Temporal Retribution.

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    P l o t

    It was the early 1800's.

    Vampires became more and more known by humans, though if they were to be caught, their memories would be erased. They all followed the old folktale, known simply as Vladimir. It wasn't a famous story, only told within the UK. As the story is told, it is said that Vladimir will court his victims and take them to bed. The women unknowingly did as they were told, and by the next morning, their skin was as pale as white. Their eyes held no color, no life.

    They weren't dead though, Vladimir would take away something precious from them. Souls, in a sense. It would be as if the women were walking corpses. Many were seen for only a few hours, before seemingly completely disappearing off the earth. They were forgotten, replaced, and the cycle continuously happened. Some said that a few of those Women had ran off to survive, afraid that Vladimir would come back and finish them off. But no one really ever knew what happened to those poor souls. The story was famous within London, Parents telling it to their children only to make sure that it would make them more aware of their surroundings. It was uncertain if it were true, many stories linked to Vladimir came and went with the wind. More stories of Vampires came along, though hardly any of them were even remotely correct.

    About a decade after Vladimir's tale, strange things began to happen. The creatures of the night had been wildly known throughout the UK, but many hardly allowed themselves to believe, never having seen one before their own very eyes.

    But they were in fact, very much real.

    They were out in the open, or hidden behind walls. They were rather peaceful, when they wanted to be. Everything was fine, and many of their kind had believed for it to be a perfect time. Though that wasn't true. A war raged between both the Shape shifters, and the Vampires.

    Shape shifters were still new to the world, though many were around, becoming servants with the pitiful humans or simply making the humans their own slaves.

    Something had caused the once almost peaceful two groups to clash together and cause a war. The humans had no idea what was going on, only that many were being killed or greatly injured. Particularly the Shape Shifters, most of them had been weak, almost to unknowing to fight the Vampires due to the two races getting along at one point.

    Soon, the Shape Shifters were almost extinct, only few survived and lived on.

    Now, in the 21st Century, it seemed for their decreasing race to almost never be seen again. About 0.05% remained within the world, The small group left stayed together, lived together, and thrived.

    Shape Shifters had a house that was about a mile away, and very little they'd make their way into town to work and get food and everything else they needed. One certain Shape Shifter usually was the one to go out to get whatever they needed and to work. He usually had to put up a small facade up whenever he went to the Shrine up in the Country side. They believed for him to be a friend.

    The Shape Shifter was kind, and calm to the little family. He never tried to provoke them or do anything else.

    Then the young Master left, the kin who would have to bear the Shrine later on in his life. The young Master had wanted to go out and see the city, wanted to explore and learn more things about the world.

    He certainly got what he wanted. The master had somehow caught the attention of someone whom was an Acquaintance to a much larger group of Vampires. Which soon enough, had taken the Master in and used him for blood and for show. No one cared about him, and he would die soon enough.

    Days past, and no one seemed to be coming for him. Until, the Shape Shifter had needed to go to town had seen the young Master and a few of the Vampires waltzing around the city. The Shape Shifter was angry, following them until he found the right time to grab the boy and pull him away, without a clue of what they had done to him. Not like he really cared, only seeing fit to save the other.

    The Shape Shifter had come to town for a few supplies, and for something a little more.. Dangerous. Though it was needed, and it would definitely help him. There was talk about it existing, but no one actually believed for it to be true. People would almost say it was a tale of the grieving past. But the Shape Shifter had somehow gotten his hands on it. No one knows how, or when, only but he whom holds secrets could tell if he as so pleased. At first, his desire to get the device was small- Almost not there. But upon seeing the Young master with the Group, it widened.

    Taking the Young master back, he made sure the other was okay.

    The master had seen the small device, unsure of what it was and wanted to know. He grabbed at it, and held it in his hands. Without realizing, a small, simple little black button was pushed. Black surrounded the two, and it was so quiet that if a Pin were to be dropped, they would've been able to hear it. The master blacked out, as did the Shape Shifter, both of them unknowing to which they were headed.

    Traveling back in time isn't always the safest of things. Many have lost their lives if given the chance to go back and change fate. Both the Shape Shifter and the young Master had gone to separate places, but the same times. Back to the 1800's, were Technology didn't exist and many more creatures lurked around at night.

