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  1. I'm new here, and I already introduced myself. But I'd like to know about any members that choose to tell me what they're all about.

    I'd like to make new friends. I don't wanna seem like a loser and a sap, so I'll start off by telling you something random about myself:

    -I am extremely afraid of squids
    -I'm 5'5" forever... :( shortness...
    -It's really really really hard to offend me (I've been on the internet since age 7 and I've heard everything, A - Z)
    -I'm allergic to fruit </3

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  2. Hi! 8D I am Diana Notacat and admin #2. My job is public relations and fixing the things that everyone else breaks.

    I have an irrational fear of open closet doors when it's dark in the middle of the night. c____c I will not sleep until the closet door is closed and if I wake up and find it open I have a mini freakout and go close it so I can go back to sleep. That actually happened this morning when Gibs left for work and left it open.

    I have been on the internet longer than you have been alive. O_____O That makes me feel kinda old...

    My favorite kind of roleplaying is chat-based, where you post really short posts at a fast pace, cause forum roleplay takes forever. >>;

    I also hate babies. >:[
  3. Hello I'm Ocha, tea mistress, retired secretary and when I grow old to grannie age I'm gonna be a shamen.

    5'5" isn't short. That's called average for ladies. :p

    I'm a foodie. When I was a kid and mom would take me to a restaurant we would play the game of, "can you identify the ingredients?" I LOVE that game still. Gives you all sorts of creative ideas when you're in your own kitchen.

    This is the second time I've moved back home with my parents. I have achieved perfect geek status, being over 30 & living in their basement. Oh, wait, I pay rent and went back to school & don't play videogames. Guess I still haven't hit that trope yet.

    I like walking around barefoot. In fact walking is my favorite way to get to know a new city, even if it takes longer you get to know it better.
  4. - You are 1 inch taller than me
    - I'll be 22 on February 22nd
    - My firstborn is due in March
    - I obsessively adore panda bears, octopi, and cats
    - Tiramisu is my favorite dessert, but I can never refuse a cupcake either!
    - Doctors have told me I should be living in Arizona or Texas--somewhere in the South--because of my allergies to pretty much everything outside. I'm not very tolerant of heat, though. So I believe I should be living in like, Alaska.
    - I'm white and nerdy, srsly
  5. - I'm shorter than you, and male.
    - I love to bake/cook, mostly Italian food.
    - I'm Italian; bet you couldn't have guessed.
    - I am also Korean, which shocks people.
    - Almost like Diana, I have that weird thing that I have to do to feel comfortable sleeping in my room, except it's having the bathroom door closed instead of the closet.
    - And I sing in public...badly. Probably awkwardly on high notes too.
  6. -I'm a cat that knows how to internet.
    -My major is network and information security. So I guess I am a geek or nerd.
    -I am also a medic. So that negates my nerdy/geeky status.
    -Viola and skydiving is what I will be learning and doing this spring.
    -Cooking my own food is the best and I love reading books.
  7. Hi! I'm Daniella!

    *Well, I have a big phobia of glass breaking, or broken. I simply cannot stand it and it makes me itch everywhere. Why? Because I got angry one time and stomped on a shot glass bare footed, and there was so much blood. There was a big red stain on my carpet.

    *I'm 5'4'' I grew an inch from 5'3" Yay.

    *I'm Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Native American.

    *I love to study medical topics and Forensics, and actually wanted a carreer in being a medical examiner.

    * I am very shy when it comes to interacting with people, I am pretty much a loner.
  8. -You're taller than me by about five inches. Trust me. You're not that short. :/ -tends to like going my centimeters just because the number is bigger that way. 5' (and some change) vs. 153cm-
    -I am an obsessive person by nature.
    -I randomly ask people what things smell like sometimes because I have no sense of smell.
    -I'm intolerant (it's like being allergic, but...borderline?) to a lot of things...One being watermelon (trying to relate to your fruit allergy). It stinks, since I LOVE watermelon >>;
    -I am phobic of fire and thunder. Fire from PTSD related to a nightmare when I was five (someone said in front of me they were surprised our house didn't burn down...needless to say, I was a very impressionable 5 year old), thunder because I have hyper acuity to go against my inability to smell.

