Teenage heroes and Villains

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  1. I have been wanting to dabble in the super hero genre for some time now and I think I came up with a rather cute idea.

    The twilight years are setting in for a lot of successful heroes and advanced age forces them to take a backseat when it comes to crime fighting. Its high time for their heirs prepare themselves for their own time as heroes. In preparation for retirement heroes are taking sidekicks to succeed them or train their children to take up the mantle of heroism. The increasingly aging villains are having the same idea and strive for a legion of malevolent little brats to carry own with their work.

    The main idea of this rp is that the son of a hero and daughter of a villain would meet and clash with each other repeatedly as they accompany their parents and develop a more playful rivalry compared to the bitterness their parents hold to each other. At night they fight with, and impress each other which leads to them becoming fast friends during their normal lives. Eventually this develops a crush.

    I'm looking for original heroes rather then DC or Marvel characters. I love fandom but I have never been much of a comic guy and I think superheroes have enough potential for us to create a fun world of our own.

    Fun is the big word here. I'm looking for something lighthearted and over the top rather then a gritty crime city. We are talking about a genre where characters often wear underwear over their pants after all. The world of heroes is one of ridiculous costumes, bad puns, corny speeches, comically easily kidnapped sidekicks and villains that stay in prison until dinner only immediately escape once the police is done feeding them.

    The main theme is a pairing between a hero and villain in training but I'm looking for more of a ''puppy love'' kind of pairing. The characters would be around 13 years old so its more in the spirit of kisses on the cheek and a deep blush rather then deep kisses or bedroom moments.

    I would prefer to take the son of the hero while also taking the mother of my villainous counterpart. I'm looking for someone to take the part of the villain girl and my characters father.
  2. This sounds AWESOME. If you're still looking for a partner, I'd love to RP this with you! Though would it be alright if the characters were a couple years older, maybe 15 or 16, though still with the same type of romance?
  3. I can live with that. I'l send you a pm.
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