    Though, it was seemingly fated for The young master to meet.. Her. A vampire whom had been around for a very long time, who knows their way around. She simply decides to help him, wondering on exactly what had happened to the boy. He was lost, and though she didn't really care, she could tell that he was one of her kind. He couldn't be trusted, and had to be trained.

    No one was expecting for an anomaly like this to happen.


    P l a y e r s

    The older vampire | @C l o w n |Millie Von Black.
    The Young Master | @Sen | Kazuo Hashira.
    The Shape Shifter | @Sen | Gohatto


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  2. [​IMG]

    His head was fuzzy and he couldn't remember anything. The week itself has been blurry. All he needed to do was to meet up with one of his family friends in the city, do some chores for his father, but instead he had gotten himself into trouble. Dark figures hiding in the shadows, the alleyways of the city, roaming at night. Beautiful, ethereal women and handsome men who weren't what they seemed. A sharp pain in his neck and a flash of scarlet blood, the excitement of the crowd as they watched. The whole time, Kazuo was unconscious, his memories were pieced together bit by bit, flashes of this and that. He remembered being passed around like luggage, thrown from place to place, each one surprisingly regal and posh, well-furnished. Every single person he recalled seeing was dressed in strange, city clothing, flowing gowns and sharp suits. Kazuo must have looked out of place, wearing clothes of religious and shrine origin with a touch of the olden days thanks to his father's love of the traditional ways.

    Then he was saved. From the endless days of men and women moving him around from house to house, from prison cell to prison cell, someone had pulled him out of the never-ending cycle. It was a cold afternoon, he remembered, the sun was coming down and these strange people were coming out at last. Kazuo had learnt that they did not favour the day, where the streets were crowded and the streets were noisy with cars and bustling people, the sounds he had wanted to hear since he was a tiny child. While being escorted - at least he thought he was being escorted, everything was as fuzzy as usual - the people holding him captive were suddenly gone with the wind, and the last thing he remembered was laying down on a comfortable sofa in a less-posh house. He got sleep, he was fed well, he was warm for the first time in the week. Kazuo never saw who saved him, but he was grateful. Whatever the creatures from before had fed him, he was still feeling the after-effects.

    That was why Kazuo was surprised when he woke up groggily, sucked away from the bed he slept on, and into a swirling and soundless darkness. Without warning, the young man was swallowed up, and all he could see was black and his head throbbed painfully. When he opened his eyes, he found himself were he sat now, cheeks pressed against the cold and wet cobble road of a street. The sky was clouded, but not heavy like a storm, it had probably just finished raining. The streets were empty, people were highly likely to be still hiding in their houses. All around him were strange buildings he didn't see in the city. Made of bricks and many stories high, with windows with curtains drawn across them or empty, these buildings loomed over his crouched body.

    He groaned, sitting up. Where was he? This did look like a city, but surely not the one he had gone to visit. This place had less... flashing lights and vehicles and the like. Patting himself down, his entire front was covered in mud, but Kazuo was glad to see his pistol was still tucked inside his clothing, safe and warm. His short blade was still held to his body with a belt, hidden between the two layers of clothing he wore. "Where am I?" he asked no one in particular, before shuffling to his feet. His body was still weak, but he felt better than he had before. The street lamps were flickering slightly, buzzing with life. Down the road, he could hear voices. Gritting his teeth, he quickly moved from the middle of the road and into one of the darker alleyways, the first instinct was to hide from whoever was coming.
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  3. [​IMG]

    The air wasn't cold, nor was it hot. Humid, as some would say. A storm had just passed, after long raging weeks of water pouring down onto the occupants of London, it was finally over. Though many were still inside, just for extra precaution, there were a few braves souls ready to get soaking wet if needed. A female, whom looked about twenty, or twenty-one, was one of them. The girls name was Millie, and she wasn't out for any normal matters like some. It had been almost a month since she had last fed, and though animal blood could help, it wasn't fulfilling. It wasn't as sweet, as sour as human blood. It was an absolute pain to hunt, but it had to be done or else she'd lose her mind and most likely kill many innocent people. That particular thing, was something she greatly avoided. Millie had once accidentally lost her cool, and killed more than five people- Along with another supernatural being. Some would think, after having to deal with this for so long, she'd be able to remember to eat and ease her lust. That wasn't the case at all. Millie wasn't into biting some strangers neck and almost killing them every time. Just the thought of it made the vampire shiver. But at times like these, it simply had to be done.

