TELL US: Which way would you prefer a character vault to be organized?

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How would you want the categories to be set up for a Character Vault?

  1. By Alphabet

    48 vote(s)
  2. By Availability

    49 vote(s)
  3. By Genre/Setting

    134 vote(s)
  4. OTHER (I will tell you my idea!)

    14 vote(s)
  1. This is important. O____O

    What kind of category structure would YOU find most useful in a mass vault of characters?

    By Alphabet: Character names starting with A etc.

    By Availability: Characters that are available to be in a roleplay.

    By Genre: Characters group together by the SETTING TYPE of roleplays they can be played in.

    OTHER???? Tell us!
  2. Would it be at all possible to categorize them by genre, then give those a subcategory for availability? I figure that wouldn't be too difficult, would it?
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  3. Perhaps you ought to do it by User? So each Iwakuan's characters are all stored under that user's username? All in the same place for easy access?
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  4. Is this "vault" going to be individual, like the Roleplay Resume, or a huge vault for every character sheet on the forum?

    If it was just my personal vault, on my profile, then alphabetical is fine.

    If it's going to be a huge vault holding all the character sheets, then I think it should be split alphabetically by creator/username, and then organised alphabetically by character name. It's based on the idea that, if I sign up to a group RP with a person that I think is interesting, then I would want to be able to easily check their other characters out to see if there's something there that I might want to suggest for a OneXOne with them. If we, as users, can contribute then why not add genre tags in the same way that we have them on the forums? Then users can decide if their alien character best fits into horror, sci-fi, modern fantasy or all three.
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  5. It WILL be stored by User and you'll be able to see all of a members characters!

    There WILL also be personal albums of characters and the potential for members to categorize their characters in their own special categories in their private albums. O_O

    This poll is for the BIG LIST of all members characters and what structure would be best for members browsing through looking for characters to invite to roleplays!
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  6. Ah, now it makes a lot more sense!

    If it's a colossal list of names for "recruiting" purposes, then I think that genre would be the best category for splitting things up. I don't know what you're envisaging, but in the same way that if you click on "Fantasy" on the boards, you get the actual roleplays and a sub-forum for the sign-up sheets, then I'd like to click on "Fantasy Characters" and be taken to the list of characters available for roleplay, with the inactive list being in a sub-forum. Then, characters can just be organised by the time that they were added, with the newest characters at the top, so that if someone has scoured the list already, it's easier for them to read the profiles of new characters first.
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  7. I personally think this is a great idea!
  8. You could give us each the option of how we want it sorted lol if that's possible.
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  9. 1) Thinly veiled self-inserts
    2) Thinly veiled Anime rip-offs
    3) Thinly veiled Gary Stus
    4) Thinly veiled traditional archetypes
    5) Characters played by Benedict Cumberbatch
    6) Ponies
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  10. I think the characters should be divided into genre groups, and then listed alphabetically.
  11. But doesn't it makes most sense to do all three?

    Genre: Fantasy
    Ali White (available)
    Corrina Darkfeather (available)
    David Storm (available)
    Hallie Call (available)
    Thorn Grey (available)
    Vanessa Vay (available)
    Yvonne Mitchell (available)
    Atrielle Amtriana (taken)
    Avarus Lull (taken)
    Esther Lionsmane (taken)
    Felicia Day (taken)
    Isa Dorell (taken)
    Katherine McTalico (taken)
    Portia Marian (taken)
    Ray Sunset (taken)
    Wendy Johnston (taken)
    Zuko Danni (taken)
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  12. Can users go into settings and change it possibly? Or list them differently? If it was by genre, I couldn't use it at all unless we had a section for adaptable or any genre characters <.<
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  13. If we could do ALL of them easily and flawlessly, I wouldn't have a poll up asking people what would be the most useful. D:
  14. I think i'd prefer threads sorted by user, if that makes sense
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  15. I think both availability and genre/setting is good. At least we know who is available and what kind of RP they are into.
  16. I'm for alphabetical and against genre/setting

    Some of us use the same character for different Roleplays, or like to tweak a character for one setting to fit in another. Having to sort by genre would EEEFFFF this up completely.
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  17. Oooh! Is that what it's for? I thought it was like the Blogs, for storage of Character Information and such. And for the post layouts/formats for those particular characters should that type of thing tickle a user's fancy. Like, each user just go in, make their own thread, and post their characters that way. Because I'm not one to invite a CHARACTER into a role play, just the PLAYER. Because if the majority of players are like me, they don't have set characters for everything. Sometimes we find an rp and we want to make an entirely new character for it. Not have the GM pick them for us. What if someone comes along and shoots you a message asking to do an rp with a certain character, but you don't want to do it with that character? You want to use another or make a new one? It's just a butt really. Character Storage = Good. Characters taking place of Players in Rp requests = Bad.
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  18. My Idea is the following.

    I believe that it should be organized based on the members that own the characters with your own characters taking precedence.

    Basically, you can find characters by typing in the Member that owns them into a search bar.

    Not only that, but I believe that it would be best to be able to toggle the order in which characters are presented.

    That way you can Choose to have characters to appear in alphabetic order/ availability/ or genre/setting. This would make everyone happy.

    Edit: Did not read the previous posts, my second point stands.
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  19. GENRE, I say, I do declare.


    Character shopping will become stupid easy if we do it by Genre.
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  20. Availability.

    I agree with Minibit on not sorting by genre because members sometimes are able to adjust characters to fit different genres, as I do it myself, from time to time. In fact, many of the characters I've created could easily be tweaked to fit into either Sci-Fi or Fantasy.
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