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  1. Space Stations! In a world with space travel, ships would often have trips where they would travel long distances without encountering planets they could land on. Space stations are crucial for worlds like these, whether they serve the purpose of military outpost, colony, science centre, or intergalactic gas station.

    Ask lots of questions about space stations, and we'll churn out some templates to help you design your own!
  2. How many decks/levels?
    Maximum population?
    Necessary jobs to keep it habitable
    Space location (near x planet, in the y Galaxy, etc)
    Amenities on board (restaurant, cafeteria, theatre, shooting range, gym, etc)
    Traffic: (how often do ships drop in?)
  3. What materials is it made of? (Organic, metals, etc)

    What technology levels is it? (Any old mechanic could repair, or needs a fancy school computer technician)

    Weapons Systems:

    Life Support Systems:

    Gravity Systems:
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  4. What powers it?
    If it can travel, how fast does it travel? Does the crew need to be put in stasis?
    Is it streamlined, or bulky?
    Is it for exploration? Mining? War? Merchants? Shipping? Pirates? All of the above?
    Is the crew solely human?
    How is waste processed?
    What is the main language on board? Is it universal?
    Does the ship/station have an AI system? If so, what kind?
    What is automated? What needs to be manual?
    Is it state of the art? An older model? On its last legs?
    What does the crew eat? How is it stored? How is it cooked?
    How does it communicate with ships/planets?
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  5. Appearance Characteristics:
    What is it's general shape/size?
    What are the colors on the outside?
    What are the colors on the Inside?
    How many Rooms Does it Hold?
    How is the gravity inside?
    What furnishings are there, if any?
    What computer systems do they use?
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  6. Where is it stationed?
    If by a planet, what is it like? If not, what is around it?
    If it is a planet, is it inhabited? If so, by what?
    Why is it stationed where it is?
    What is the name of the station/ship?
    What is the name of the quadrant/planet it is stationed in/near?
    Who is in control/owns of the station/ship? A government? A nation? A planet? A race? A single person or family?
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  7. We still need more to get a decent 'ultra' template out of this! Keep 'em coming!

    Storage capacity (how much cargo/supplies can it store?)
    Accessibility (is this space station friendly to the wheelchair bound, those of non-humanoid anatomy, etc?)
    How many engines/power rooms are there?
    How do the engines/power units work?
    How is the power distributed through the ship?
    Does the station run on some kind of fuel?
    How does the station replenish power?
    How many ships can dock here at a time?
    How often do ships dock here?
    Do people live residential lives here, or is it a big workspace?
    What recreational facilities are available?
    What emergency services are available? What happens if one of them is rendered useless?
    What kind of security personnel is available on the ship?
    Are security personnel armed?
    How much of the crew is security?
    Where do the crew eat? (in their quarters, in a galley, in a locker/lunch room?)
    How big is each floor of the station?
    Does each deck/floor have a general purpose? If so what are they?
  8. Does the name of this station have a special meaning or significance?

    Who built this station?

    When was it built?

    For what purpose was it originally built?

    Is its use now different from the original intentions?

    Are there any symbols, insignias, or logos on it?

    Does this space station have any sponsors?

    What recompense/exposure do these sponsors get?
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