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  1. Basically, I will play a character - a temporal witch - whose humble abode is able to connect the past, present and future. Everyone else will play characters from the three different eras.

    Playable Characters can come from these areas. Do note that these names are subject to change to avoid confusion.

    "The Past" is basically a simple Fantasy Setting with swords, sorcery and myths.
    "The Present" takes place in a simple modern Japanese town where the namesake character attends school along with her friends from the era.
    "The Future" is a futuristic-looking place with cool flying cars and metropolis and you know... all that. And that is also an era where aliens live among us.

    There are other eras planned, but to prevent complication, you can only play eras from the above areas.

    Who is interested?
  2. Just one minute and you've got a player! I'd be interested in playing as someone from the future :)

    Just a question: Expectations? Paragraphs? Sentences?
  3. 1. Try to be active. For my RPs, pace may vary.
    2. One or two paragraphs a post, more if you wish
    3. 4 to 5 sentences a paragraph
  4. Ok, thanks! Also, is it just one character per era, or many?
  5. I'm still considering about that one. For the time being, one character per era is preffered. Of course, unless you have a reason or two.
  6. I thought it would be one character per era :) So, that's fine by me!
  7. I'd be interested in the past character, especially with more details~ :3
  8. Anyone else expressing interest?

    I'd love at least two or three characters per era before we begin. One person can have one character per era, maxing up to three per person.
  9. Sounds good :)
  10. I'm interested.
  11. I'll be ready to initiate the OoC soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.