INTEREST CHECK Teen wolf with a twist

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  1. Okay so last night while I was, unsuccessfully, trying to sleep I had this weird idea..​
    What if I made a teen wolf rp but with a huge twist...​
    No it won't be exactly like teen wolf, it will only have elements of it like:​
    A bunch of teen are turned into werewolves by an young Alpha​
    As the teens try and come to term with their new abilities and lives all hell breaks loose when ​
    other were-creatures start to arrive in.​
    Some are friendly while others only seek to kill and destroy.​
    So as far as creatures go, I was thinking:​
    • 6 heard were-creatures - deer, horses, rabbits (herbivores basically)
    • 6 were-predators - tigers, lions, eagle (no wolves in this one)
    • 6 werewolves - this includes the alpha and young teens
    what do you guys think?​
  2. I think it is a unique idea, but you aught to delve more into the background of these new were-classes that you are introducing. What makes them different? Will this attract another type of player?
  3. Okay let's see herbivores.
    They always move in large groups and are really found alone. They have remarkable speed and a sixth sense that alerts them to danger and other were-creatures.
    They can gather their strengths to form a super creature. -needs to be same species-

    Carnivores excludes wolves
    They are solitary creatures. They gain strength by killing other of their kind. They are fond of fighting and will often seek confrontation. Because of this species aggressive tendencies they have developed a way to keep there species a secret. -other can't tell their weres- takes a lot of concentration to mask themselves so only a few can do it

    How was that?