Teen wolf!!!!!! Let's do this!

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  1. Hi everyone i would love to do a teen wolf roleplay you create your own character in all of this it is a spin off of teen wolf. so not the usual characters.

    Except in this my girl is gonna get bitten instead of the hot guy.
    Jump on in! let me know if your interested!
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  2. Me!
  3. ok i will post a blank cs tomorrow.
  4. Name: Sienna Amden
    In high school still: Yes
    Personality: will be seen in story but easy going loveable wants to fit in.
    History:only has a mother and one friend named sarah.
    Wolf eye color (if turned in future or starts out turned): Yellow of a pure beta whom hasnt taken an innocents life as wolf yet.
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  5. Name: Altair NightShade
    In high school: Yep

    Personality: Reserved with strangers, but open when you get to know him
    History: Will be fleshed out in story
    Wolf Eye color: Red
    Wolf Type: True Alpha
    Born or bit: Born
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  7. Also a reminder of the eye coordination in teen wolf below plus other creatures:

    scott turning from the gold of a beta to a orange red of a true alpha:

    Gold-A beta or omega whom has not killed an innocent:

    Blue or Sapphire Blue- A beta or omega whom has taken the life of an innocent:


    Dark red or very bright red- An alpha who killed to become an alpha:

    Nogitsune eyes-dark kitsune:

    Kanima eyes-like jackson:
    Were-coyote-like malia:
    Kitsune-Like kira:
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  8. awesome love the character.
  9. Thanks!
  10. your very welcome.
  11. About done to my content I think

    Name: Ebony Strong
    Age: 17
    High school: Yeah
    Ebony isn't a goody two shoes. More of a trouble maker but she doesn't always try to be. However she will try to act tough minus her size. She is serious most of the time but does joke a little bit. She's also not one who will talk your head off but she isn't necessarily the quiet sort either. Most also say she isn't someone you want to upset for she will go from clam and kind of friendly to possibly gonna hit you wherever she thinks will hurt the most. Most also say she acts the way she does because she's hiding much of how she truly feels.

    Ebony didn't really get to know her parents both died when she was five in a car crash. Her grandmother took her in afterwords. She lived with her grandmother up till she was ten. She started out not as a troublesome child but when she was six she became troublesome. She started not really listening and asking questions she was always told to leave alone. It was often about who excatly was her parents, what were they like, and sometimes more like am I like either of them, how they met. She never really left it alone. Till she felt it was pointless to ask. Then she started to just seem to do things for attention when her grandmother seemed to not be paying her any attention. Then when she was nine her grandmother became really sick. By the time she had turned ten the doctors weren't able to do anything and her grandmother to passed on. Now she lives with an adoption family and never really has felt like she fits in. The questions stopped and from time to time she still got in trouble just not as much for she hardly felt there was a point. She basically only had a hand full of friends at that. Ebony tries not to think to much on her past but one thing she can never stand is those who make fun of her for her parents dining, and then her grandmother not long after that. They often said it was her fault and some even found it funny that she now lived with a foster family. Ebony now as a seventeen year old tries her best to just push the past aside some of her feelings even seemed locked up now.

    Wolf eye color:
    Born as a wolf but doesn't know it. However does have a strong interest in them.

    Theme: I have one coming is kind of why this is here... *its the pic is why I wanted to add a theme...*

    Clothes she often wears (open)

    Um do they get wolf forms?
    If so here is her's (open)
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  12. Not really on wolf forms but it can stay u could incorperate her having a full on wolf shift later. And I love her
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  13. K I'll probable find a shirt later then lol. But if your fine with it staying I'll leave it for now.
  14. I've added some to my CS now just still working on the theme and making sure there's nothing more I feel is needed. I haven't been up to this kind of detail in a while is probable why the history is a bit on the long side.
  15. You guys want to get this started? I'm ready to if you guys are?
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