Team five - FoxTail's New Recruits (IC)

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[BCOLOR=transparent]It was barely midday and the bar was packed to the brim. A fair amount of the patrons were run-of-the-mill workers, milling about at the receptionist and at a large board, but for the most part, it was filled with a special kind of people, all bearing the same crest. Despite its size, the Fox Tail members were hearty and rowdy, enjoying the comforts of food and drinks as they awaited for whatever requests came their way. After all, guilds exist as a community of like minded people, but also as a member of society. To contribute back, established guilds welcome requests for help from the local populace. From amongst this loud hubbub stood a lone blonde figure. As crowded as the board was, it was oddly empty around this Ramja Bal IV. It may be due to the clothes that Ramja wear, or maybe the horns, but it was most likely the intense expression of concentration that Ramja bared as they stared holes through the board.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]What shall I choose? What is a worthy cause for us to undertake? [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]"Jus take somethin, Rammy! Ya scarin off the customers! Look, there is even a flower collecting one! Fitting for a girl like yourself!"[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]It would seem impossible for Ramja to furrow its brow even more, but it did, intensely.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]"I am not a girl, you knave! Address me correctly, or not at all, you drunkards! Away with you!"[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]While her fellow guild members cackled away at successfully baiting Ramja, a "new" request was plastered onto the board. "New" was being generous as it was crumpled up and scrawled with one of the worst handwriting it has ever seen. However, it was the content that intrigued Ramja. Ramja picked up the keywords of lord, oppression, freedom and save us and without a second, Ramja snatched it off the board and strode with purpose towards two other louts that should be nearby. There was a noble deed in the making and that needed correcting![/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Adreal! Kyroth! Where are you!? We have work to do![/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]The royal dropped itself on an empty chair, slammed the request page onto the table next to it and leaned back. Ramja was not accustomed to hustling after people individually and this was much more efficient than sending one of the guild runners to search for them individually. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
Kyroth was happy alone in his little corner of the rather noisy lounge, in the corner with the spiderwebs and other crawling things. Though this place was kept way to tidy and clean for something like that to happen he still liked it in spirit.
On the other side of the table was a buff meat-slab of a man with only a pair of pants, shoes and a metal helmet on. In their hands were five cards each and intense stares came from behind the helmet onto a rather relaxed Kyroth playing against him.
On the left-hand edge of the table close to Kyroth was a small stack of neatly folded clothes with some armor pieces standing against the table on the floor.
"I raise your shoes with my pants" Kyroth grinned at his opponent.

Fumbling a bit under the table Mr Helmet loosened his shoes and slammed them onto the table
"Call!" he stated sure of himself!
Presenting his cards Mr Helmet revealed two threes, a five and two queens. Looking quite sure of himself his smile and loud demeanor dissapeared in a heartbeat as Kyroth placed four kings on the table.

"Suppose that's the shoes as well~" Kyroth taunted as he took the shoes off the table to place them besides the other armor pieces on the floor. "You up for another round?" the taunting tone was quite unbearable for someone who had been losing every single round.
"You have to be cheating!" Helmet whined at the victor.
"How am I doing that? I even rolled up my sleeves for you."
"How the fuck do you know when to fold and when to bet?! You gotta be cheating!"
"I'm not, and if you plan to claim such things you better have something to back it up with" He had raised his voice a little in this forcing Mr Helmet to back down and sulk a tad for himself.
"I give up.." he muttered as he got on his feet and shuffled away into the barracks area.

No more than a few seconds after Helmet had left a spider came down to the table from the ceiling, on a long silken thread. After which it ran over to Kyroth to disappear into his leather bag.
Kyrith stacked the cards, lifted the strap of his bag over his head and left them on the table as he left for one of the girls hired to do the small things.
"Could you have all that mess moved to my room?"
"That armor and clothes? Sure thing" she smiled in return and began to move the things in batches.

Feeling quite satisfied of his cheating ways he did ponder to return the gear to Helmet at a later time, but now he would let the poor man remain half naked and annoyed for a while more.
The victorious feeling was cut short as he heard his name shouted, he knew the voice quite well and the rather unusual apperance of his companion made him find it quite easily.
Since his companion didn't have a proper gender as humans were considered, Kyroth just referred to Ramja as 'it' and similar wordings.

"What?!" he shouted back at his oh so noble friend as he walked towards where it had sat down. It didn't take many seconds after it had taken a seat before a piece of paper was slammed on the table. Sitting down on one of the free sides of the table he skimmed through the scribbled words on the rather mishandled note.
"A lord oppressing the common folk, not really an uncommon thing to happen but compared to many others this one pays." Sliding the paper back towards Ramja he added "Quite well at that" with a smile.
It was indeed a well paying job, but the job was to take down a local lord who was in all his actual right to do this. It was his lands and domain after all, but Kyroth, like Ramja, didn't really seem to care about that. There was a name to be made and more importantly, money to be had!

Looking around in the room Kyroth followed Ramja's example.
"Adreal, where you at?!" he shouted for the last member of their team. This could become easy or hard, but it was paying well and was at least worthy of a look. Just needed the full team before they went anywhere.
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