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  1. ~"I wonder the periphery of fate, offering judgement without conviction"~


    Upon the tallest building in Dale City stood a being made of dark, her being demanding the absence of light save from the green of her eyes reflected in the moonlight. "For what other world would be put in my charge" she said mostly to herself as her eyes looked across the city towards the horizon where the pin pricks of light were vaguely visible. She took a deep exhale, steadying herself as her eyes closed, her palms turning outwards in front of her as she let herself fall forwards. She fell from the building like any mortal committing their lives to the afterlife, plummeting towards the ground before her body twisted in mid air, her eyes opening to focus on her landing. She hit the sidewalk at staggering speeds, yet not a single sound echoed her fall as if she were made of material lighter than air itself. Dark filtered around her as she'd landed causing bystanders to recoil and stare, unsure if they should run or continue to watch her. Though It made no difference to her, for she cared not to whom her presence were known. In a flick of an eyelash she would disappear into the dark once more, traveling through the darkest corners of the city as she made her way towards a place she'd learned was called Titan Tower, a place for those wishing to do good in this world. She felt to meet with these so called heroes, and ensure they were made aware of who she was and her intentions.
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  2. CyberpunkAyaka was working her personal motorcycle, fine turning it as the luminous parts of her body began flashing while the alarm started blaring over the tower's PA system. "Damn, I was almost done too..." She groaned, heading to the living room where the giant TV screen turned into a super computer monitor. A large round table turned into a holographic keyboard. She kept typing, looking for whatever the issue was as she waited for her team memebers.
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  3. Sirene
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    Sirene was on the roof of Titan's tower looking over the horizon's view. Then suddenly when she finally felt relaxed and was thinking about mediating she heard the alarm sound off. 'Great I wonder who it could be.' She thought and rushed to meet the other's at the giant Titan's t.v.

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    Rascal was in the park doing his usual scaring kids by being a large dog at times pretending to chase them because he found it entertaining at times. He soon grew tired and sunk off. He turned back once more pretending to be Steven. he decided to head more downtown to see what else might be going on in town.

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    Galzra sat at the local cafe in downtown Dale City. He had just ordered a coffee and sat sipping it peacefully. He wasn't sure just yet what he would do for the day.

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  4. Shade stood on top of the city's capital building. Leaning against a statue, she watched the people down below. Nothing fascinating, for now at least. She rests her head in her hand and let out a bored sigh. "This is so boring! Why can anything interesting happ--" She was cut off by the sound of an alarm. A small grin spread across her face. 'Finally! Something interesting..!' She thought to herself. She listened closely to the alarm so she could identify it. It was the local bank, and it was currently being raided. Shade stepped off the edge of the building, falling a few feet before a large, purple portal appeared below her. Falling into it, Shade dissapeared within thin air and the portal snapped shut. The portal reappeared a few feet above the Bank's roof, where she fell out and landed gently on the roof. "I wonder if I'll be lucky enough to watch the Titans in action today.."
  5. Jake was casually sat down in the Titan's Tower watching T.V, eating a bacon sandwich with a nice tall glass of ice cold of coke in someone's bedroom, when he heard the alarm going off. He smirked, how did people get caught? I mean he had just snuck into hear and made himself lunch without "cyberpunk" realising. He finished his sandwich and walked towards the living room and saw the back of a girl, he smiled and said "now do I help you or do I sleep instead? Dunno what mood im in"

  6. Songbird

    Jena was just your ordinary teenage girl. She had obsessions, likes, dislikes, and even crushes. She wanted the cutest and enjoyed hanging at the mall with her somewhat ordinary friends. The only thing out of the ordinary about her was her way of transportation - the huge wings that were attached to her back. She was born, or rather made with those wings and she used them for everyday life. That was the only thing that set her apart from every other sixteen year old, well, you couldn't forget the fact that she fought crime with the Teen Titans either.

    The platinum blonde was up above the tower, her large black wings casting shadows on the world below her. This was how she spent much of her time. When she wasn't with her friends or fighting crime, she flew. It was fun and it relaxed her, not to mention it let her stretch her strong wings. Though, her relaxation time was ruined when she heard the alarms going off. Jena flew towards the ground, bracing her feet for the impact of the ground. She opened the front doors of the Tower and went inside. She then took the elevator and went up to the main floor where most of the Titans hung out at.