    Other stuff (to go more than five is okay?)
    -Uhm...I like to research random stuff, especially medical.
    -I like cows, the color green and other random awesomeness.
    -I'm a disabled, reclusive hermit/NEET.

    ...And I don't know why i felt a need to note all this. Just randomly admitting stuff about myself...which is strangely fun xD
  9. Like Juneberry, I am also disabled, due to illness.
  10. Sorry to hear you are too :c I'm disabled based on doctor notes, not yet gotten my disability done with the government. I don't have a specific thing on their list, so they need to do the court based version (basically I'm suing them?) since it's based on a mixture of things that together cause it. But...My doctor's gonna help. And most of my doctors find it strange I didn't get it to begin with o.o;

    I won't ask what your disability is, but...I hope you're doing okay despite it~ :D You seem like a trooper. I dunno why. You just do.
  11. I'm sorry to hear about yours. If you ever need someone to talk to about it who is going through the same thing(s) feel free to message me at any time. I've gotten my Disability for a few years now, although it was hell to get. I went through the same as you, not having a particular thing on their list, until I started having severe short term memory loss. That made it on their list. I really hope you are able to get it soon. Good luck with it.

    Thank you. I struggle with it everyday, but I have what I could consider my good days.
  12. Memory problems stink. I forgot my own name in 7th grade...Probably not something that relates well, but it sorta just came to mind as I heard/read you note memory loss. It's happened badly with other things too, mostly due to medication besides that time though.

    I'd be happy to chat with you as well if you ever need to. I may not know your disability (besides the short term memory loss, which I can only imagine loosely how hard it must be to deal with) but I know...You already seem awesome. Even if you struggle each day, you have days you believe as 'good days'. That shows more that I was right about you being a trooper, in my head. Not just anyone can say, "today's one of my good days". A lot of people let their disabilities get to them badly, and never think of a day as a good one. Seeing you using the words 'good days' makes me glad. :)

    EDIT: That's another thing about you. Just to try to make me seem like I'm still on topic xD
  13. Ok, so I don't spam this person's topic, I want to ask if I can send you a friend request and/or message.
  14. Another random thing about myself:

    I love friend requests and messages, even though I really don't like the phone or going out much xD
  15. -I'm 6'1"
    -Write poetry.
    -My friends refer to me as Fox off and online.
    - I was known in middle school as the chicken man. Due to a parody we shot on evolution referred to as the chicken theory.
    - I don't have much in the way of family.
    - When I was 7 my brother burnt my chest with a hot iron. And than threw the cat at my face. That same cat is still alive to this day.
    -I had a feret named boogers, God rest boogers soul.
  16. I'm a trumpet player
    I have blonde hair
    i love catchy phrases
    my god fathers anitials are F.U. (LAST NAME HERE)
    my favorite band is The Cat Empire
    I like pie and hate cake thus am happy it is a lie
    My favorite coli is purple.
  17. - My nickname rhymes with Zen
    - I am 5 foot 1 with curves
    - I don't care for tomatoes unless they're in ketchup form
    - I've got an A.A. in culinary but I've decided to pursue a B.A. in Creative Writing, possibly a minor in Art
    - I scare easily.
  18. My initial are A.S. My mom wanted my middle name to be Sarah. So seeing this bit made me giggle.
    -I once had teachers guessing my middle name, which starts with E. Most of them never got it, but then a teacher who just popped in randomly got it on the first try.
    --A teacher once told me I have no mean bone in my body.
    ---That same teacher changed my bad experience with snow tubing into me inventing an extreme sport or something weird like that.
    ----I will never forget my extreme snow tubing incident, and to this day am completely against the idea of going again. And also avoid ice like the plague because I slipped on it twice after already hurting my butt during the incident. xD
  19. Lol. Love the initials! Never really thought about that stuff.haha

    Okay, um...

    ー I'm 5"7 which is average elsewhere but tall in Japan.
    ー I'm living in Japan now but I'm not Japanese.
    ー I'm actually British but I speak with an American accent.
    ー I look Asian but have a Spanish last name.

    Confused yet? Most people are. Lol.
  20. *I used to have a phobia of heights but now I don't care either way.
    *I tend to do really stupid things(both in childhood and adulthood)
    *I have a flawless driving record.
    *I really dislike pizza. I can probably eat it only once every couple of years.
    * I used to get told that I look Korean by everyone in my school.
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