    Heels pattered and tattered against the floor as she began looking for the perfect prey. Of course, sadly, she wasn't wearing good enough fabric to go on a chase, with a long black, ruffled looking dress that was made of cotton. Millie may just have to go for an elder. They were the easier kills, them, and children. But killing a child wasn't fun to do, their wailing was just too annoying and too many would grieve. That wasn't something the female wouldn't be willing to take the blame for. Elders had lived full lives, so even if they were grieved, it wouldn't be as suspicious to many. Sadly, the best blood had always been Children's, due to them being pure, and newly born vampires- Which might sound strange. No one knew the reason as to why it was just as lovely as Children's- It could possibly be even better. Maybe it was because they're the ones going on frenzies and carried the best. But, of course, she had no idea. Nor did it really matter.

    Millie had been wondering around the streets of London for about twenty minutes or so, and she'd seen quite a few people finally coming out. But their smells didn't allure her. There was something lingering in the air, though faint and obvious that the wind had brought it in. Determined to find the smell, she made sure to not bring attention to find herself as she made her way through the same few streets that she'd passed only minutes before. Many knew her name, but not her face. Which thankfully, allowed the female to go outside. They never knew she was a vampire, but the people of her town suspected that there was something wrong about her. Many were scared as she passed by, though she wasn't excruciatingly tall- Nor was she short. With the height of about Five feet, and five inches, she was counted as one of the more.. Smaller, occupants of the old town. Many women wore shoes that made them look much taller than they really were, lying to many. Though being short didn't mean anything, most women- Even in the 18th century, worried about how they looked. Being courted was something that was frequent and greatly needed by women and men themselves. Millie wasn't interested.

    A soft, incoherent swear fell from the woman's lips as she finally stopped in front of a bar. The smell was hardly there now, and she couldn't track it anymore. If people were to notice her, as how she looked now with her eyes, she'd be beheaded. That wasn't a lovely thought. "Bloody hell.." She muttered, shaking her head.

    Something tapped her back, causing the female to turn and look at whomever touched her. It was another of her kind. Millie didn't have to hide her eyes behind her hair, which would have already been hard. "Millie, what are you doing?" The other asks, his deep voice held curiosity. The two began to walk, their conversation was mild and dull. Without even realizing, the two passed by an Alleyway, which had held the lovely smell from before. The female was able to smell it, dull red eyes flickered around. The other noticed, but didn't make it known. He didn't care. Millie searched, in hopes, but nothing was there. She couldn't see the source of the smell, and it surely wasn't the male beside her since he smelled.. Like ale and women. Pig. ​
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  4. [​IMG]

    As he ducked into the alleyway, he looked around in the darkness. The only light source was the flickering, dim light out in the street. The sky was still blocking out most of the sunlight. The alleyway stank of something vile, nothing he could see, it was too dark even for Kazuo. It was cramped and damp and wet from the rain, the road under him was slippery, the humid air only amplified the smell of the alleyway. From somewhere, the young man could hear voices and footsteps. Kazuo swore under his breath, people were coming out of their homes now. What was he supposed to do now? A stranger in a strange new city. He had no map, no guide, he was lost. He wasn't even sure if he should step out and ask for help, considering how he was treated in the capital. He shuddered at the memory of being handled roughly, tossed about and used, he didn't want to go through that again.

    The footsteps were getting closer, he was breaking into a cold sweat from the nervousness. Seeing the shadows of two figures walk closer and closer, he shrunk deeper into the alleyway when two people walked by, a woman and a man. They were wearing extremely old-fashioned clothing, the ones from the textbooks his father brought for him to be home tutored. Not of the era his father was so loyal to, the traditional Japanese way and the clothing associated with it like yukatas and kimonos, or the leather armour the samurai wore. But this was one of the western lace women's dresses with large ball gowns and the such, and the men walked around in sharp tuxedos and suits everyday.

