the distance though, you notice a raucous noise coming from might very well be a tavern, or inn of some sort. Of course, you could pass these places completely, after all, you do have a thief to find.


    Perhaps those two coins were a gift from a kindred spirit? You rush on along, stomach rumbling, hands trembling, when a man in front of you accidentally stumbles into a man's market stall, knocking over more than a few cabbages. After a few moments of cleaning up the debris, the two men smile, shake each other's hands, and continue on with their days. The pedestrian you notice; however, seems to have dropped a small pouch on the ground, forgotten, or unnoticed. A black feather seems to be sticking out of the open hole, as well as the glister of gold.
  7. "Wait, what the hell was that?" Letholdus thought to himself as he felt the objects in his pocket. However, before he could think upon the matter any further, along with all the humiliating looks he was getting, he heard the clamor of something or other going on, and it rather piqued his curiosity. Upon also seeing a couple of guards rush ahead of him, he decided he might as well check it out, seeing as how the thief could wait. "If I'm lucky, maybe a fight has broken out and I can get some sort of entertainment in the freaking place." He again thought to himself. Wait, was that a tavern? Oh hell yes, maybe he could also get a drink while he was at it. Beer and a show, what could be better?
  8. He found his way to the passage connecting the outer-city and the mid-city. Just as he passed through, the portcullis was lowered. The pointed blade part of the portcullis alarmed him. He imagined the situation where it would suddenly fall while a person or a crowd was passing through. It was not a sight to be admired.

    As he turned his attention away from the portcullis, he noticed the difference between the two separate sectors. The crowded market was replaced with few arid looking faces. the only groups of people Connell saw are people in uniformed armors. He could still hear the muffled bustling sound of the market just beyond the passage behind him, but the smell of the air was just as dull as the people in the area. Strange how circumstances are separated by a simple metal fence.

    An abrupt change in the weigh of the pockets of his breeches caught his attention. His brows was knitted, curious, wondering what was it that suddenly materialized in his pockets. He reached in and felt the anomaly with his fingers and palm before pulling it out. What was it?

    It was a day filled with interesting things for Connell. While the other people in the streets ignored him, a four legged creature seemed to be interested in him. Their interests joined and they eyed each other. The creature had shaggy fur. It's jawl massive and its tail was wagging, seemingly playful.

    "Hello there," Connell greeted the dog. "How are you doing?"

    The dogs and wolves that Connell ran into in his travels with Clara was wild. They cannot speak the language that he spoke and was often hunted and turned into nutrients for his body. Their pelts were good source for silver and gold as well. But this one seemed to be tame. Perhaps this dog was different and can understand him. Perhaps they can be friends instead of his food. It was after all a strange world. The dog had a dog's smelly odour, but that didn't stop Connell from touching it. He ran his free hand on the dog's fur. It felt thick and rough. He later noticed something else on its neck. What was it?
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  9. Aurora reached into her pocket feeling as though something was placed there," what is this". She decided to look later in fear of what the temples deciples would do.
    She left the temple and went to a nearby park sitting down underneath a tree. Aurora was beginning to think about her next move, she could no longer stay at the sun temple, the decipples were corrupt and dishonest. She pulled out the item(s) she felt drop in her pocket to examine it.
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  10. Ayrnard chuckled a bit at the clumsiness of the man and the vender's misfortune .
    " That's one way to make a mess ... " He thought .
    He rushed over to help the vendor pick up his cabbages and that's when he noticed a small pouch on the ground . He could barely see some coins inside it . He could have just hid it in his pocket however he had the feeling that if he were to do that , he'd have to suffer consequences later in the form of bad luck or worse . He picked it up and showed it to the vendor .
    " Is this yours ? " Ayrnard asked and the vendor shook his head . Ayrnard then rushed over to the other man yelling at him :
    " Hey you ! Did you drop this ? "
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