Teen Lantern Corps

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  1. I made it a while ago on Fanfiction.net, and could use some people with basic Green Lantern Knowledge or higher.

    It follows the story of (a deaged) Kyle Rayner being selected into the corps at a younger age than in the comics, leading to the formation of a 'Teen' Lantern Corps whose adventures take place while the YJ Team are on Earth doing their thing. Of course, it's all AU just to be safe.

    The TL Corps selects minors that happen to be prodigies in terms of having great willpower as a child, or the ability to overcome great fear, much like its parent organization. Only it allows other corps members' granted they're non-hostile, like the blue lantern corps, or star sapphires.

    Of course, they still need to deal with the scum of the universe, galactic threats, and growing up among their various problems.

    They're not without some resistance though. Two other major sub-groups include the Students Of The Sinestro Corps, or SSC, or the Red Lanterns' Fire Corps, also filled with some bad seeds ready to mess up the universe.

    Where do you fit in all of this madness?