Ten rules for family dinners.



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I found this mini article had a few items I agree with. I dislike it when there's TV on or phones being answered when eating with people at home or in restarunts.


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Same I can say yes to a few of them and no to others. For instance, we eat with the TV on but we force everyone to come to dinner. Also dinner doesn't need a set time, seriously we aren't poshe. Phones are a no-go though at the table (we don't have to put up with cell phones but our home phone rings sometimes)

I feel dinner should be a time for you to get together with family and share each other's daily events.

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I never had any of that normal family dinner stuff growing up, but from time to time I would practice it in the homes of other people.


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Since the boys work the same shift, we do kind of have a "dinner time". XD And I totally agree about having dinner at around the same time every night. I mean, everyone doesn't have to show up for dinner, but it's good to have that structure.

I'm NOT keen on surprise guests though... D: Nothing is worse than not having enough dinner for everyone cause you didn't expect to have to feed extra people.

I'm definitely an anti-phone during family dinner person. >:[ You should be talking or texting when it's family time.

I DO allow substitutions, but within reason. XD I freaking hated having my parents try to force me to eat things I hated. There's things the boys hate too. So I always make sure it's a well rounded meal with something everyone likes.

I wish everyone helped clean up. >>;; but we're all kinda lazy and have no routine for chores....

I don't think we should force people to dinner at the same time either. Sometimes people just dun wanna eat that night or wanna do something else. I wouldn't let them make up excuses to escape though... >>;

LOVE the idea of "everyone tries everything". Trying new things is good!

I like the no television rule too, if it's a sit down family meal. It's too distracting. But for everyday whatever meals, we enjoy watching tv together!

....I don't get the "tap only" rule. WTF is with that? Did someone have an issue with individual bottles or something?

And I think people should be able to leave the table when they want to, damnit. D:<


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Had all of those rules as a kid, minus the everyone tires everything one. There was usually only one thing....