    Kazuo stepped deeper into the alleyway in order not to be noticed, only to realise he had bumped into a crouched figure. It stirred, eyes opening to reveal a set of bright red pupils, fixated on the young man. A sticky hand - possibly from being crouched in the rain - reached out and grabbed his wrist, smiling to reveal a set of very, very white teeth. Sharp and menacing, he could have sworn the canines glimmered. Without warning, he yelled out loud and stumbled back in fear, his other hand drawing the pistol inside his yukata. Even if his voice echoed throughout the alleyway and he was likely to be heard by others and be discovered, he didn't care anymore. Memories of the strange beautiful people, sparkling scarlet eyes both bright and dull, sharp fang-like teeth being bared at him, pale skin and muffled laughter resurfaced his mind. Was he one of those things? Did this place have them as well? "Oh, god..." The figure didn't seem to care, instead crawling towards his prey like a twisted human crab, teeth bared and ready to bite. Now drawn away from the depths of the alleyway, the features of the creature holding him was slightly illuminated by the street light. Matted, wet hair clung to his pale skin, his eyes were almost empty and soulless yet shone like bright rubies. His mouth was stained with dried blood mixed with saliva, making him look even more terrifying. And his grip on Kazuo's wrist was strong. Gritting his teeth, he pulled on the trigger, the loud gunshot ringing throughout the street, followed by the retching of the creature as it was blasted backwards into the crates it had been hiding in before.
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  5. [​IMG]

    The gunshot was certainly a surprise. The vampire beside her almost jumped, both staring at the staggering male coming from the Alleyway. Millie's face contorted in a grim look, seeing how distorted the male looked. He wasn't wearing any clothing that she necessarily recognized. But, he was the owner of the smell. A small, malicious smirk formed onto her lips. She wanted to pounce, but the vampire beside her grabbed her wrist and held her there. He knew what she wanted, and he wasn't going to let her have it. It seems like she needs to learn once more of not letting go of control. Yes, he was the one whom had taught Millie and her brother of the rules, much older than most remaining in the world, he'd seen everything. From wars, to peace, to bloodshed, and much more. Right now, he didn't want to have to clean up the woman's mess. It was obvious that he wasn't very interested in Kazuo, a simple, bored look was present on his face as he seemingly stared down the other. He was one of their kind, a newborn. He'd only been bit days before. Well that's why Millie almost lost her cool. New blood was delicious to some, Millie being one of them.

    "Ah, must you have shot such a loud, petty thing? It'll bring attention." The male spoke, an annoyed tone apparent. Letting go of Millie's wrist, he grabbed the boy by the back of his shirt, motioning for the female to follow before they began to head towards the little home in the woods in which no one would bother looking. Another death, more loss for family members. What an imbecile the boy was for shooting a gun like that at someone of his own kind. Yes, maybe he would've been killed by the rugged man, but maybe that would have simply just been better for everyone.

    Passing by the humans whom have noticed the loud noise, they didn't bother glancing over at the small group as they made their way out of town and into the forest filled with thick trees and mud. The trip to Millie's house took merely the hour, but upon reaching it, the male- Who was once calm and uninterested, now angered and frustrated. Why exactly had he brought the stinger right to his beloveds house? What a dangerous mistake that was. Millie didn't even seem to mind, obviously very occupied with the smell that the boy had carried. Heading inside the house, his grip only loosened on the boys clothes once they were in the dining room. His eyes didn't change, having had much more control than most. "What made you think you had the right to do something so reckless? I don't care if you were being attacked or not." He glared at the boy, practically pushing the other onto the ground. A small hand gripped onto his forearm, keeping him from doing anymore damage to the newbie. Millie leaned in and whispered a few soothing words, which worked wonders on him. He always tended to calm down when she spoke.

