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  1. Hiya, folks! I'm Tea and I'd like to start up some new role plays! One x ones are my cup of tea (ba-dum-tss) and what I'm most comfortable with. I'd like to join a couple group role plays eventually, but as this is my first time writing / roleplaying in a long while, I figured I'd start here.

    • I'm in EST and available almost everyday between 830 pm and 12 am, which means I will most likely post at least once a day, maybe more. My posting habits can be erratic, though.
    • Most of all, I'm looking for something easy-going with strong, interesting characters and stories.
    • I play both male and female, and if romance is to be part of the rp (it doesn't have to be!), I like (in order of preference): fxf, fxm, mxm.
    • I don't have any limits. I would strongly prefer any partners be at least 18.
    • (As an aside: I would love to roleplay with someone who would like / be willing to provide constructive criticism on my characters and writing. Looking to improve, here! This is by no means a requirement, as I also am looking for just-for-fun things!)
    • As long as your posts give me something to respond to and move the story forward, length is not an issue (just avoid one-liners as much as possible).
    ~ Giant List of Things ~
    Things I'm interested in (in no particular order):

    • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (slightly AU? / OC friendly)
    • Magical girl / superheroes
    • Fantasy! (High fantasy! Modern fantasy! Medieval fantasy! Is it fantasy? I love it! Have plots, will travel!)
    • Science fiction! (Space pirates! Space exploration! Mass Effect universe! Space sagas! Space operas! All space, all the time!)
    • Victorian-era Hogwarts or future!Hogwarts
    • Reimagined/modern fairy tales (have character ideas for Maleficent, Frollo, the Beast, Gaston)
    Things I have (old) plots and/or characters for:
    • Dragon Age
    • High fantasy (very detailed, but lots of room for additions and fleshing out!)
    • Cirque-du-Freak-esque / fantasy!circus
    • Persona 3
    • Science fiction / dystopian society
    • Medieval (fantasy optional)
    • Modern fantasy / vampires
    • Medieval faire / fantasy (below)
    Favorite fandoms:
    • Dragon Age
    • Mass Effect
    • Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Sailor Moon / Tokyo Mew Mew
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Pokemon
    • Harry Potter
    • Tamora Pierce universes
    • Harvest Moon
    • Tales series
    • Ar Tonelico
    • Elder Scrolls (especially Skyrim)
    Medieval Faire / medieval fantasy / just-for-fun:
    A little cliche, a little trite, a little silly: a scoop of humor, a sprinkle of cheese!
    While visiting a medieval / renaissance faire, [Modern person] purchases a [trinket]. Moments later, they fall or faint or trip down the figurative rabbit hole into [the medieval world] where it just so happens that an "innocent" [medieval stranger with a secret] is being interrogated by a group of soldiers or bandits or what-have-you who are looking for the [long-lost trinket] that [modern day person] happens to have inadvertently brought to [medieval land]. Turns out that [the trinket] is the catalyst to some extraordinary power or evil or etc. that the [power thirsty queen / king] of [the medieval land] has been searching for for years. So, the soldiers or bandits (or anyone who wants to use it for the bounty or for the power) take the [trinket], jail the [medieval] and [modern day person] and the duo decide to attempt to reclaim the trinket or stop the bloodthirsty monarch to save the world from evil, all while attempting to find a way to return [modern day person] to his or her rightful time.
    Things I'd like to try:
    • "Episodic" roleplaying. As an analogy: roleplaying like a TV show rather than a movie. Shorter, faster-paced posts based around a single "issue" or plot point that is resolved, with an overarching story tying each episode together. I don't know if this is makes sense to anyone other than me, though, ha.
    • Roleplaying in first person! Because could be fun, it's a little different, why the heck not! (Note: I will always reply in third person unless we've talked about doing this first.)
    I really like variety and trying new things!
    Have a plot or fandom you're dying to play? Let's do it! Need someone to play against your new character? I'm game! Weird / zany / cheesy / interesting / out there plots / stories / characters? Love 'em! Run it by me!
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  2. Hello! I'd love to do a Victorian Hogwarts plot with you!
  3. @Witchless : Sounds fantastic! I'll send a PM your way~
  4. I'd love to try a Future!Hogwarts with you!
    Would we be playing the canons and their children?
    Sounds fun!
  5. I am intrigued by your mention of Modern fantasy / vampires, what did you have going for that? o:
  6. Your Medieval Faire sounds very interesting. Count me in!
  7. Hello there! I'd love to hear of some of your high fantasy plot ideas, if you'd like to discuss them. (:
  8. Hello, I am interested in your Modern Fantasy/Vampire, fantasy, and reimagined/modern fairy tale :D
  9. I would love to do a Harvest moon inspired role play with you, maybe with some supernatural thrown in as an aside? :) Kinda like Rune Factory
  10. I'm very interested in rping with you!
    I'd love to do Dragon Age, Avatar, or Whet Scrolls Rps. I've actually been wanting to do rps with all three of those. Maybe even Cirque-Du-Freak, even though it's been a while since I've read it.
    As for general genre I'd be cool doing a fantasy our sci-fi.
  11. Hi! If you're still looking for a rper, I just wanna throw my two cents in and say that I think your medieval faire storyline is super interesting, and the episodic rp-style sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. I think it'd be cool if we combined both! Hit me back if you're interested? (:
  12. If you're still looking for a partner, I might be the man for you! :D
    You said you've got medievil and sci-fi plots, and I wanna hear them! And I've got a few races for fantasy settings on my blog, if interests you! :)
  13. I'd like to hear your plot / character for Persona 3 if you wouldn't mind
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