Tempus Incantatricis (Time of the Witch.)

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  1. This is the OOC for the Interest Check about an Alternate Universe Crusaders hunting Witches I made. So, here's the Plot and CS:

    The year is 1096 Anno Domini. Magic is in our world. Many people who use it, have been corrupted by demons. There are mages who work for the Church. When the Pope is killed by a group of witches, his successor gathers together an army. Many of the Knights are from England, France, Germany, and Italy, as well as from other Nations in Europe. This group is told to hunt the witches, and other magic users. Many magic users are recruited for this army as well. mainly for support, or medicinal purposes. The Crusade against Magic begins: NOW!


    Templar: Your basic Tank class. Wears Plate mail.

    Hospitaller: A Paladin type class. a Mage/Templar mix. Used for healing, but can combat due to the heavy armor. Wears Plate mail

    Mage: A Magic user ordained by the Church. Wears chainmail.

    Justiciar: A Spellblade. Wears Lighter armor, and more focused on Combat than the Hospitaller. wears Chainmail.

    Archer: A lightly armored class, that uses a bow or crossbow. heavily vulnerable. Wears a Leather/Chainmail mix depending on Bow type.

    Priest: A lightly armored Mage. mainly focused on religious spells. Wears Leather.

    The CS: