Teachers are people too!

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  1. Watch This

    I used to think teachers were not able to have fun. It was the kinda thing where I pictured them doing everything in school, and I found it weird if I saw them at the mall... which actually happened a lot. How do you view your teachers? If you happen to be a teacher.. do you find it amusing to see your students outside of class? Do you think this video is cool? Have you ever pulled a prank? The video made me chuckle.. even if it might be faked >.>

    Pranks are a part of life. Have you ever had a prank in your roleplay? Would your character ever pull one? Has one ever been pulled on them?

  2. Well, by the time I got into high school, I had enough awareness to know that teachers were just like everyone else and could generally classify them as: "doin' it to pay off the student loans," "fresh out of college and thinks he/she can make a difference," "Doin' it for the Summers off," "Doin' it for the pension plan," "Doin' it for the jailbait," and "dear God why do you even bother showing up to work anymore?"

    Now that I am adult person, a good many of my friends are school teachers. They also smoke more pot and party harder than I ever could. They're not broke because they're underpaid. They're broke because they spend all of their disposable income on drugs because they have to be the substitute parents to your intolerable spawn.

    It's that or they bring back paddlin'.


    OH WOW.

    I just kinda skimmed that and didn't even watch the video. :B I thought this thread was about teachers...

    Er.... *waffles* Prank in roleplays?

    Well, Asmo and I had minor sex in Dark Reign. Does that count as a prank?

    When I was in school, no adult had LIVES or was FUN. D:< They were adults and they were lame. Also, I cannot off handly think of any cool teacher pranks. o____o

    I have definitely played characters that would prank people. >:3 I don't have any cool examples at the moment, I have too many bunnies running loose in my head. But I've played prankster characters on more than on occasion. XD
  4. I didn't have too many teachers I'dlike to have known publicly..S-Q-U-A-R-E-S...XD
  5. This reminds me of the time when our class pranked one of the teachers, only to get pranked back. In first and second grade, we had a history teacher whom we loved very much, and he also loved to joke around, so we figured we would prank him for once. Now, this was in third grade, and by that time, history classes were divided into two levels: advanced and middle level classes. The advanced class had him as the teacher, and the middle class, which I was a member of, had another teacher. We knew that both teachers could take a joke, so we decided that the best idea for a prank was to switch the advanced and the middle class around. Bad idea.

    When the advanced class began, our old history teacher begun to treat us like we were the advanced class, and tested one of my classmates about material we have not even covered yet. My classmate got out rather well, though, he got an 3*. (In Hungary, grades go from 1 to 5, with five being the best, and 5* being a "perfect, 100%" mark. There exists no such thing as a 3*.) So bad idea? Yes, but it was worth it, we have not had such a good laugh in ages.
  6. Dude, I'm majoring in American History to be a teacher (shut up, Rory) and I am going to be an AWESOME BAD ASS TEACHER.

    I'm gonna have fun. Give candy. Go to bars at night. Wear tiny mini skirts while bending over to pick my ruler up.