    Millie finally seemed to not be as interested in the blood now as she had been, so, the woman finally decided to speak. "Hello. I'm sorry about Aden here, he's not too kind on betrayers. My name is Millie, it's a pleasure to meet you." Her voice was soft, gentle, and calming. The woman curtsied, bowing her head slightly before deciding to push back the much, much older vampire behind her. She didn't want him to make any rash decisions. Though, she had forgotten of her eyes being a dull red, unknowing of the fear the other had.
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  6. [​IMG]

    As expected, the two that had walked past him had noticed. Upon seeing them closer in the light, he noticed how pale there were, their eyes a familiar red. From the flashes of his memories, he remembered all sorts of red eye colours. Bright scarlet reds, peering at him and embracing a limp body as a groggy Kazuo watched, brown-reds that looked soulless and dead and everything in between. With their eyes turned on him now, he felt a chill crawl up his spine. Something about these two weren't normal. Scrambling to his feet, he attempted to run down the cobble street, away from the crumpled and possibly dead figure in the alleyway and the two new strangers who didn't look so friendly. But before he had the chance to even gather up the strength to run away, his legs feeling limp from fright, he felt a strong hand grasp the back of his yukata, thwarting his chances of getting away.

    Even with his regular training, Kazuo realised the man holding him was stronger than him. Against his will he was being hauled away, away from the cobble streets where there was going to be more people, away from the grim and grey city with the flickering lights and the old buildings. Along the way he spotted carriages, odd looking dresses and suits presented and displayed in the shops. This was a peculiar place, but he would have preferred to stay in the 'city' than head off with some strangers. This situation was becoming increasingly similar to the day he had arrived at the big city where the buildings were much bigger and higher than the temple he called his home, where cars were rushing by everywhere, everyone had smartphones and it stank of pollution. Creatures approaching him in the night and effortlessly taking him away to a place in an alien world. "Are you one of those guys? Get off me!" But his shouts only seemed to be falling on deaf ears, and for some reason even if he yelled out for help, the people they walked passed paid them no heed. "Help!" he gurgled, pulling away desperately from the man.

    For what seemed like an hour, they pulled him into the dark woods, a place he definitely did not want to be in. He didn't know where his kidnappers were taking him in the big city, he didn't know where his kidnappers now were taking him into the woods. But he soon realised that there was a little house there, who would want to live out here in the darkness? Thrust inside, the grip on Kazuo's yukata did not slack until they were into a really old-fashioned room, the young man assuming it was the dining area from the pictures he had seen. "What's wrong with you?" he lashed out. "Are you saying if something like that happened to you and you had a gun on hand, you wouldn't shoot?" The young man took a step back. "Stay away from me, you're one of them, aren't you!?"
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    The two vampires glanced at each other as the much, much younger male panicked. Aden decided to answer the boy, irritated and just about ready to leave the young man out with the wolves. "Nothing's wrong with me. I wouldn't even have to use a weapon. They're meant for battles, not for some useless act like that." He paused for a mere second, a sadistic smirk grew onto his lips. It was quite hilarious to watch as the strange young man. "And, I don't believe I know what you're talking about. Though, if you really want to go, by all means, go. I'd be ecstatic to see you die out in the cold." He chuckled, glaring darkly at the man. If he didn't want to accept the fact of their kind, or kindness of bringing him into Millie's home, then he might as well go. Millie definitely need such a petty problem on her hands, nor did he. "Just don't come back, and if I see you anywhere near this house or if I'm in town.. I won't be afraid to rip out your limbs." It was surprising that the male hadn't quite yet tried to escape, seeing as neither Millie or himself were covering the door in any way. In fact, Millie was already walking out of the Dining Area and to the entrance way just to open the door. She didn't care, really. He was only but a stranger, someone whom might as well learn his own ways. Millie was on her own for a while, besides having her brother with her. The two of them, without anything else, nor someone to teach them how to control the thirst.

