Tears of the Fallen

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    Tears of the Fallen
    • Charles and Erik are out for the count. After a large fight, the two were left
      comatose, leaving the rest of the mutant world a little shaken. The humans
      have taken that chance to launch an offensive. Storm has taken over for her
      mentor, helped by Jean and Scott, while Pietro has taken over for his father.

      The humans seem to think this is the perfect opportunity to strike, and strike
      they will. The MRA has been put back into effect, and the government is on the
      verge of passing the law that will require all mutants to be registered with the
      Federal Government. And in addition, beneath the surface, rumors of
      something far more sinister began to circulate...What could be worse than
      the Registration act? Only time, and you can tell...

      Plot || Rules || Canons || Application Form

      Tears is a brand new X-Men RPG, mixing the best of comic-verse and
      movie-verse for an interesting new twist on the X-Men universe. While we
      prefer those who have been around the block a few times, we understand
      that everyone has to start somewhere. Almost all Canons are still available,
      and we love to meet new people! So come, check us out, and if worse comes
      to worse, keep us company in the C-Box!