    The elevator doors opened and she ran in the room, her light blue eyes focusing on a distinctively male form close to Cyberpunk. Jake Black, that's who he was. It wasn't a rare sight to see him around the Tower and frankly, Jena didn't care much for the guy. He was cocky, arrogant, and just quite rude. She hated people like that with a passion. The girl waved at Sirene as she walked up to the male. "If you aren't here to help, I suggest you just leave. There's obviously something going on here and having you here not helping is just going to make it difficult on the Titans to get work done." And with that, she turned to Cyberpunk. "What's going on here, Cyber?"


    Everything was peaceful, a bit too peaceful for Ash's taste. Even though he was a proper man, he did enjoy chaos every once in a while. It was rather boring. The Titans seemed to be holed up inside that damn Tower of theirs which made the day even more boring. It was fun messing with the Titans, he enjoyed tormenting them and watching them squirm when he sent his powers at them. It was fun doing that to hopeless civilians as well.

    Ash happened to be walking down the street when he noticed a familiar figure out of the corner of his eye. It was Rascal, the kid who considers himself Neutral. He wasn't a villian but he wasn't a Titan. So of course, the man began walking towards the other. "Rascal, where are you heading at this time of day?"
  7. Sai was sitting around in his room meditating focusing on little mental duels that kept his mind sharp and even helped him invent new techniques sometimes. That was all cut short though as he heard the alarm off blasting that annoying sound through the entire tower. "Well seems like its time to go to work Shade should keep them busy until we get there knowing her." He got up and grabbed his blade taking it out giving it a once over before putting it back satisfied with its look enough to continue out towards the living/meeting room. When he arrived he saw that Aya and Jena were there already with the little songbird showing her talons to their resident moocher Jake which meant he had said something wrong...again. "I swear you'd think criminals would learn by now that messing with the city while we're here is a stupid move, but some people just have to learn the hard way."
  8. Maestro

    The grim but child-like figure appeared in the archway to the living room. It seemed as though he was always among the first to respond, though whether or not this was out of his immortal boredom, or his uncanny dedication to the service, it has never been clear.

    Without pause to address anything else, he began in his odd voice:
    "What appears to be... Who's making trouble?"

    Count Zero

    "And another one's gone, and another one's gone..." Zero cackled. His cables swaying to the tune of a highly inappropriate melody, as the last layers of the base's firewalls crumbled under his digital barrage.

    The base was just outside the city, apparently top secret, and full of all sorts of technological goodies. The guard whom had pitifully held Zero at gunpoint only minutes earlier began to stir, fumbling for his stun weapon. Zero paused in utter amusement, letting out his best laugh this week.

    A tensile whip attached itself to the guard's forehead, as Zero turned to face him, charging his neural overload device.
    "And another one bites the dust!"
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  9. [​IMG] A shadowy figure stood in the present of watching the people from the shadows. "Heh heh...you will do..."
    He was seen writing on a sheet of paper in the corners of the streets. He would then hang them and it would read nothing more than an old warehouse for the date and where to go with names of people @Pyro- Akira
    @Thantos- Ruby
    @Count Zero- Apex Vandal The names clear as day on the papers written "Wanted" With the warehouse number and location on it. He walked off almost dissapearing in the darkof the shadows of the city and not saying a word to anyone. The only thing was the fact that the wanted posters didn't tell how much the reward was .
  10. Cole watched the bank heist from his perch atop the building across the street from the bank. As the action broke out, he began to unpack his sniper rifle. Once the case was open he made a point to run his hands over the weapon. Its various scratches and worn edges almost felt like home to the gunslinger, enough to get him to smile softly beneath the bandages that hid his face. He set the rifle onto a tripod, tilted it down in order to overlook the situation at the bank and looked through the scope. The first thing to catch his attention rather than the commotion going inside the bank was the girl who had just appeared on the roof of the bank. His finger caressed the trigger as he contemplated taking a shot but despite the temptation he let her be. He shook his head, [BCOLOR=#000000]"Stay on target. Where there's trouble, there's Titans...."[/BCOLOR] he said under his breath and awaited the moment that his desired opponents would reveal themselves.
  11. [​IMG] "It seems this subject it a little more fitting to my liking" He watched Cole and looked down. "Cole" a voice shouted as in a little girl voice, he transformed into a shadow on a wall of two figures one as A LITTLE GIRL the other as a Man with a dagger. "Help.." He shouted din the girls face. Be he couldn't play for long he had to get to his warehouse.