    Waiting to see if anything happened, she realized that she had to go. Millie didn't mind a stranger being in her house, as long as they didn't ruin any of her things. Though she was sure that Aden would stay until the young man left. It didn't really matter to her, right now, she was more focused on soothing the thirst more than anything. "It surely was a pleasure to meet you, though." The young woman cackled. Her friend had followed her to the door, his eyes held curiosity. Leaning into Aden, her lips close to his ear, she softly whispered to him. "Maybe you should teach him of who he is." She looked at her friend, giving him a 'Hopeful' look, before heading outside herself, knowing that she had to do something- Even if it was just from an animal. It would at least keep her from killing many more for a few days at least. She ran through the forest, without shoes. Twigs crunched under her feet, she could feel the mud in between her toes. It was such a joyous feeling, always so exciting and thrilling. Millie didn't care if she was getting dirty or not, though it was always frowned upon by her brother and Aden. This was really the only time she could have some 'fun', whatever the children called it these days. Never did the woman smile, not in front of others at least. The only think that she could hear, were the branches crunching underneath her weight and a few animals here and there. So being an actual 'Human' being sounded.. Well, it couldn't be described into words, not for her.

    All the while, Aden managed to realize what Millie had meant. "I'm not going to hurt you, even if you don't believe me. But tell me your name, I won't put a curse on you like the witches. Though if you don't oblige, I'm not going to be such a kind being."

    It didn't take long before the woman reached the town once more, but as her feet touched the cobblestone pavement, her eyes just merely flickered towards a man. He looked about her 'age'. Thankfully, he seemed to just be returning home, which would allow for everything to be easy. Making sure that she looked a bit distressed, and that her hair fell over her eyes to make sure that he wouldn't be able to see. If the male were to see her eyes, he'd probably run and tell the town. The thought alone sent shivers down her spine, knowing just how terrible Humans could be. Quickly shaking her head, she rid of the thought before beginning to slowly stagger towards the man. Little whimpers fell from her lips, causing the man to bring attention on her. His gaze flickered over to the woods, then to the town, before deciding to help the girl by bringing her inside. A small smirk had formed on her lips, though he couldn't see it. Oh she'd have some fun.
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    "How was that not a battle?" he asked, exasperated. What sort of man was he with that sort of mindset? Was this how city-people thought? Up in the mountains not far from the bustling city and home to his family living in a temple, it was peaceful and homey. But the city was filled with pollution and stink, yet had so much potential for him. Until he was taken away from his goal, that is. The city-people were set on totally different paths than he had thought. Kazuo blinked at the man before him as if he couldn't believe what he had just stated. "A battle between that thing and me, it's called self-defence," he almost snarled threateningly at him. He'd never acted so irrationally before, never in his life. Who knew just one event could affect him so badly? He couldn't trust anyone... not to mention his kidnapper was remarkably similar to his handlers before. The young man steeled himself to lean in closer, taking a deep whiff of the scent of the man, before retching back. "You smell just like them, you're definitely one of them. Just... without the stench." The stench of pollution, even the smell of the city he had been taken away from was different. Less smokey and gassy. Where was he? He knew right now he was in some woods not far from civilisation, but it wasn't a place he knew of.

    Out of the two people standing in the room with him, only the woman in the pretty dress seemed to be the most rational. She hadn't spoken a lot yet compared to the man, but she seemed kindly. However, that didn't mean the country boy was going to trust her just yet. Even she smelt like those creatures, in fact, the whole house had a lingering fog of the nasty aroma. And since when was his sense of smell even that good? This was Kazuo, who often got blocked noses and colds when he was younger. He almost took a step forward when he noticed she was leaving the house, before stopping himself, but he looked wary and concerned. After hearing the door close, he glared at the man. "Where is she going?" He didn't feel comfortable at the least being left alone with the man dressed in old-fashioned clothing, but something about the woman and her purpose of leaving seemed off. She was a beast, right? Smelt like one, but not sure if she looked like one. Kazuo couldn't see her eyes and their colour. But he shuddered. What if she was? That meant someone was in danger, right?

    Without thinking, he leapt towards the door. The woman might not be one of those things, but there was a chance she was. Why else would her companion smell like those bloodsucking creatures? Someone might end up being kidnapped just like him! Spinning around at the man's question, he snapped at him. "Kazuo, you happy? Now if you're not going to stop her, I will. You filthy creatures!" his voice was like poison, upon realising what sort of situation he had been caught in, before sprinting out the door and into the woods, trying to race towards the city. Where was she? He couldn't smell her, he knew women wore perfumes, and the female creatures certainly did to mask their scent. But he wasn't about to let anyone suffer like he did.
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