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  1. Hey! So, I'm looking for someone who wants to do a Teacher/Student; Doctor/Student.

    -Yaoi or straight.

    -I usually play dominant and best at it, though I can be submissive, if you wish~

    -Student is dominant on Doctor or Teacher

    -There has to be plot to it. Anyone that's interested, we can discuss one.

    -Please, be familiar with very, very basic grammar. "You're" "Your". "Their" "They're".

    Plot Idea:

    It's the student last year at the school. He knows all the school staff quite well and is quite friendly with them all. Though, there's one that he wants to be more than just friendly with. He's always have hidden his feelings, but, one day, the teacher/doctor has seemed... off... He/She has just been very distant, vague, and just doesn't seem there. The student stays after school and speaks to the person about this. Though, things don't go as expected.
  2. I'm interested. Should I PM you?
  3. Sure.
  4. If you're still looking, I'm interested. PM me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.