Tell me a (Mexican) story

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  1. I want to be told a story of what is happening in this video.

    p.s. If you speak Spanish, or watch the show, please fuck off and die. No one wants you here.

    My take

    Diana comes to the hospital to visit Vay, who has just recovered from a nasty operation. But oh no! Myrnodyn is there giving Vay a sneaky peck on the cheek. Diana is outraged. "So you didn't really die of Autism?" she mutters bitterly to him. "You betrayed me, Vay!" she screams, and Vay quivers with tears. Then Dawn enters the room and is all like "Wot da fuck, yo?". But Diana is on a roll. She berates the delicate Vay for all her betrayals, saying that she only gave her the co-Admin job because she smelled a bit like Asmo. Vay winces with every slight. How could this be? Was she really just a cheap Asmo knock-off, there to placate the olifactory obsessions of the alpha bitch? But before she can reflect on this, Diana attacks! Myrn and Dawn try to intervene, but are shoved away by Diana's crazy Arkansas retard strength. "I PAID FOR YOUR ARMS!" she screams at Vay, while trying to rip them off, "AND YOUR PRETTY PRETTY FACE!" Myrn makes another attempt to intervene, but gets the pimp hand. "Go fetch my punishment dildo!' Diana orders Dawn, and Dawn quickly waddles out, fetching Grumpy. They rush back to find Myrnodyn dry humping Diana, and Vay on the floor, clutching her ovaries. Grumpy helps her up, while Diana screams "Traitor!" and sets about ripping Dawn's hair out. Fijoli looks on in shock. "I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU APART FROM CAMMY!" Diana yells and smashes Dawn's head against the wall. Dawn slumps down, her skull fractured, and Vay exclaims in despair. "Call a wee fookin' ambulance, aye?!" Grumpy drawls at Fijoli, but unfortunately the poor girl is panicking and does not understand the Scottish meat-head. Instead she rushes Vay away while Grumpy and Myrn restrain Diana. Then Myrn realizes that Dawn is probably going to die and seizes the opportunity to rush over and feel her up. "....I only... wanted... Asmo... to notice me...." Dawn whimpers before bleeding out. "Ney luk whah ye done, yer roon betch!" Grumpy cries and tosses Diana aside. But the crazy Admin lands against a hospital table that.... for some reason.... has a pair of scissors lying on top it. Diana raises her newfound weapon aloft. Myrn looks at her. Diana brandishes it threateningly. Myrn looks at her again. She knows what he's thinking - she's read his staff file. Myrn has always fantasized about being violated by cosmetology equipment. He licks his lips with delight. Diana comes closer. "Do neh do eet, mun!" Grumpy cries. "Aaeeeirgh!" Fijoli adds, helpfully. Diana advances with the scissors. "I've always hated you, Myrn. I just can't fire you, because you're autistic. Like that bastard, Rory. I'm stuck with both of you!" Grumpy kneels down in front of Vay, "Quick no, lassie! Jus' tell her yer wee snippet of ye ovalumps and put doon ya chappie!" Vay shakes her head at the Scotsman. Then Diana stabs Myrn in the arm. Elsewhere, Minibit feels the pain of the injury, because she's been psychically linked with Myrn every since she raped him. She tries to explain it to Malkuthe, but the mustachioed douche doesn't give a shit. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Grumpy drags Diana out of the room with his trademark Highland Bear-Nab. He leaves Myrn to cry like a bitch over his slight stab wound while the other staff stand around pointlessly and discuss what prefix-tag to put on the Drama Thread. Vay explains the whole sordid affair to them while Diana screams from the hallway. The staff carry out Dawn's body while Diana threatens to fire them for being traitors. Later on, Tegan gets a call from the hospital. Doctor Jared informs her that Diana has flipped her shit and stabbed an autistic kid. Tegan replies that she always knew this day would come. Jared informs her that she's been elected the new Admin of Iwaku. Tegan is naturally shocked, but then has a flashback to her wedding with Asmo. Knowing that she has that man by her side is all she needs to find confidence. She accepts the job, and the population of Iwaku plunges to 10% overnight. Those who remain are really fucking pretentious.

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  2. I- .... I don't know what I just read.

    But I am pretty sure this is EXACTLY what happened. O_O
  3. Thank goodness for Tegan!
  4. Sounds like a standard day in the Staff room.
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  5. That is exactly what would happen if I were ever left in charge of anything.
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  6. You're late on this... pinche cabron.
  7. How about YOU fuck off and die, IN ENGLAND?

    I was even gonna tell you a funny story, too bad.
  8. Fuck me, Darkness, thought you'd got murdered by your country's secret police or something.
  9. Well I did end up in jail for like a day during protests but that's about it lol
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  10. >Darkness confirmed for being on the murder list
  11. Yeah, Gay Pride never does well in Venezuala.
  12. Hey it was fun!

    And at least we don't have to respect muslims lol
  13. Wait, you get Muslims in Venezuela?

    Thought it was just the capitalists you lot hated.
  14. You had Grumpy HELP SOMEONE get up! Totally out-of-character.
    Ruined the story.
  15. Grumpy helps people all the time. Lends them rope and shovels on a regular basis.
  16. My choices for the "woman-picker-upper" were limited.

    The staff has suffered a deficiency in alpha sausage since I left.
  17. How very.... Creative...
  18. What...

    What did I just read?
  19. The Mexicanonical truth.
  20. I heard there was free mexican food over here