Teh Sun ish so up, it's completely ridiculous!

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  1. Never actually thought that I would introduce myself this early since I haven't really brushed up on some important historical events. But what the heck!

    This Mighty Figure who stands before is and will forever be... The Su---ermm. Criege Lobo.
    He has been re-cast into multiple dimensions after being pulled from it abruptly by an unseen force who calls itself RL.
    Such a vile creature, this RL. It has caused him nothing but pain and anguish.

    Within two grueling years of captivity. He vowed to escape, And with careful planning, He escaped this vile RL mongrel, and set to traverse into multi-realms that has been presented before him.

    Now, the real reason why I introduced, is because if a particular subject. Which will be on another thread. ;)

    Sincerely yours,
    Criege Lobo
  2. I have no idea whats going on! :D

    Welcome to Iwaku, Man of many Names! I will just pick one and call you Criege. I am Iliana, Goddess of Fire, and am very upset that you have confused me. And now, I will angryface.


    Now that that is over, Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you find everything well, and if you dont,
    contact me here and bother me until i help you. It is my fate. :[
  3. Hello, Lobo Criege. Lobo just seems better coming first in those names. The sun? Really? What did it ever do to you that it's ridiculous? Also, I don't think Iwaku has important historical events. So I'm glad you decided to introduce yourself despite brushing up on them!

  4. Errr... The Sun has a significant role to play on my existence. Sort of like a symbol for me actually. That's all. :D And about the past events? Well, I'm simply implying that I was reading through the archives. ;)
  5. D :

    I'm confused as well!
    I'M SELENITE. (the beautiful one yeah. Don't accept any copycats)

    And Here, in this Very Special Moment, I offer you-

    -The Cookies.

    To celebrate your arrival!
    Yay! Have fun confusing people and hopefully roleplaying as well!

    PS: I know that RL! What a beach!
  6. Ooh, I've been waiting for so long to get another chance of them cookies. Much Thanks! :D